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I just got my vanity URL for facebook.  Add me at and if your already a member you can create your own.  I think that you have to be a member for a few months before you can create this URL but it's going to be great for small companies and people like us.  I like the f...
The HVCC program came out May 1st and it is a new process for ordering appraisals.  With HVCC (Home Valuation Code of Conduct), the loan originator can no longer talk with the appraiser or order the appraisal on a conforming loan.  I understand the idea is supposed to stop the originators from in...
Most people in our industry know that when we pull someones credit 1 of the 3 credit bureaus will sell that credit pull as a lead.  The request is sold as a "trigger lead" to companies that buy mortgage leads and most of the time it is done without the client's knowledge.  I know that they sell y...
It has happened!!  Rates took a nice nose dive yesterday afternoon and lenders all over were slammed with rate locks and phone calls.  Rates on the conforming loans came down yesterday after the Fed announced a plan to pump cash into the economy in hopes of lower rates and loosening up credit.  3...
As of April 1st, 2009 the FHA cash out refinance limit will be lowered from 95% to 85% loan to value.  The truth is that we don't have 2.5 weeks left to lock in to the 95% cash out rules because every lender can individually decide to impose the changes at any time! As of today March 16, 2009, I ...
Potential home buyers are not the only people wondering how much they have to put down to buy a home these days.  I have been getting calls from realtors, and other mortgage guys wondering, what is the minimum amount down these days??  As quickly as I type this, a new change could be made, but yo...
I am new to this blogging game so please excuse my simple format!  I think many potential buyers are on the fence when it comes to putting an offer on a home right now because they are not sure about this economy and if they even qualify.  I think now is the time to actually reach out and ask que...

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