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I have built quite a social presence on-line.  It didn't happen overnight.  The one thing I make clear is that I am a referral agent.  Being on various social networks and attending various conferences through the years.  I have met some incredible real estate agents.  Agents who clearly are succ...
If you check search results often times you will find the big,,, Zillow and Trulia/Activerain before you see any agent websites.  I call them big dogs at least for real estate and they have one thing in common.  Collaboration. Most agents are on these sites...
Real estate is a doggie dog world.  Everybody and his brother obtained their license in the early 90's. When I first got my license I joined the Keyes Company REALTORS and was on a fast track training program. One of the assignments was to go on a listing appointment that you obtained through pro...
There are have been many events, moves and decisions that have clouded my judgment.  Stress, life, death and trauma will do that to a person.  Sometimes you have to rest.  In that time frame I did my best and I bounced back in 2012 and slowly the stress, life, death and trauma emerged again.   Wh...
Today I have been working away and I logged into Activerain as well as Trulia.  Not for myself but for one of my clients.  Holy Cow, once you fill in every little blank, it's amazing.  Everything that a consumer needs is right there at their fingertips. Things to attract home buyers and sellers t...
While in Alabama visiting my mother I got to experience a tornado warning or flashed across the bottom of the t.v. screen..I don't know much about tornado's let alone how to survive I asked what do you do? I've never been through a tornado warning and in truth, tornado's scare ...
It was a lovely Saturday afternoon and I was enjoying quiet time with my grandson.  My son and daughter in law went to work so it was just myself, my grandson and the pets.  Two barking dogs. Two dogs that let you know when someone is close by. They bark when ever someone comes to the house and k...
 New Years I kicked back and really enjoyed doing whatever I wanted to do.  My head was in the clouds  playing on the computer, gazing at my grandson and enjoying the outdoors.  My phone was dead and I needed to make a bunch of phone calls but I didn't feel like I didn't.  Once the phone ...
We often ask why people hate real estate agents so much.  All of us know people who are buying and selling and not selling with us. Usually its a friend from out of the area or someone who matters to you. One thing I notice is that once they are in a predicament, we'll get the phone call, can you...
Someone I care about is trying to buy a foreclosure.  The offer has been accepted, yet everything is at a standstill and the sales contract will not move forward until some things are worked out. There is a lawsuit involved between the home seller and bank for the numerous fixtures and attachment...

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