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  This is so important!  As independently owned businesses around us are closing one by one we need to do something to help.  Please go out and frequent our small business owners and do what you can to help!   PLEASE, support YOUR local economy!  The idea is to commit $50 each month to locally ow...
  Most homes in Minneapolis and Saint Paul are old houses with masonry chimneys.  When these masonry chimneys go bad (and they all go bad) the repair can be very expensive.  If you call up a chimney contractor to see what can be done about it, they'll tell you the chimney needs repair, just like ...
            You have just had the perfect evening with friends over and happy conversations by glowing candlelight. Your guests have departed and you are cleaning up before retiring. The dishes - into the kitchen, the candles -ooops a wax spill on your lovely new carpet.  What to do , what to do?...
This is actually a funny story.  I was using my husband's car the day I took these pictures.  He was off from work, his car was blocking mine etc...So off I go to work in his car.  At one point I realized his gas light was on and I was no where near a gas station.  So in a panic I head off to the...
The Snaefell is a completely hand crafted vehicle, the frame, the wiring harness and, of course, the amazing body, which itself used 63 molds for the parts made of polyester or carbon fiber. Some parts were sourced from Renault, Citroen, BMW, VW and Audi. The entire 10,000 hour project comes in a...
Here is a holiday gift for the two of you that can help you detect any drafts that may be stealing your heat!  The thermal leak detector by black and decker will help you identify problem areas by lighting up when it detects a draft around drafty windows, doors or anywhere else in your house that...
Photo by Debra Walsh, Copyright © 2009 Debra Walsh. All Rights Reserved. This photo may not be reproduced, used or transmitted without the express, written permission of Debra Walsh of Minisink Valley Homes Real Estate in Slate Hill, NY. Thank you for not plagiarizing! I was coming from an appoi...
Today is truly a day of thanks.  I am thankful my husband and I both have jobs.  I am thankful my daughter is able to attend college and one of her choice.  I am thankful we have a roof over our heads.  I am thankful we all have our health.  It may not be the best but it can always be worse.   I ...
  While there are sometimes bargains to be found in the purchase of foreclosures, there are also serious pitfalls. Foreclosures are not for the inexperienced. Use the following to help guide you through the process.   1. Don’t buy a foreclosure in the wrong area. Even if the home is a great deal,...
INGREDIENTS: 2    Cups Milk 3/4 Cup Water 2    Tbls butter or margarine 1    Package HIDDEN VALLEY RANCH Dressing 1    Cup sour cream 1    Box (7.2 oz) BETTY CROCKER HOME STYLE creamy butter mashed potatoes 4    Slices bacon, cooked and crumbled 2    Tbls thinly sliced green onion DIRECTIONS:In 3...

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