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Good afternoon everyone. This is a big maple in the front part of my garden and right behind my swing. As you will notice in the crotch of that tree there is a birds nest.  It is a new nest this yr and I thought it looked like a robins nest.It is only about 3-4 ft off the ground. Thought it was p...
Good morning everyone-Today is a special day. Our very own Queen of Fishhawk Lake and AR ambassador extraordinaire Gayle Rich Boxman has a birthday today.Anyone who knows Gayle knows she is a beautiful.  smart, sophisticated, loving, giving and truly one of a kind woman.  She loves her family, fr...
Good evening everyone-Spring has come to my neck of the woods and the temps have been beautiful. Lots of the trees are budding as well as beautiful blossoms on the trees and shrubsI was sitting in the swing in Lindsey's garden enjoying the mild temps and thought I would do a bit of reading. Then ...
Good Monday morning everyone- I took last year on my way to Pagosa Springs. It was a beautiful day and the views were great. This is just one of the pics as I stopped along the way.  It seemed that the landscape was different everywhere you looked. MAY YOUR DREAMS BE BOLD AND YOU SAVOR THE VIEW W...
Hello everyone-As some of you know that read my last post that I did on Thursday it was 3 yrs since I lost my kitty Lindsey.  Most of my followers also know I have a memorial garden for her along with a half acre garden that started shortly after she died.  I have lilacs, knockout roses, peonies ...
Good morning everyone-There are many plants, shrubs and bushes at the Denver Botanical Gardens in Colorado.  I can understand why after visiting there that you could get a yearly pass there. Like the Longwood Gardens in PA that Roy Kelley and his wife Dolores visit regularly the places both have ...
Good morning everyone-Today a VERY special lady that many of you know has a birthday.  Her name is Toni Weidman. Toni is a realtor in Port Richey Fla and has been for 23 yrs. She works with her husband Craig. Their area covers West Pasco (which encompasses New Port Richey, Trinity, Port Richey, H...
There is a saying ask and ye shall receive SO this is a simple thing I could do to spread the word for Tammy about this young man who lost his life in the line of duty recently. I hope you will join in and help a grieving family know they have LOTS of support. Thank you everyone. God Bless Are yo...
Good morning everyone-Well we got our snowstorm last night and I woke up earlier than normal because I knew I would have to sweep my way to the house from the woman cave. Only about 50' but long enough when you are clearing a path and only have sneaks on your feet because you don't own a pair a b...
Good Monday morning everyone-The saying goes Rainy days and Monday's always make you blue but that is not always the case as we well know. Places that have drought like California would welcome rain on a Monday or any other day. We are supposed to be getting snow today not rain and while it is a ...

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