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Good morning everyone-If nothing else grows you can count on weeds growing even when you do your best to thwart them.  This is the lattice that is around the bottom of my woman cave and last year I got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the building and put heavy black plastic the whole...
Good morning everyone-Earlier in the year I came across this vinca that had sprouted where it wasn't planted. The shrub has berries on it and I had transplanted it to this spot.  However later on after the transplant of the shrub I discovered this vinca growing where I didn't plant it. What I hav...
Good morning everyone-It is probably not just on mine but today, yesterday and maybe even the day before. NO comments are showing up on the home page when someone comments on your blogs. What does show up is if someone LIKES it or TAGS you in it. Also comments you make for the day don't show up o...
Good morning everyone-Late summer this year I went to Colorado and got to meet 4 more rainers for the first time. It was a wonderful treat. I met Mary Douglas, Debi Boucher, Sondra Meyer and Dale Poll. I had a wonderful time. One of the places I visited with Sondra and Dale was Garden of the Gods...
Good morning everyone. I found another new MILLION point rainer on the blog roll. With just 103 points into the million points I think that makes her a million point newbie.  Stop over an congratulate her. I am sure she will appreciate it. Look What I Found in My Christmas Stocking...I Gave Mysel...
Good evening everyone-A few years ago I planted 6 strawberry plants in raised boxes. Over the course of time they hopped outside the box and my 6 became many more. I enjoyed the sweet goodness of fresh strawberries earlier this year. Nothing beats fresh. I need to separate them and take all the n...
Good morning everyone-I saw this on the blog roll this morning and thought I would reblog it so you can go over Aand say CONGRATS to Dagny on being the newest MILLION point AR member. She joins many other dedicated rainers.  She has posted 1422 blogs. That is LOTS of blogging. I Plan On Being A M...
Happy Sunday everyone-As many of you know I am a avid gardener and have a half acre garden. I didn't start with that intention but over the course of time it just continued to grow. One of the great parts is I don't have much to mow. However I do actually have more work than if I just left it as ...
Hello everyone-I just read this post about 9 volts batteries being a fire hazard if not disposed of properly. I had never heard of this before but thought it was worth sharing. I tried to reblog it but it gave me an error message and said I couldn't reblog it so I am sharing the link to the blog....
Who doesn't know at least one dog who instantly rockets himself into a fit of excitement upon hearing his owners mention going for a R. I. D. E.? For many dogs, the car is the magic portal to everything fun: the park, the pet store or the hole in the wall where the French fries come from. (Oh c'...

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