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All Maine real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS are the same right? No...each real estate agent, broker has different sets of skills unique to their market. In a small rural market like northern Maine where there are 11 people per square mile, the day to day routine is different than a broker in a city with wall to wall brokers and a myriad of transactions. In rural Maine, our prices are much lower, people don't lock doors, more smaller commission sales. Unspoiled scenery and what life's like in Aroostook County and its real estate market.
Nothing helps real estate agents, brokers more selling properties than experience with those niche listings.Farm properties, rural real estate and just land for sale in Maine is a big part of our operation. Not just cute capes, rambling ranches, very Victorian Queen Anne houses. Hopping onto the ...
Videos for real estate listings make the open house on demand property tours available anytime the buyer has the itch.The time to tap tap and watch, listen, learn. To one by one come in from the curb, pan the property listing for sale in the local inventory of real estate. To see, hear all about ...
People are in a hurry and the Internet has helped open up the real estate market in Maine.To reach with frequency and find more eyeballs, and with video, hit more eardrums to peddle the property listings. To promote the area too because the brand new to the Maine community property buyer puts his...
Holidays, long ones with family and friends on a Maine lake, wouldn't a waterfront property listing be pretty peachy keen?This Memorial Day, can you see yourself grillin', chillin' next to some recreational water in Maine?Well, we sure can.And the steps to make it happen start with taking a video...
Sellers and real estate agents, brokers are partners in the list, market, sell. And input from sellers is welcomed. But sometimes the thinking is a little out of date for the marketing. Or just the property owner thinks this would be a wise approach when it is not. There is so much behind the sce...
In the movies, the G-rated ones, properties get listed, sold quickly.Like in a perfect World. But anyone that has done time in the real estate trenches knows there are lots of variables.That make a property listing for sale safely arrive at a sit down for a successful closing.We are dealing with ...
The best of intentions but never have been a seller of real estate.That situation requires a helping hand and guidance to get from listing a place. Navigating the way in the steady as she goes to make it to a real estate closing safe and sound. All in one piece.But.Like many things in life, doing...
Without land, it would be hard to build anything to live in.To call home sweet home. And in our small rural Northern Maine market, land is a bigger component in the real estate list, twist and sell. Than just serving as a ho hum sized lot to provide a basic front, side, rear yard. With just enoug...
Your home is your castle and when not running the roads, working, space is always a good situation in Maine houses.More square footage for living is needed when you add a home business to the mixed use. Or the mother in law apartment, the portion of the Maine home where the grandparents hang thei...
Maine is rural, all about country living, farm life.And when 8 out of 10 people live in a city, the teenie weenie, extra space to go with your home is not the norm. Not in the cards every hand. Maybe not even possible. Not because of a lack of enough money. Just because all the open farm land was...

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