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As a salesperson I have often been seen arriving first at my office or being one of the last to leave.  I spend almost all day long on the phone and the internet aiding my clients and answering questions for potential clients.  I am a firm believer that a smile can be heard over a phone and I als...
Do you feel the need for speed?Chapter two: Your computers default settingsFor many who purchase a new computer, we find that it arrives with all of the necessary software we want installed and ready to run.  This gives us a false impression that everything is perfect and we are ready to rock and...
Do you feel the need for speed? Chapter one: Adware and youAs salespeople, our computer speed can be tied to how fast we can leave work for home.  A slow computer may mean extra time to finish work that would take less time on a faster computer.  Oh, the faster computer you hear so many people me...

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