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Many homeowners are concerned and confused about everything within the mortgage industry these days. But at least there is a little relief concerning the tax liability on the forgiven debt in a short sale or foreclosure. There is tax relief available to struggling homeowners. H.R. 3648, the "Mort...
Happy Thanksgiving!!  I wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving.  The housing market is "tough," the stock market is down, but there is so much more to be thankful for.  Be sure to take some time this week to really consider how lucky we are!  Eat a bunch of turkey and when you wake-u...
Midday Friday, I was informed that an expected closing had fallen. One of my associates, the listing agent, received a call from the buyer’s agent with the very sad news that the buyer had been laid off from his job this morning, an hour after his wife had completed the final walk through for the...
To say your credit history & score is HUGE these days may be a borderline understatement.  For purposes of my experience, I'll concentrate on how credit relates to getting a mortgage to buy a home or trying to refinance the one you currently own. Talking about credit is about as much fun as chewi...
Integrity Without CompromiseIn·teg·ri·ty What does integrity mean to you?  What does it mean for you in your business?  Moreover, what does your integrity mean to your clients?  The definition of integrity is really quite simple--firm adherence to a code of especially moral values. Integrity is ...
Simultaneously, buying and selling a home can be a tricky proposition, especially in the current "Buyer's Market."  Kinda like "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"   Do you find the home you want to buy and then put your home up for sale or do you put your home on the market before you sta...
Listing success in Northern Liberties Have you ever really thought that you would be representing a seller to find out that they listed with someone else ?  Or it was a competitive situation and the seller chose to list with a different realtor ?  In those cases, what do you do ? I know it is ver...
Mike Hughes Just Joined Twitter.com Okay, I'm becoming fully immersed in social networking - or at least it feels that way.  Needless to say, as a Mike Ferry trained agent, my coach would strangle me if he knew how much time I'm spending online - rather than on the phone. J Consequently, my most ...
So, I've been playing with the idea of delegating some of the "listing agent activities" to the buyer agent.  First, here is my thought process.  Buyer agency is now very popular and greatly benefits the buyers, sellers and listing agents.  However, since this evolution, many of the "traditional"...
I sometimes wonder is Buyers' agent actually explain things to their buyers in terms that they'll understand.  If they do, why do so many things happen that don't make sense. My latest example is this:  I have a listing under contract. The buyer did their inspections and presented an amendment to...

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