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For as long as I can remember, Greater Sacramento has had a delightful and historical treasure in its community of Florin. Frasinetti's Winery is Sacramento's oldest family owned and operated winery established in 1897. Frasinetti's blends old world traditions with improved methods of present day...
In the month of November, Sacramento County experienced a 10.8% increase in number of homes listed For Sale vs. the same month a year ago. For the same period there was a -10.2% decrease in homes that SOLD, while Pending Sales increased 10.5%.  The trend for the past several months, is toward hav...
Fifty years ago this evening, I wasn’t as comfortable as I was tonight.  I had managed to give birth to my son, Randy.  However, it was a brief labor, only lasting about an hour and a half or so.    Today, Randy had to share his Big 50 with National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.  But, somehow, when...
Dovewood Court is a special Orangevale street in Greater Sacramento, has pulled out all the stops when it comes to decorating for the Christmas holidays.   This evening I had an opportunity to drive along the 2 dozen or so, holiday decorated homes, with each having its own special theme.  There w...
My bicycle has been feeling neglected lately, and this morning there was a break in the welcome California storms.  I dusted off the seat, and pumped up the tires.  A few minutes later, I was a couple blocks away from home, on the beautiful American River Parkway. This time of year, always finds ...
On the news today, there was a segment about how flip phones are making a comeback because of their size and simplicity.  Apparently, they are the rage among celebrities. But then, there was news of another gadget of futuristic gee-wizzery, that made me wonder if the flip phone comeback would las...
Occasionally, the question comes up, "Does it stay with the property when sold, or is it personal property?" It's easier when the question comes up when a seller asks their agent at the time of listing the home.  If there are questionable items, they can be addressed in the listing.  A beloved l...
When I moved into my current home in 1983, the “Internet” wasn’t a real word in our daily lexicon.  I love this place, even though it was built in 1963 – before the tech revolution which has changed our lives so significantly.  In fact, in Sacramento, we didn't even have cable TV in 1963.   I ha...
There have been a few times in life, when I was a little late to the party when it comes to shopping.  For example there was a time when I thought BOGO was a brand name, not an acronym for "Buy One - Get One Free."  I'll never forget going to a department store, and searching all over the dress ...
Pies are coming out of the oven in a few minutes in celebration of this special day. There has been a small whirlwind of activity in my kitchen all morning.  It's going to be busy and raucous day, as my family comes through the door to gather at the table. However, I wanted to take this opportun...

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