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The PrinterBees blog on Active Rain is all about helping Realtors® find the best marketing for the market of the moment. We are honored to serve thousands of real estate agents in their quest for great real estate marketing and hope our contributions on Active Rain inspire those we work with and those who don't work with us yet to soar in their marketing efforts.
There are over 3 billion people in the world that use the internet. With that many people online, a Realtor® can’t afford to do without a website. However, there are so many websites online that it can be hard to know how to stand out. These five tips will show you how to maximize the effect of ...
As we discussed earlier this week, having a social media presence is essential for a Realtor® in developing relationships, building interest in properties, and gaining attention for their business. But are you really getting the most out of your social media profiles? Remember, social media shou...
As of January 2014, Pew Research found that 74% of online adults use social networking sites. 74%!!! That means that three-fourths of your online customers can be found using social media. As a Realtor®, it can be difficult to know exactly how to approach social media. There are so many options,...
I've been reading many articles, opinions, videos and blog posts lately about why it's a great idea to list a home for sale in the winter. My reticular activator must really be active right now, because I feel like I see more homes for sale in my own neighborhood now than I do in the summer and s...
As temperatures dip, so can the number of escrows open in your pipeline. That doesn't mean real estate agents should take the next few months off until temperatures thaw. This the the time of year you can really make things happen for yourself. Cole Information Systems together with PrinterBees i...
I just glanced down at a business card sitting on my desk that belongs to a friend of mine and I wondered two things: 1) Why didn’t she order her business cards from PrinterBees?  This is a long-time friend and I can’t help but think how the quality would have been much better and the cost, likel...
If you haven't had a chance to stop by Real Estate Marketing Magazine, you'll find some great tips and tricks for marketing your real estate business and you should stop by and take advantage of your free subscription sooner than later.  The e-magazine is dedicated to helping Realtors® with their...
If you're looking for new real estate marketing ideas on how to grow your pipeline of business, expired listings may be worth considering. There seems to be a lot of "expired listing activity", which explains the dramatic increase in both traffic and orders for "expired listing postcards" on the...
If you haven't been by the PrinterBees Real Estate Marketing Home page, it's a great time to "buzz on by"!  The designs are FRESH, new and have never been seen before. Be the first Realtor® in the area to begin marketing with these awesome new farming postcards!  Thousands of Realtors® across the...
Every Door Direct Mail - Also know as EDDM is really taking off and we've received a lot of great questions about how to get started, what the postcards size requirements are, addressing, the indicia, what can be sent and what can't be sent. We've put a quick movie together to help you get comfor...

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