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The PrinterBees blog on Active Rain is all about helping Realtors® find the best marketing for the market of the moment. We are honored to serve thousands of real estate agents in their quest for great real estate marketing and hope our contributions on Active Rain inspire those we work with and those who don't work with us yet to soar in their marketing efforts.
Every Door Direct Mail - Also know as EDDM is really taking off and we've received a lot of great questions about how to get started, what the postcards size requirements are, addressing, the indicia, what can be sent and what can't be sent. We've put a quick movie together to help you get comfor...
If you've not heard about Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the Postal Service, it's time we bring you up to speed.  It's like "God's gift to Realtors"!  I just wrapped up a mailing of 272 pieces and the total cost was only $39!!!  Here's the receipt, I paid on-line and I HAD TO SHOW YOU!! This ...
Have you ever walked on to a car lot and asked how much a car costs? What was the answer you got? I bet they didn't answer your question directly, they never do, because in all reality the cost of the car won't be the determining factor of whether you purchase the car or not. If you've gone car s...
Great article and a good reminder about making sure to follow the real estate marketing guidelines set by the DRE. I talked to one of the attorneys about the MARS Disclosure to make sure I understood for our clients sake.   I've heard it directly from the attorneys who deal with these sorts of is...
EDDM also known as Every Door Direct Mail is a hot new program from the United States Postal Service helping Realtors(R) everywhere really expand their businesses. With postage rates as low as 14.5 cents and no need for a database or mailing list, Realtors(R) are able to get complete market satur...
One of the best ways to continue to build and ramp up a real estate business is to do continuous marketing (obviously), BUT doing the right marketing at the right time to the right audience is the secret recipe for marketing some agents are still trying to figure out.  I hope this serves as a sho...
The USPS now has a program called Every Door Direct Mailng (EDDM) and if you're not taking advantage of it, you should be. I'm going to get straight to the point on this because you NEED to be taking advantage of this for any real estate marketing or farming you do.  It will blow your marketing o...
For many Realtors, becoming the "short sale" go to Realtor(R) has kept their businesses alive and kicking for the last several years with the market being like this for a long while now. Many that missed the real estate "short sale" train have been left behind, many of which have left the busines...
If you consider the biggest impact any marketing piece can have is the repetition of seeing the marketing piece over and over and over and over. Obviously using pens for your marketing is not only a great marketing medium, but it's also perfect for the repetition required for great marketing.  An...
This article originally appeared on the blog. There are many great tools you may not know about to automate your social media marketing, freeing your time up for more important tasks. I have my two favorite below and you likely wouldn't be reading this post if I didn't utilize the...

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