buying a home: Malvern Boro fastest growing community in Chester County - 05/30/14 05:36 AM

The recent release of numbers from the census bureau show the fastest growing townships in Chester County between July 2012 to July 2013.

Malvern Boro is a delightful place to live and the building of apartments on King Street may very well account for the large increase in population. It has a great small town/village atmosphere and is surrounded by Willistown Township and Charleston Township both of which carry the Malvern mailing address and are part of the Great Valley School district. It is also the site of The Paoli Massacre Monument in the Revolutionary War which became a … (1 comments)

buying a home: 3 reasons a home buyer should buy an owners title insurance policy - 10/21/13 12:33 PM
There are many parts to purchasing a home, and to be honest for many it is confusing and you may wonder why you need title insurance, in fact what is it? A bank will insist that you take a [policy to protect their interest in the home, but should you buy an owners' policy?
Well I interviewed Amy Sniras of Sage Premier Settlements and asked her and she gave me three reasons.


buying a home: 7 days to sell a home! - Chesterbrook Market Report - 02/12/13 06:45 AM
As of today Monday February 11 there are twenty homes showing as available, under offer or pending sale. Nine homes settled during Janaury, most for close to the last list price, although maybe not the original asking price for the home.
Of the twenty homes six are pending, implying they have gone though home inspections and are moving towards settlement. Several homes have come on the market in the last two weeks, after we had mentioned the lack of inventory and the pent up demand for homes resulting in a steep decline in days on market. A rough caclulation of the homes that are … (0 comments)

buying a home: Main Line Realtor teams up with local preschool to help clients - 06/29/12 07:16 AM
Local Main Line Realtor Nick Vandekar of Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., today announced he is teaming up with Chesterbrook Academy in Wayne to help clients when they need somewhere to leave their children whilst searching for homes.

Often whilst out hunting for houses, clients who are relocating have their children with them and need somewhere safe to leave them if they don't have family in the area. Buying a home, said Vandekar, is often stressful, and trying to keep children entertained and motivated during the process for a parent can be very hard and distracting. I remember trying … (1 comments)

buying a home: Can you just tell me the truth, and why is Fannie Mae listing with... - 05/31/12 07:16 AM
Yesterday was a frustrating day for me and for my buyer. My buyer had identified a home to purchase, we have been back twice, second time with a contractor as this is a Fannie Mae property. The agent sends automated feedback requests, and I have asked please let me know if you have any other offers.
I call yesterday to let them know I am going to be submitting an offer. First the phone number in the MLS goes into a message saying big company name relocation department, we will be closed for the Memorial Day Holiday and we will re-open … (1 comments)

buying a home: To offer or not to offer that is the question? - 04/18/12 12:47 PM

Buyers are out in force, new listings are coming on every day this Spring along the Main Line and when a buyer finds a home that meets their list of requirements the next question is "To offer or not to offer". Some buyers don't want to compete with others feeling it will encourage them to pay too much. Some don't want to offer because it is the first home they have seen. Some want to just wait, in case they reduce the price.
Several times in the last few weeks I have heard of properties that have received multiple offers, … (0 comments)

buying a home: How buyer agency has changed real estate? And why that is good for you! - 03/08/12 01:17 PM
Several years ago, well 1988 to be exact buyers were allowed to have their own agent represent them in a real estate transaction. It seems amazing, a little like women being given the vote, or equal rights for all! But before this buyers were not represented, all agents in the transaction represented the seller. Regardless of what broker they worked for they were a sub-agent for the seller. So, even if you thought you were being represented you were not. Sort of like having one lawyer represent both parties in a divorce.
Today, many buyers want to remain un-represented as long … (43 comments)

buying a home: Why you won't buy what you want...exactly. - 03/05/12 07:18 AM
Every buyer along the Main Line has a list of what they want from a home. Regardless of price point. The $150,000 one bedroom condo buyer and the multi-million dollar single family luxury home buyer. Many things on those lists actually are similar, just different scales. But every buyer also has a list of things they are willing to compromise on when they buy a home.

The want list you put together is very logical. What you buy is very emotional. Many buyers walk into a house and just know this is the one! Then they qualify it logically, ticking … (11 comments)

buying a home: Our job is to negotiate - so why do so many agents avoid it? - 07/22/11 06:57 AM
Part of our job as real estate agents is to negotiate, so why do so many agents avoid it? We negotiate at first for ourselves when we first meet with a consumer, when we decide if this is someone I want to work with as a customer. We explain the legal obligations our state requires about the different agency representations and what they mean to the consumer and why they might want to work with us, how we will represent them and what we will charge.
We negotiate explaining our value either as a listing agent or as a buyers agent, laying out … (6 comments)

buying a home: A book and a house what they have in common! - 07/15/11 03:22 PM

I love to read, all sorts of books, and yes I like a book, the tactile feel of it, historical novels, mysteries, business books and thrillers. When I read I get engrossed, I can see the story right before me, usually in color, I place faces on the characters and the story becomes like a movie as I read. Trudy accuses me of getting lost in a book, she can be talking to me and I just don't hear a thing I am so engrossed.
Recently, having read several great business books I took a turn to some lighter reading, … (0 comments)

buying a home: How do you decide what is the market price? - 07/12/11 01:09 PM
Many buyers today want deals, deals and more deals. Which if you believe everything you read is understandable, however, many homes even today receive multiple offers. So how do you decide what is the market price?
A buyer has no interest in what you paid for the home Mr. Seller, how much you owe, or what you think your home is worth. All of this is irrelevant. What does matter is what else is on the market that he can actually see and compare with this home he is interested in? What homes have sold recently, in the last three months but not much … (5 comments)

buying a home: Are you really going to save by negotiating with the listing agent? - 06/22/11 02:57 PM
Many buyers today believe that they can save themselves money by negotiating with the seller through the listing agent rather than have a buyers agent. I wrote yesterday that I felt buyer agency is a sham not because I don't believe in buyer agency because I do, but because the agent is paid by the seller, and until the buyer pays for their own agent the idea of agency is a sham.
Likewise I think buyers don't understand that the listing contract is drawn up before any buyer is ever in the picture. That listing contract states what percentage the home is being … (2 comments)

buying a home: Getting a mortgage and buying a house is all about being prepared today - 10/05/10 10:56 AM
All the news everywhere is about how difficult and hard it is to qualify for a mortgage, and even when you do, the rules and requirements from underwriters make the whole process tiresome and frustrating.

But as with everything, it is all a matter of being prepared. That means today that long before you are actually ready to purchase a home you need to start cleaning up your credit. The higher your credit score, the lower your rate can be, so making sure you pay all your bills on time is very important. Not having all your credit on one … (1 comments)

buying a home: Main Line Philadelphia market in Devon and Wayne area seems to be moving - 09/23/10 08:41 AM
This past week, I have gone to make appointments for an out of town client only to find several houses that have just come on the market are under offer. Good news for our area, bad news for buyers as many still think it is a buyers market.
Now we don't know till they settle if these houses sold for asking price, or if they will make it through the inspections and mortgage contingencies without problems to settlement. However, it is an indication that there are buyers out there, with the low mortgage rates, who are prepared to get off the fence if … (0 comments)

buying a home: 5 Steps to take before buying a home. - 02/05/10 04:12 PM
The American Dream has always been to buy your own home. However with the current housing crisis many people are reassesing whether this is the best thing for them. This housing crisis has and will change things going forward so what are some of the steps you should take before you start looking.
Make sure you get a copy of your credit report. You can easily obtain this free online once a year. Check your credit report over to make sure there are no errors. If there are contact both the bank or creditor to sort it out and the credit reporting agencies. … (1 comments)

buying a home: Why are the appraisal firms using appraisers from way out of the area? - 07/08/09 07:41 AM
I understand separating appraisers from mortgage brokers and bankers but do these third party firms have to use appraisers from way out of the area?
We have had two appraisals recently by banks that are way off the mark. One of these appraisals is off by $55000 and the bank then advises the client not to get another appraisal. The banker is in Texas, so may not know or understand the pricing in our area.
Another is a townhouse development and the same model two doors over is listed in the report as having 2000 square feet, but the subject property … (0 comments)

buying a home: Are PA Title Insurance rates too high? - 05/29/09 10:23 AM
With Title Insurance being one of the highest in the nation and making a large part of buyers closing costs as well as those refinancing, this week the Pennsylvania Insurance Commission held a hearing to discuss possible reduction of title insurance rates in Pennsylvania.
Prompted by a February 2009 rate increase request filed by the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania, which the Attorney General's Office opposed the Commission met to discuss the issue. Pennsylvania consumers paid nearly $585 million in title insurance premiums last year, but Corbett the Attorney General pointed out that the majority of those premiums - up … (3 comments)

buying a home: Did you read the home inspection report? - 04/22/09 09:56 AM
Every home inspection I attend I hear inspectors explain that in their report they will list maintenance that home buyers will need to undertake over the course of their ownership of the home. I watch them explain how to change filters and make sure the buyer understands the workings of their new home.
So why is it that when they come to sell so many homes are in dis-repair? Do buyers ever pick up that home inspection report and look at it after they buy? A home inspection is not a method to just get another few hundred or thousands off the price of … (0 comments)

buying a home: Getting ready to buy a home. - 10/02/08 11:42 AM
Buying a home is one of the largest financial purchases many of us will make in our lives. Even during this present situation there are things you can be doing to prepare yourself to buy a home.
Lenders at the moment, have tightened credit, and even if there is a rescue plan it is likely that some if not all of these lenders are going to working with much stricter guidelines. So you need to start doing several things to get ready.

America is a society that loves to spend money, but you need to use some restraint and start saving … (1 comments)

buying a home: An Explanation of Pennsylvania Agreement of Sale Part 9 - The End - 12/11/07 03:33 PM
PA Agreement of Sale Part 9
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
The three paragraphs that start this page are all important to understand as they impact the agreement, its breach and any damages the seller can recoup.
Paragraph 28 deals with Representations. How I usually sum sub-paragraph A up is that everything needs to be written down and signed by everyone that they agree with what is written down. Don't accept anyone's word, the seller, the buyer or either of the agents in the transaction, any brochures or promotional material or even advertising. Only what … (0 comments)

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