nick vandekar: What does it matter who or what your agent is? - 07/28/11 12:27 PM
Do you ever take notice of who or what you real estate agent actually is, go on, I'll wait take a look at their business card again, how do they describe them self?
Salesperson - Realtor - Associate Broker - Broker - Consultant - Real Estate Agent
Are they part time or full time? Did you ask? How many transactions did they do last year? Do you think it is important to know a little about your agent before you sign a contract with them?
Salesperson - someone who has 60 hours of education and passed the state and national real estate exam … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Flowers need to add curb appeal through the summer - 07/27/11 06:14 PM
Onme of the issues for many gardeners is getting the mix right throughout the year of flowering plants. Perennials are great, but they often bloom and then leave you with a bed of greenery and nothing else. Annuals help out adding color, but sometimes it is just a mater of doing some research and mixing what you plant to flower at different times. Harder said than done but one of the flowers we have admired over the past few years when our yard is looking kind of drab was "Canna Lillies".
This one is just beginning to flower, as you … (3 comments)

nick vandekar: Main Line Stations - Strafford - 07/26/11 08:04 AM
One of the few stations along the main Line to have been totally rehabbed, rather than restored, is Strafford just west of Wayne. All the platforms were rebuilt and the building was repaired and repainted. Ramps werte installed, pretty steep, so not sure if they are ADA compliant, but to get up them you will need help or some really strong arm muscles.

The main station building.

Eastbound platform looking west

Westbound platform.

nick vandekar: Main Line Stations - Devon - 07/25/11 08:06 AM
The Main Line is famous for its railway line, what gave the region its name, man y of the old stations have been restored or are in need of restoration. Devon used to be an important stop, now only the Septa trains stop here, but in the past the was a big hotel, The Devon Hotel and Polo Grounds located just across the road where Waterloo Gardens and The Horse Show Grounds stand today roughly. Many Philadelphians came to take the country air and get away from the heat of the city. Whilst it is probably cooler than the city today … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Paoli station - believe it or not the 5th busiest Septa Regional station - 07/21/11 10:08 AM
Paoli, site of the Paoli massacre during the revolutionary war, and a growing center for transportation. According to Septa Paoli station is the 5th busiest regional transportation center in the system. When you look at the station it is hard to believe and you realize why for the past several years there has been a plan to move the station to a new site further west and create a brand new Transportation Center. The current station looks like something out of a third world country rather than a station in the suburbs of one of America's larger cities.

The … (1 comments)

nick vandekar: Everything is fine - then it isn't - 07/18/11 10:45 AM
Rentals - not favored by many agents because the commission is not high and brokers often split these differently, not sure why but they do. Anyway, I don't mind doing rentals, they need to be fast and quick to make it worthwhile but if you can do that, make the tenant happy they may buy with you later, that is my thinking.
Anyway a couple of weeks ago I had just such a client, relocating to the area, need a home quickly, Mom lives close by and she will come look at homes. There were only two that came up in their … (4 comments)

nick vandekar: A book and a house what they have in common! - 07/15/11 03:22 PM

I love to read, all sorts of books, and yes I like a book, the tactile feel of it, historical novels, mysteries, business books and thrillers. When I read I get engrossed, I can see the story right before me, usually in color, I place faces on the characters and the story becomes like a movie as I read. Trudy accuses me of getting lost in a book, she can be talking to me and I just don't hear a thing I am so engrossed.
Recently, having read several great business books I took a turn to some lighter reading, … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: There is just something about train stations... - 07/15/11 01:03 PM
I was picking up one of my sons last night, the air was perfect, the silence as I waited calming...there is just something about train stations...the beginning and end of so many journeys...

Notice the flapping flag in the wind, top right of the photo, the Veterans Memorial, this is the westbound platform.

Eastbound platform and station building, now houses a music school and art studio.

You can hear the rails singing, twanging and sounding before the train ever appears..just makes you want to climb aboard and take a journey.

nick vandekar: Berwyn changes - 07/14/11 08:35 AM
I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how the old Berwyn School which became the T/E School Administration building has been demolished. Was at Easttown Library today and noticed that the fences have been taken down and made me realize that the properties on First Avenue opposite the old building, just got a big boost in value.

Instead of a darkand dirty building, they now have this great view of the playing fields and when all that grass eventually comes in and greens up a bit it will be a fabulous view of Open Space.

nick vandekar: It's 95 degrees, why do the photos of your home have snow in them? - 07/13/11 05:18 PM
Ahem! Excuse me, it is 95 degrees outside and the heat index is over 100 degrees...did you know the photos of your home in the multiple list service show your home surrounded by snow?

Photos are important selling a home today, more and more buyers look at photos before or even if they read the description of the house. Many multiple list services and websites are allowing more and higher quality photos as well, so quality and content of photos is important.
You can tell a story with photos, show a little of the neighborhood, the character of the home, … (54 comments)

nick vandekar: Main Line Homes Market Report - 07/11/11 01:18 PM
We are entering the third quarter of the year, lots of mixed messages being given by national media on the housing market as they report national sales data, with the market halted one month only to be booming the following month. As I have said many times there is only one set of data that is really important and that is your local data. So below is some local data taken from our local MLS for single family homes.
Township            Price per sq ft for homes sold      Average Days on market  Ratio to listed price
Lower Merion              $217 up from prev qtr              … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Change the listing contract - 07/07/11 04:18 PM
Different brokers use different listing contracts adapted for their use or a board approved form, but most are similar. My point here is that any listing contract that is used in a state where Buyer Agency or Transaction Licensees are the norm should be re-printed.
Because we no longer practice sub-agency, or most brokers I know do not want to be responsible for other brokers' agents, so we should remove the sub agency offer of compensation. Secondly, we should remove the offer of any type of compensation to anyone other than the listing broker.
Sorry to answer a question with … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Answers to some everyday mortgage questions - 07/05/11 12:43 PM
I recently sat down and went over some everyday questions with the two mortgage professionals in our Devon office of Long & Foster. Both Eric May and Jeremy Durkin work for Prosperity Mortgage a joint venture between Long & Foster and Wells Fargo and both are extremely knowledgeable.
I wanted to keep this shorter and we may very well shoot this on a more regular basis with a shorter list of questions and updates to these everyday mortgage questions. So let me know if you have a particular question you want an answer to?


nick vandekar: Old Forge Crossing Devon, PA - 07/05/11 12:32 PM
There are currently 10 homes for sale in Old Forge Crossing. Two 2 bedroom 2 bath homes, one a townhome, there are 8 one bedroom units for sale of which three have dens, meaning they are second floor units. Prices for the one bedroom units range from $134,900 to $165,500, for the two bedroom homes prices range from $165,000 to $224,900.
Location is important in Old Forge Crossing, whether a home is first or second floor is arbitrary to a buyers taste, some people prefer ground floor, some prefer being upstairs for various reasons. Location within the development is important to … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Why real estate news can be ignored and what you really need to know! - 06/30/11 08:32 AM
I have become a believer in ignoring all news, contrary to my wife. I listen to headlines occaisionally but seem to somehow always know what is going on because my wife tells me about anything really important. I am also very aware of what is going on around me and in my local area. So I have come to the conclusion that one can also ignore all real estate news because most of the time it is contradictory.
Last month Case Schiller was announcing the arrival of the double dip in real estate. Now just one month later they are announcing … (1 comments)

nick vandekar: Open House signs - one of my pet peeves - 06/29/11 06:39 AM
I am a Realtor and I use Open House signs, occasionally they go missing, I always try to put them up on the morning of the Open House in a right of way at an intersection but although rare still sometimes a homeowner gets annoyed and removes it before I return at the end of the Open House, I think in 7 years I have lost 2 signs.

This is one of my signs, I did not want to incriminate any local agents with my next comments. I am also a homeowner and one of my pet peeves is agents who place Open … (60 comments)

nick vandekar: Are you stuck? - 06/28/11 11:38 AM
Are you stuck? Stuck in the same old way of doing things, marketing a home, getting listings. Many real estate agents today are complaining that things are tough, but they are not changing their business model or even their methods of marketing.
Today you need to be realistic and know that our consumers are changing the way they search for and look at homes.

As agents we need to adapt and change as well, this may mean changing everything you know about real estate. It may mean kicking off the traces and doing something different. For some it may mean … (2 comments)

nick vandekar: Are you really going to save by negotiating with the listing agent? - 06/22/11 02:57 PM
Many buyers today believe that they can save themselves money by negotiating with the seller through the listing agent rather than have a buyers agent. I wrote yesterday that I felt buyer agency is a sham not because I don't believe in buyer agency because I do, but because the agent is paid by the seller, and until the buyer pays for their own agent the idea of agency is a sham.
Likewise I think buyers don't understand that the listing contract is drawn up before any buyer is ever in the picture. That listing contract states what percentage the home is being … (2 comments)

nick vandekar: I ain't no city boy! - 06/22/11 10:57 AM
I grew up in the suburbs of London, England and learnt to drive in London traffic, many times making it round Hyde Park Corner and Piccadilly Circus without incident. English drivers are aggressive, they get on with it, but they also know that most times it is easier to let everyone merge and the traffic will move more quickly. London streets are rarely straight, or wide so you get used to parking in small spots and driving down narrow streets.
So, yesterday, I am meeting with a new client in Philadelphia, a referral from The Somers Team, who wants to move out … (1 comments)

nick vandekar: Buyer agency and why it is a sham! - 06/21/11 11:15 AM
Buyer agency is a sham! Until your buyer client pays you directly it is a sham. Why would any intelligent person want to be in negotiations and have their negotiator be paid by the opposition. Would you want your quarterback or pitcher paid by the other team? Of course not, but everyday consumers are allowing themselves to be represented by someone who is paid by the other side.
Would it make a difference if the buyer paid the agent directly. Of course, for one the agent is going to have to make sure they evaluate what services they are offering and why … (9 comments)

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