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With social media comes many, many new relationships. If you guys are like me, you're creating and meeting many fellow industry peeps right here on places like AR. With that comes a very heavy price - one that cannot be bought, negotiated or ignored - death.  We all die - there's no question, dou...
The highest offer isn't always the best offer.  Just because you offered $300,000 on a home that's listed for $295,000 doesn't mean you'll get the contract. Let's assume Betty Bookmark offered 300k on a house that's listed for 295k. Let's also assume that a competing offer is submitted at the sam...
What is the most valuable commodity in a Realtors life? Is it his family? Perhaps it's how he smiles when he thinks he just left the ultimate voice mail. The truth is, outside of a real estate agents family TIME is his most valuable commodity in his business. Time cannot be purchased, negotiated ...
When a convicted sex offender sells their home everything changes.   True or False?  1. Sex offenders get less money for their home. 2. Realtors can turn down business from sex offenders if they want to. 3. If a Realtor lists a home on behalf of a sex offender it is in their best interest to disc...
What do you guys think of Inspectors using drones? At first I thought it was just a silly excuse for an inspector to incorporate one of his toys into his inspection, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. There's no way I'd want to climb on roofs and inspect chimney's and take pi...
It's a precarious position to be in. One of my listings just received 2 offers - from the same brokerage. Betty and Bobby both work for the same company, XYZ Realty. Personally, it makes no difference for me and my seller, but it certainly matters (it better) to the brokerage for Betty & Bobby.  ...
I just found THE house for my buyer on our MLS today. It's perfect. My buyer would be willing to pay above asking price. There's only one problem; it can't be shown. The house has been sitting on the market for 99 days and now I know why. Per the request of the seller:   "No showings on Friday, S...
Most sellers vacate their home and let a showing occur with a buyer and their Realtor. An accompanied showing includes the listing agent, the buyer and the agent representing the buyer. In some extreme situations it includes the seller. God forbid. This practice almost always occurs in higher pri...
I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have misinformation on our MLS. As a Realtor I rely on my fellow agents to correctly upload their listings to the MLS. Once a listing hits the MLS it automatically syndicates out to hundreds of websites like Zillow and Trulia. So it all starts from the ML...
Should the buyer and seller close together?   There is very little benefit to arrange a simultaneous closing for both the seller and buyer. I always arrange for separate closings, regardless if I represent the buyer or the seller. If I represent both, I still separate them. Here's a list of reaso...

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