tyler texas homes: What works for you? - 08/23/13 01:01 PM
A Consumer Reports survey looked at the difference in services between an independent broker agent and a Franchise agent and the variances they found are, overall, fairly negligible.
What might be surprising to learn is that independent real estate brokers, despite their "boutique" image, often offer cost savings over the big-name franchised agencies. Because autonomous firms do not have to split their commission with a franchise or charge additional unnecessary fees.
Statistics show that franchised agents don't sell more properties than non-franchised ones. The track record of the individual agent or broker you work with matters far more than the … (3 comments)

tyler texas homes: Agent profile of the Day - 08/23/13 12:09 PM
Agent profile of the day today is Mr. Kevin Blackwell.  
    Kevin was born on Aug. 17, 1980 at Good Shepard Hospital in Longview, TX.  His parents, Rodney and Darrel, raised Kevin in East Texas until his graduation from Hallsville High School in 1999.  He then moved to Tyler to attend The University of Texas at Tyler as part of their second freshman class.  After a year, Kevin decided to put college on hold in order to serve his country.  He joined the United States Marine Corps and served on active duty for 5 years.  During that time, Kevin was deployed in … (0 comments)

tyler texas homes: Do it right or do something else - 06/28/13 12:49 PM
Do it right or do something else.
When you’re an agent selling a home or helping someone buy a home do you really make it about the customer? I have always tried to help the customer the best I can, but more and more I see agents not going the extra mile for their clients. In Tyler, Texas we even have an office that won’t take or talk about an offer after 5 or on weekends. I mean, really? I got a call back from an agent today that I called last Thursday for an appointment to … (0 comments)

tyler texas homes: Opportunities every day! - 10/05/11 09:19 PM
As a Real Estate agent we have opportunities every day to take the road that always leads to nowhere.
You see we all have computers in our life and we would never knowingly download a virus or do anything to corrupt the information on this piece of necessary equipment, now would we?
Yet as agents we will sometimes allow negative press or negative people to form our opinion or impact the way we do business. In effect downloading a virus into our very own human computer.
It is difficult, but in order to succeed at anything you … (5 comments)

tyler texas homes: Is customer service missing in your business? - 09/26/11 05:11 PM
Is customer service missing in your business? I had a great visit with a seller today in Tyler, Texas about his total dislike of real estate agents and after much discussion finally traced it to the fact that he had received terrible service from at least 2 other agents who had had his house listed. Amazingly enough, he had come by to say he had gotten great service from an agent in our office. It is amazing that in a day where good customers are increasingly hard to come by, some agents still believe that a sign in the yard and … (3 comments)

tyler texas homes: In 2010 with fully one quarter of all mortgages under water. - 09/24/11 07:24 PM
Well what do you know another great idea from the government fails? In 2010 with fully one quarter of all mortgages under water and people looking to strategic foreclosure as an option our lovely brain trust in Washington comes up with a brilliant plan to save millions of these properties and adjust the value.
Simply put they would allow homeowners the opportunity to refinance their FHA loan at the adjusted value provided they had a good pay history. Pretty simple you might think, but after 1 year only 304 homeowners have been helped and the program has only 1 year left.

tyler texas homes: Red Day in Tyler Texas.... - 05/13/10 08:50 PM


tyler texas homes: "Everybody is entitled to their opinion, no mater how wrong it may be!" - 05/11/10 10:30 AM
"Everybody is entitled to their opinion, no mater how wrong it may be!"
I have been watching for sometime now what has been going on in this great country of ours and I am appalled to say the least.
If your Christian, white, have money, believe in self reliance, love your countries flag, or generally believe in the things this great country was founded on, you are labeled a trouble maker. What? Yes a trouble maker!
You now have more rights in our society if you believe in a religion that would kill you for disagreeing with it. Laws concerning our … (11 comments)

tyler texas homes: From the headlines...... - 05/10/10 07:56 PM
Teacher Deems American Flag Drawing 'Offensive' -- While Student in Same Class Praised for Drawing Obama...
Isn't one attached to the other?
In a state with the nation's highest jobless rate, landscaping companies are finding some job applicants are rejecting work offers so they can continue collecting unemployment benefits.
Pays more to be lazy now!Ga. Seniors Told They Can't Pray Before Meals.
Maybe they should pray after?
Sen. Robert Menendez is urging the Major League Baseball Players Association to boycott next year's All Star Game in Phoenix over the recently passed Arizona law to crack down on illegal immigrants. Great leader … (3 comments)

tyler texas homes: "It's not rocket science!" - 04/05/10 04:49 PM
My version of "It's not rocket science!"
* Homeowners tax credit- Every year when a borrower receives their mortgage statement from your mortgage company for tax purposes there would be a box that was checked Yes or No. If no mortgage payments were made late(30 days) that year, the borrower would receive a tax credit of up to $5000. Up to, because if you only paid in $3000 that is the max you could claim. No refund on taxes you did not pay.
This credit would continue for 5 years, making it $25,000 if you paid your mortgage on time.

tyler texas homes: The New Keller Williams in Tyler Texas. - 03/19/10 02:30 PM


tyler texas homes: It's a Heat Wave in Texas....... - 02/12/10 10:17 AM

Nice warm day in Tyler Texas. Record snow fall and fun to be had by all. We all came in and to our joy the phone is ringing. I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys the show mother nature has to offer. Have a great snow day with the kids today.

tyler texas homes: The Staff at KW Tyler - 02/07/10 02:21 PM
Just had the staff pictures made and they turned out great. Thanks to all that help us grow in Tyler and all of East Texas.

Front- Terry Miller. Back- Tina Knight, Lauren Murtha and Denise Miller.
Here is to a great 2010 with this great crew.

tyler texas homes: Very good and true.... - 01/07/10 03:29 PM
545  PEOPLEBy Charlie ReesePoliticians are the only people in the world  who create problems and then campaign against them.Have you ever  wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?Have you ever wondered, if  all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have  inflation and high taxes?You and I don't propose a federal budget.  The president does.You and I don't have the  Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of  Representatives does.You and I don't write the tax code, Congress  does.You and I don't set fiscal policy, Congress does.You  … (5 comments)

tyler texas homes: Are your commissions under attack? - 11/21/09 08:39 AM
Are your commissions under attack?
Where is NAR, when it comes to protecting your hard earned money?
Asset companies think nothing of slashing your commission on a deal and consistently do it on most REO deals being done today. Yet they accepted the deal and make the agent an unwilling financial participant in the deal.
Asset companies follow no rules but expect agents to adhere to the ethics of making the customer happy and not making the deal come unraveled over commissions. The asset company will walk away from a deal in a heartbeat and does if the agent won't cut … (17 comments)

tyler texas homes: Progress....... - 11/18/09 04:47 PM

The new office is coming along very nicely. We will be moved in by December 31st, what a great feeling it is to grow for the community. State of the art and full of Real Estate pros, what a way to help Tyler and all of East Texas. Progress happens when you plan and then execute the plan.
I love it.

tyler texas homes: Not good - 11/16/09 08:37 PM
According to the latest numbers from the Treasury Department, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are holding the bag on 60 percent of the world's derivatives - an astonishing $120 trillion between them, Still reports.
According to Treasury figures at the end of June, J P Morgan held a staggering $80 trillion in derivative exposure, 50 times more than its $1.6 trillion in assets. Goldman Sachs is in an even more precarious condition. It holds $40 trillion in derivatives backed by assets of only $120 billion - a leverage of 333-to-1.
"To put this into perspective," said Still, "The Gross Domestic Product of … (13 comments)

tyler texas homes: New for East Texas. - 11/13/09 03:23 PM

The new KW Tyler Building. We are investing in our community in a big way and are looking forward to the move in late December. The agents have really stepped it up and are selling and listing at a record pace. The new year will bring growth and prosperity to East Texas and we will be leading the way. We are growing while others are pulling back.

tyler texas homes: Happy Veterans day............. - 11/11/09 07:40 PM

Happy Veterans day to my son and all the great folks serving our country. Also Happy Birthday to his wife Jenifer and to My son tomorrow. Joey is a linguist in the Navy and they are enjoying living in Monterrey California. I miss him but they are happy and doing well. I hope everyone who has a relative in the Service of our country is as proud as I am.

tyler texas homes: Fun at Barton Creek in Austin......with KW - 11/11/09 04:25 PM

Althea Osborn and myself. Mrs. Osborn is the #1 profit share recipient at Keller Williams and the nicest lady you would ever want to meet. We had a 60's theme party and she nailed it.

The Auction part of the evening was a riot. Fun was had by all.

Never under estimate the heavy guy with a bet on the line. :) Golf was a blast and deer were every where. If you get a chance to play Barton Creek in Austin Texas do it. It is a great experience.

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