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Differing Points Of View A couple of local agents and I were sitting at a table at one of our favorite places.  I notice a quite inebriated fellow was starring over at us.I asked the - Local Home Town Gal, "Do you know him?""Yes," she sighed. "He's my old HS Boyfriend.I understand he started drin...
Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the bestpatients to operate on:The first surgeon  says, "I like to see Accountants onmy operating table; because when you open them up, everything insideis numbered."The second surgeon responds, "Yeah, but you shouldtry Electricians! Everythi...
I spent most of yesterday running around with a gal from way out of state.  She is interested in one of my 'little farms' a 133 acre m/l property just south of Aurora & Monett Missouri in Verona (Purdy schools).  Tammy loves horses and plans to bring her 13 beloved hoofed lawn ornaments with her....
Just b/c we are a card carrying (fill in the blank) doesn't mean we need to be everywhere all the time.   The following caught my attention and IMHO is  worth learning from: The Department of Water Resources Representative stops at a ranch and talks with an old rancher. He tells the man, I need t...
Have you ever wondered what your kids say about you on their Facebook?  I don't have to 'wonder' any more; enjoy the excerpt from favorite youngest daughters notes-  check out the photo of me she took- (bet you didn't know I wear a tiarra-did you?)                                                 ...
Don't know if this is a real THEM/THEM or more of a US/US it gets confusing where to sumit a post.  You may already know this press stopping news but..... We have a good start on our GROUP for Rain-gals/guys named CHERYL. If you haven't joined yet, jump in.  Our membership doubled the first day! ...
Annoying Office Lingo Contest.  Ends 7/31/08. My sister likes to participate in contests and sweepstakes.  She sent me one from Hormel about Corporate Catchphrases.  Got me to thinking about 'being a team player' or 'thinking outside the box'....AND.. how I can get blog material and stir up conve...
A picture is worth a thousand words, I will throw in few also:  I would like to THANK Carl Wright and Ralph Gwin for giving me the opportunity to list and sell the Mt Vernon Farmer's Exchange properties.  I am sorry that it couldn't be complete in a quicker time frame.  The last piece of real est...
I always love to get to brag about upcoming events in our little part of the lovely state of Missouri- Check out the goings on this coming weekend and let me know if you have as much fun as I know I will.- be good  cheryl  This Saturday July 12th --  7 pm - $5. Admission (Age 10 & Under $2.50)   ...
I LOVE IT< LOVE IT calls. THIS ONE WAS different....... lean in...... she asked...

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