temecula valley short sales: Temecula Valley Short Sales – Have They Come A Long Way? - 10/01/12 09:30 PM
Temecula Valley Short Sales – Have They Come A Long Way?
So Pamela, how was your day today?
Well, it went something like this:
Ring ring
Thank you for calling Money Grows on Trees. How may I help you today?
I would like to speak with the One who Mitigates Losses.
What is the account number?
The name of the borrower?
Property address?
What is your name?
Pamela Seley
Are you authorized on the account?
Yes, I am.
Have you sent in your third-party authorization?
Yes, I have.
Hmm. I don’t see it here. May I place you … (5 comments)

temecula valley short sales: What Does Temecula Valley California “Owner of Record” Mean? - 07/31/12 01:42 PM
What Does Temecula Valley California “Owner of Record” Mean?Owner of record simply means who is recorded with the county in which the property is located as the “owner” of a home. In real estate terms, this is also referred to as the person who is on title to the property, or who holds title to the property. Person can mean an individual, or it can be two individuals, a husband and wife, a brother and sister, or parent and child. There are many ways to hold title to property. Owners of record can be trusts, limited partnerships, and corporations.Owners of record … (5 comments)

temecula valley short sales: Trello--Before I Knew It Existed - 01/07/12 04:42 AM
Trello--Before I Knew It ExistedI was wondering the other day how to be more organized in 2012, and, hence, more productive in my business. I’m fairly organized anyway, but just the other day I was thinking it would be great if I could have everything in one place, digitally I mean.I list, sell and negotiate short sales. That’s my niche, the core of my real estate business.
Completing a short sale from start to finish is like gestating a baby. The metaphor is not new. Many short sale agents laugh that they could have conceived and gave birth in the time … (12 comments)

temecula valley short sales: Buyer’s Agent Says, “Let’s Hurry Up And Open Escrow!” – I Say, “Whoa, Nellie, Step Back” - 10/29/11 02:50 PM
Buyer’s Agent Says, “Let’s Hurry Up And Open Escrow!” – I Say, “Whoa, Nellie, Step Back”When a buyer’s agent expresses urgency to open escrow, the red flag goes up something is wrong. I take a deep breath and a closer look at the purchase offer.Let’s see, buyer’s mortgage pre-approval letter is almost 60 days old. Buyer’s proof of funds to close escrow is 10 months old, and so is copy of earnest money deposit check. Contract is missing buyer’s signatures and initials on some pages, as well as required short sale addendums.Let’s open escrow? Are you kidding me?

temecula valley short sales: I Love Selling Real Estate - 10/26/11 11:21 AM
I Love Selling Real EstateMy short sale inventory has dwindled because I’ve closed some and lost some. I don’t like to lose and don’t like to admit I lose, because I always give each short sale seller the best I have to give. Some things are beyond my control.With every short sale I learn something I can add to my toolbox for next time. I know what to look for, what makes a successful short sale, what doesn’t. My list grows longer.I wanted to wait until January to take new short sale listings, but I can’t resist.

temecula valley short sales: Liars are Never Winners - 10/25/11 12:46 PM
Liars are Never WinnersBarbara Hensley wrote a post that inspired this one.I recently experienced lies from a buyer’s agent who said their buyer dropped off their earnest money check in their office to be given to their office’s escrow company. Because I overlooked that detail in the contract, we were obligated to use buyer’s choice of escrow.Shortly after, we received written short sale approval from the seller’s lender. All good, except: buyer’s earnest money deposit was never given to escrow. Buyer backs out. How did this agent win by lying? From my perspective, they lost their credibility.

temecula valley short sales: How to Short Sale Your Temecula Valley Home - 10/25/11 12:04 PM
How to Short Sale Your Temecula Valley HomeJust as if you were selling your home in a standard sale, you will want to make your home attractive to buyers.Having good photos of your home on the MLS will increase interest to prospective buyers. Your home’s photos are like presenting your best face to the world. Prepare your home accordingly for a scheduled time for your agent to take photos.Not all agents are great photographers. If you are dissatisfied with your agent’s photography skills, consider hiring a professional. Sessions start at a minimum of $150 and go up.

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