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I'm really not fond of writing posts about politics...Please don't misunderstand...I love blogging, and I love Active Rain, I'm always looking for new topics to write about, and I always make an attempt to tie my posts into real estate if possible!   The upcoming election has my blog in a sort of...
My children have been asking me a lot of questions about the upcoming elections..apparently their schoolmates are discussing the campaign issues which they hear their parents, teachers, and others talking about these days...!   At first we discussed briefly some issues I consider important...   ...
At morning Mass today, the readings were from St. Paul's letter to the know, the one about 'Putting on the armor of God...'   It reminded me that our fight is not a 'natural' one that can be fought with 'natural' means nor with conventional methods...!   My Mom would have been nin...
Mom, today is your would have been ninety today, had you not slipped off to a better place in January...!!!   You were also one of the greatest Phillies fans I've ever fact, thanks for passing it on to us...even your oldest granddaughter, Kelly, is an avid Phillies fan, ...
What an exciting last game of the World 5...Phillies win 4-3...and become the 2008 Major League Baseball World Champions...Cole Hamels wins Most Valuable Player Award as star pitcher...!   I'm not going to make a big deal about this victory...The glory was in the getting there and f...
If you're looking for a political post in conjunction with the upcoming election, you will be disappointed...!!!   You see, for the past two weeks, we have had a pretty red male cardinal attack its reflection in one of our office windows...the office adjoining mine to be exact! At first it was c...
Yes, with one week to go before the presidential election takes place, many are discussing polls, their accuracy, their history, their bias, their true predictability value, etc...   Most of us are acquainted with the 'Bradley Effect'...   From Wikipedia: The Bradley effect, less commonly called ...
Anyone listening minimally to political news the last couple of weeks couldn't help falling in love with Joe, the plumber...unless you're without a job, without two nickels to rub together, without a proverbial pot, I'm not going there...or anticipating an entitlement after the electio...
As most of you know, my Phillies are deep into the World Series, I have been a serious Phillies fan all my life, and baseball is my favorite American Sport...!   Having said that, last night it was refreshing to see Ryan Howard, their leading home run and RBI super star, break loose and smash two...
You've heard the expression, I'm sure, 'What's wrong with this picture'? It connotes a situation that just seems out of sync with much so that it jumps right up and bites you in the nose...that's how obviously odd it is and how obviously 'three dollar bill' it appears to most reaso...

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