frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER...!!! - 02/22/13 01:19 PM
It was sometime in the early 1950’s...I’m not sure the exact date...BUT...
We were the first home on the block to get a TELEVISION...A General Electric table model with about a 10 inch screen...of course it was black and white television and we received only 3 broadcast stations...There was NBC channel 3, ABC channel 6, and CBS channel 10...Really...only channel 3 and 6 came in acceptably clear enough to watch without eye 10 was a hit or miss toss up (depending on weather and antenna angle)...!!!
Dad and Mom often reminded us that the TV set, which weighed a ton, cost a … (6 comments)

frans friday forum: GRAMMATICALLY SPEAKING...Fran’s Friday Forum...!!! - 02/15/13 06:21 AM
The message for today is KEEP HOPE ALIVE...!!!
I recall my early days in grade school when the dedicated and persistent nuns drilled into us the basic fundamentals of GRAMMAR...
Over and over we would diagram sentences distinguishing the various elements of the structure of our ENGLISH LANGUAGE...NOUNS, VERBS, SUBJECTS, OBJECTS, PREPOSITIONS, PARTICIPLES, ADJECTIVES, ADVERBS, CONJUNCTIONS, etc...
I remember back then, and for many years after, thinking, ‘WHAT USE IS ALL THIS’...’WHY DO I NEED TO KNOW THIS’...‘WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT ALL THIS’...‘WHAT A WASTE OF TIME’...
I was wrong...THEY WERE RIGHT...!!!
As I look back on my life, I have been all of those elements … (12 comments)

frans friday forum: A GENTLE MEDITATION...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 02/08/13 06:01 AM
I have often spoke of the late Pope (now BLESSED) John Paul II’s references to THE CULTURE OF DEATH...
For true Christians, that means our work is to convert our society into a CULTURE OF LIFE...
But...It occurs to me that THE CULTURE OF DEATH is ‘married’ to a CULTURE OF MATERIALITY, and the two of them make an unholy and irreligious alliance which attacks every vestige of CHRISTIAN MORALITY...
Communism, Pragmatism, Statism, Relativism, Hedonism, and other isms all contain elements of those two cultures opposed to CHRISTIANITY, and indeed, any other religion which seeks to follow the one true God of the Jews … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: PHILOSOPHY AND PRAYER...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 01/31/13 04:42 PM
Last week’s post created an exhaustive comment string of well thought out and informatively created questions and comments...from both sides of the ‘gun’ issue...!!!
This week’s post, I thought, should be a kind of refreshing ‘mind break’, a kind of retreat from the front lines, a respite, a ‘laying down of arms’ for the purpose of renewing and rejuvenating our minds...AND SO...
In that Spirit I invite all who read this to meditate or think about the difference between a person’s PHILOSOPHY and a person’s PRAYER...
From the dictionary:   PHILOSOPHY, 1. a pursuit of wisdom, a search for general understanding of values and reality … (7 comments)

frans friday forum: GUNS & AUTOMOBILES...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 01/25/13 08:57 AM
In the wake of the tragedy in Sandy Hook the ‘KEYSTONE COPS’ in Congress are scurrying around using that chapter of Connecticut violence and misfortune as a ploy to rush through their ideas of just legislation to lay the ax to the head of the second amendment rights in the United States Constitution...!!!
Remember when one of their leftist henchmen suggested, "We should ‘take advantage’ of every tragic event’, or Never let a good Catastrophe go to waste"...
We hear repeatedly about ending ‘GUN VIOLENCE’.......Why just ‘GUN’ violence...why not ‘ALL VIOLENCE’...beginning with BULLYING in our schools and ending with MASS MURDERS and all … (30 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...FISH AND CHIPS...!!! - 01/18/13 06:40 AM
When we were in grade school the nuns reminded us that ‘FISH’ was brain food, and even today nutritionists encourage the eating of fish as beneficial to good health, and if YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT...
All the debate about GUN CONTROL, DEBT LIMITS, RUNAWAY GOVERNMENT SPENDING, LEGALIZED ABORTION, and THE NEW HEALTH ‘CARE’ LAW, etc., contain the same flawed logic which is running rampant in today’s society in America...
We have been taken over by THE MASS MEDIA, ACADEMIA, and THE INTELLIGENTSIA  of our Country...basically, supposedly smart people who think they know everything and are always right...NOW...
I’m not saying ALL intelligent people … (10 comments)

frans friday forum: SLEEPING IN THE RAIN...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 01/11/13 06:25 AM
About a week before Christmas I spent a Saturday night at a SLEEP STUDY CENTER to be evaluated for any SLEEP APNEA problems...
And at the risk of this post sounding ‘FACEBOOKISH’.......Let me continue...
Now, anyone who knows me even slightly, knows that I can sleep or ‘nap’ at the drop of a hat...ANYTIME...ANYWHERE...Day, night, sitting, standing, watching TV, reading, praying...Well...
I’m sure you get the picture...!!!
In any event, at that pre Christmas sleep study I was only able to have recorded a little over an hour’s worth of sleep...NEEDING TO NOD OFF...I simply could not get my body to cooperate in the simple … (12 comments)

frans friday forum: WAR ON...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 01/04/13 07:46 AM
I’ve lived through so many attempts to end war, that this very serious social implication to defeat all that ails us is actually becoming HUMOROUS...!!!
What we need is a WAR ON WORDS...
I’m joking, of course...what we need more than anything is peace and quiet, … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: GOOD AND EVIL...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 12/28/12 06:48 AM
Ever since the beginning of recorded history we hear stories based on the INCORRECT dualistic belief of Good and Evil...Many of these stories would lead you to believe that there exist two great motivators...GOOD AND EVIL...and more often than not they are given equal time and equal effect...BUT...That is not what our Christian heritage teaches us...We believe in ONE GOD...Who created everything that is from NOTHING...AND especially mankind in His own Image...!!!Therefore He, Who, by definition, is ALL GOOD is far superior than any ‘EVIL INFLUENCES’...Evil entered the world because of God’s gift of FREE WILL...God desiring that all return to … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: TAKING BACK AMERICA...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 12/21/12 07:24 AM
For more years than I care to count now I have witnessed my Country slowly drifting away from the Country I knew as a kid and as an adult trying to establish a wholesome family legacy...After all, that is what the good nuns of the IHM taught us, that is what our faith led us to believe, and that is what all the mentors and role models in my life suggested was necessary to ‘live happily ever after’...(remember when all good stories ended on that note)...If it’s not already too late, if indeed we have not already entered the slippery slope, … (15 comments)

frans friday forum: KNOWLEDGE PUFFS UP, LOVE BUILDS UP...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 12/14/12 09:02 AM
Knowledge ‘puffs up’, but love ‘builds up’...!!! 1 Cor. 8:1 RSV
It seems a popular ‘MO’ of many of this generation to think that they don’t have to build upon the invention of the wheel...that somehow, they can redefine and/or explain most anything by themselves, on their own...without regard or recognition of those who have preceded us...!!!
This tactic, at best, is typical of an inflated ego syndrome, of course, unless there is blame to be assigned, wherein, then, previous individuals or ideologies may be cited...!!!
Like it or not, we all make progress on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, … (0 comments)

frans friday forum: RETREAT...RETREAT...RETREAT...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 12/07/12 07:24 AM
No, I haven’t given up on my fight to get THE TRUTH out...It’s merely time for THE GASPARI BOYS annual spiritual retreat this weekend...!!!This year, much as in previous years, the retreat is not coming too soon...!!!I don’t see how any God loving creature can go through a whole year without some mechanism to rejuvenate his/her step aside from the hustle, bustle, and confusion of the busy world in which we live...and allow some time for The God who made us to work in our lives and keep us on the right course to our eternal home...!!! Several weeks ago, … (10 comments)

frans friday forum: PARENT TRAP 2012...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 11/30/12 07:36 AM
Earlier this week Fox News Show host and outspoken conservative, Sean Hannity, made an analogy to explain the divisive nature that was displayed in our recent election...We are a country split right down the middle...we are like two permissive, the other disciplinarian...After reflecting on this analogy, it became apparent to me that Sean’s analysis had some merit...The PERMISSIVE PARENT: Liberal, progressive, experimental, inclusive, relativistic, pragmatic, self-centered, superficial, spontaneous, controlling, impulsive, narcissistic...The DISCIPLINARIAN PARENT: Conservative, traditional, values oriented, other centric, independent, ethical, virtuous, spiritual, sacrificial, self controlled, accountable, unique...Please realize that the above comparison invites discussion, debate, and reflection, and … (11 comments)

frans friday forum: BLACK FRIDAY THOUGHTS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 11/23/12 05:11 AM
While more than half of our world, (read Americans), will join the hustle and bustle of THE BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING FRENZY, the more peaceful among us will be enjoying the beautiful and wonderful things that GOD HAS WROUGHT apart from that MATERIAL WORLD OF MADONNA...!!!And while the spirit of Thanksgiving is still warm in our hearts, may I use this post to wish all my loving, peaceful, pro life, calm, conservative friends.......AND.......My liberal progressive left leaning, disgruntled, grumpy, discontented, displeased, disappointed, dissatisfied, irritable, annoyed, enraged, bitter, turbulent, hostile, out of humor, sore, peeved, raging, fuming, ….... ‘cousins’.......A HAPPY THANKSGIVING and a … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...OBAMAGEDDON...!!! - 11/16/12 07:02 AM
Napoleon had his Waterloo, Richard Nixon had his Watergate, and President Obama has his BENGHAZI...!!!In the middle of the latest Congressional hearings of the Benghazi Tragedy where four American Patriots were slaughtered while some stood by refusing to send support or backup, an Israel completely surrounded by hostile forces took the initiative to defend its people...Will this be World War III...???I hope not, but many New Testament warnings seem to be fulfilled while you read this post...!!!It is not known where the BENGHAZI HEARINGS will lead, but TRUTH would be a good place to aim...!!!BENGHAZI should not be the plane upon … (16 comments)

frans friday forum: REFLECTION ON THE ELECTION...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 11/08/12 06:17 PM
It was our just turned 18 year old son JOSH’s first election...!!!Of course, rather than share my disappointment with the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election in a typical liberal reactionary type way, I decided to take some time and present my personal observations in a more peaceful reflectional manner...!!!Of course, First and Foremost, My primary citizenship is in, I cherish my role and vocation as a spouse and parent to flow from that reality as a practicing Roman Catholic, and lastly I am a proud and patriotic American of Italian American descent...We are a nation divided.......and almost right down … (22 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...TIME TO GO TO WORK...!!! - 11/02/12 06:30 AM
Next Tuesday, election day, America will have the opportunity to set our nation on a new course...!!!When the going gets tough, the tough get going...!!!My HOPE is that Wednesday morning will dawn with a resounding ROMNEY/RYAN landslide victory...!!!There are many opportunities in life that pass us by, but this one is well within our grasp to achieve...!!!Unlike the present administration we will not seek to demonize our opponents, but merely to replace a failed effort...
The PIED PIPER has had four years to play his song...AND at first there were many who followed his tune, but who now are sadly disappointed...Don't … (10 comments)

frans friday forum: BARACK DUCKS BENGHAZI BUCKS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 10/26/12 08:11 AM
It was President Harry Truman who kept a plaque on his desk in the oval office stating ‘THE BUCK STOPS HERE’...!!!That was then, this is now...President Obama has shielded himself from ‘THE BUCK’ by appointing CZARS for every aspect of executive responsibility that falls under the aegis of the WHITE HOUSE...essentially insulating himself from blame when something backfires...That is the essence of the tragedy of Benghazi...They will debate the who, what, when, how, and why of this tragic event, but the deaths of 4 American public servants will forever ‘memorialize’ all that is wrong with government gone awry...!!!After all, we elected … (18 comments)

frans friday forum: FRAGMENTS FROM FRAN...Fran’s Friday Forum...!!! - 10/19/12 07:27 AM
FRAGMENTS FROM FRAN...Fran’s Friday Forum...!!!I really wanted to title this post FRAGMENTS FROM GOD...It is truly HE who deserves the credit...!!!Over the past week several important themes have developed that I should like to share with you...!!!
One of my favorite scripture passages is from PROVERBS 3:5...”Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.”Now in order to get the full value of this or any other passages of scripture they must be placed in proper context...So, often, it is necessary to read a few passages before and/or a few passages following … (7 comments)

frans friday forum: BIDEN...DeBATER Or DeBULLY...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 10/12/12 07:11 AM
After watching the embarrassing performance that Vice President Biden turned in last night in the Vice Presidential debate, I can see why many citizens distrust politicians...!!!Listening to several post debate analyses, I heard words like crude, rude, insincere, abrasive, abusive, disrespectful, defensive, annoying, and phony...just to name a few...and, of course, all directed at vice president Biden as he and Paul Ryan squared off in their one and only debate before our November elections...!!!Paul Ryan, on the other hand, was described by these same commentators as courteous, respectful, extremely tolerant and effective...!!!
Fran's Aside: When many teachers who adamantly oppose bullying … (24 comments)

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