frans friday forum: PROLIFERATION OF POVERTY...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 09/21/12 07:31 AM
With the total dissolution and evaporation of more than 7 trillion dollars in wealth, the Obama administration is close to achieving its goal to redistribute wealth among the poor...!!!The problem is that there is much less wealth left to redistribute...BUT...What the socialist foxes in the HenWhite House HAVE done is proliferated poverty so that, instead of raising incomes in the US for all, they have succeeded in CREATING MORE POOR PEOPLE...Yet, many polls indicate that the majority of the electorate approve of these actions and are willing to put up with it for another 4 years...IN FACT, President Obama has said … (26 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...Barack...PROPHET IN CHIEF...??? - 09/14/12 07:36 AM
Four years ago then U.S. Senator Barack Obama campaigned for President under the mantle and mantra of HOPE AND CHANGE...!!!He was overwhelmingly elected in 2008, and his message has proven to be APOCALYPTIC...!!!Yes, what we needed then and what we still need now is HOPE AND CHANGE...!!!
 Unfortunately, the hope and change that our current President has brought us is NOT the HOPE AND CHANGE our Country needs...We can say he is SEER IN CHIEF, or we can call him ORATOR IN CHIEF, or even EMPTY CHAIR IN CHIEF...
NO WAY, however, should he become PROMISER IN CHIEF...!!!SINCE on all other counts he … (15 comments)

frans friday forum: CONVENTIONal WISDOM...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 09/07/12 07:54 AM
Before anyone reads this post let me confess that much of what you will read is anecdotal on my part inasmuch as a fair number of speakers at BOTH REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS put me to sleep...!!!I do have some interesting observations based on what I DID SEE AND HEAR...I will share these with you in no particular order except the order in which my memory recalls them...***Many speakers at the DNC sounded ROMNEYESQUE***Vice President Biden’s choking up when speaking of our beloved troops across the globe seemed Phony to me...JMHO***Four more years should be granted based on the record, not … (16 comments)

frans friday forum: REPUBLICAN CONVENTION TIDBIT...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 08/31/12 07:20 AM
I guess you can call me a purist, but the only coverage of the REPUBLICAN CONVENTION in Tampa that satisfied my needs was C-SPAN...What I was searching for during the convention was any wisdom which came from the plethora  of speakers offered at the gathering...I was not disappointed...neither in the many bits of wisdom I was able to gather nor in my choice of where to watch and listen...FOX, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, or even NPR just weren’t cutting it...!!!This was not the time for commentary, sound bytes, talking points or the like...I wanted pure, unadulterated, unslanted, direct from the mouths and hearts and … (11 comments)

frans friday forum: POLITICS AND SPIRITUALITY...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 08/24/12 08:31 AM
With two political conventions taking place in the next two weeks, our Country on the precipice of economic and social disaster, and the present campaign a symbol of everything a good moral person hates...WHERE IS GOD IN ALL THIS...???There are politicians, perhaps well meaning ones, who sincerely believe that socialism is the answer to all our nation’s ills...Some of these politicos claim to believe in God, some wear their religion on their sleeves, some may be agnostics or even atheists, and some even quote scripture to justify their beliefs...This is THE POINT of this post...EVIL EXISTS IN OUR WORLD...!!!The forces behind … (30 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...HAVE A CUP OF JOE...!!! - 08/17/12 07:44 AM
This post is for all my democrat friends who are looking for a graceful and face-saving way to vote for Mitt Romney...!!!First of all, I abhor all its ugly forms...!!! And since I have many black American friends that should be embarrassed by the 95% of Black Americans who voted for Obama last election...Here is a way out of a rock and a hard place dilemma, and a way to save face...Now presumably and without profiling or unfair characterization, most Black Americans are democrat...AGREED...???And since it is a normal democrat tool to demonize an opponent, ‘shoot the messenger’, and dodge … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...DON'T FOLLOW MY ADVICE...!!! - 08/10/12 07:55 AM
That’s right...I’m telling you NOT to follow my advice...!!!We have a very important election coming this November...The outcome of which could change AMERICA as we know it or as our parents knew it...!!!Some polls I have read indicate that young people lean towards Obama and the elderly (of which I am one) lean towards Romney...If you asked me who you should vote for I would emphatically say fact, I would go so far as to say anyone who runs against Obama...!!!But like the title to this post says...Don’t take my advice...And don’t take the advice of the TALKING HEADS we … (35 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...ESTABLISHING DEEP ROOTS...!!! - 08/03/12 06:19 AM
We in southeastern Pennsylvania have been fortunate enough to have evaded the deep droughts that many in our country have experienced this year...Having said that, we HAVE experienced some short periods of droughtlike conditions, punctuated by short periods of rain...just enough rain, in fact, to cause almost an INSTANT GREENING of dead looking vegetation...crops, trees, and lawns...!!!I realized upon watching this phenomenon of mother nature that only THE DEEP ROOTED plants were DROUGHT RESISTANT...seldom losing their glow, their color, their vibrant lives...and yes, even their fruit...!!!It’s like that in the SPIRITUAL REALM also...The Word Of God reminds us to LAY A … (3 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...GAME 2...PENN STATE...!!! - 07/27/12 07:54 AM
I am a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania...68+ years...!!!As an ardent football enthusiast, Notre Dame has always been my first love...even though theologically they don’t always win high marks from me...I never really jumped on the Penn State fan bandwagon...though I never hated Penn State...For years now I have been critical of our system of education in this Country, and the recent action taken by the NCAA is another nail in the coffin of a sick education system...NOW, let me say that the recent events uncovered at Penn State regarding child abuse, both the perpetrators and those who were involved in covering … (22 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...A DOUBLEHEADER...GAME 1...AURORA REVISITED...!!! - 07/27/12 07:35 AM
It didn’t take long for our blood thirsty and sensation-seeking media to politicize the tragic events that occurred the other day in Aurora, Colorado...!!!Now, the debate will ensue between traditional Constitutional conservatives and those prolific law-creating, freedom-restricting liberals...!!!The bottom line in trying to prevent similar tragedies from happening does not lie in more gun control legislation...NO...Crooks and the perversely disturbed will ultimately find a way, a sword, a gun, a knife, a bomb, a chemical creation, or some other self created device that will enable them to carry out their sick demonic agendas...It seems politicians refuse to see the true problem, … (4 comments)

frans friday forum: WHOSE WORLD IS THIS, ANYWAY...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 07/20/12 09:06 AM
For 6 years now, the democrats have controlled at least one house of Congress and the presidency, or both houses of Congress while rendering George W. Bush a ‘lame duck’ president during his last two years in office...YET...!!!Our current President Obama continues to blame Mr. Bush for all that is wrong with our Country, all the while asking for four more years as president...ARE YOU KIDDING...!!!!!!!
Ten years of this nonsense would be too much to endure...!!!
Now, while the leftists and their media cohorts are out there creating all the diversion tactics they can to divert attention from the real … (13 comments)

frans friday forum: STAMP COLLECTING 2012...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 07/13/12 09:17 AM
While our President and his campaign for reelection ignore the main issues of the day...i.e., jobs creation, stalled economy, still outrageous gas prices, lack of border patrol security, repeal of Obamacare, etc., and dwell instead on criticizing Mr. Romney and his wealth, I’d rather focus in on one more important-but-unheralded-by-the-media out of seven people are now receiving FOOD STAMPS...up from one out of fifty in 1970...!!!And as those serious about straightening out our national debt situation (both republican and democrat alike), discuss real ways to curtail and hopefully eliminate the many financial abuses such as our FOOD STAMP program...Ideas such … (11 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...HEAT WAVE Brings...!!! - 07/06/12 07:36 AM
Gas prices are rising again...Jobs are still scarce...Freedoms are still being eroded...The Phillies keep losing...Consumer Confidence sucks...Washington keeps lying to us...We had a major clog in our plumbing system fixed...Can’t wait until November...JESUS IS STILL THE KING OF KINGS...!!!Who says THE TRUTH is hard to find...???You’re reading it right here on this blog...!!!Have a great weekend...STAY COOL...!!!


frans friday forum: WHAT MAKES A COURT 'SUPREME'...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 06/29/12 08:58 AM
Before you read too much into this title, let me assure you, my intent isn’t to bash the US SUPREME COURT or its recent decision to uphold OBAMACARE...IN FACT...While many of you will read and listen to the myriad of media coverage and ‘talking head’ analyses of the decision...I am going in a more ETERNAL and IMPORTANT direction...The media hype over this will insure confusion stays with us at least through the November elections...Here’s my take on REALITY...Winning a BATTLE doesn’t insure winning a fact, the ultimate war has already been fought...AND GUESS WHAT...WE WIN...!!!GOVERNMENTS are responsible for killing millions … (18 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...LET'S TAKE A BREAK...!!! - 06/22/12 08:18 AM
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, the nuns used to remind us in grade school...!!!AND SO...I decided this weekend, which is full of baseball and softball events, would be a great occasion to give you and me a break...I suggest you take this weekend to REFRESH yourself...Go out and smell some flowers, take in a leisurely walk, find and admire some of God’s handiwork around us...AND DON’T FORGET TO PRAISE HIM AND GIVE HIM THANKS...!!!



frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...AMERICAN CHARACTER...WHAT IS IT...??? - 06/15/12 08:02 AM
These days and advancing age create a great atmosphere for one to reflect and ponder...!!!How did we ‘ADVANCE’ from the carefree childhood and exciting and promising early adolescent life I experienced, to the world in which we presently live...???A better question would be: WHEN did we enter THE SLIPPERY SLOPE...???If I had to place a beginning time on this quandary, it would probably be late 1960s into and through the 1970s...TRUTHFULLY, it really doesn’t matter, anymore than it helps to blame a particular person, party, group, ideology for the state in which we find ourselves today...HAVE WE LOST THE AMERICAN CHARACTER...???Just … (10 comments)

frans friday forum: A CHARACTER OF CASTS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 06/08/12 07:03 AM
Most of you who visit this blog probably know how much a fan of baseball I am...!!!And not just a follower of stats or a bandwagon fan when my team is doing well...NO...For better or for worse I am a diehard fan of all its forms...MLB, American Legion, Little League, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Girls Softball, etc...WELL, for the third year in a row my youngest son, Jared, finds himself in a cast...Noooo...not in the school play...
The orthopedic kind...First year it was a right wrist buckle fracture caused by sliding into second at a tournament trying to stretch a … (5 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...JUNE PRUNING AND PLUCKING...!!! - 06/01/12 08:03 AM
In our neck of the woods it seems Memorial Day and the beginning of June herald the turning of our minds and bodies to the great outdoors...TVs and video games will quiet down (unfortunately not become totally mute), winter clothing will disappear, thermostats will be switched from heat to cool, and our attention will be focused on more humane and earthy matters than the divisiveness of politics and news broadcasts...!!!Don’t be dismayed, however, into believing that the real problems and issues facing our Nation will be forgotten or put on the back burner...NO...Nature’s delusion, the unofficial beginning of Spring, can be … (4 comments)

frans friday forum: THINGS TO REMEMBER THIS WEEKEND...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 05/25/12 07:44 AM
My last few posts have been mainly POLITICAL in nature, and have focused on the imperative necessity of replacing our current President with one certainly more capable of leading us in the right direction...This weekend, which serves to open the unofficial beginning of summer, not only commemorates MEMORIAL DAY, but for Christians, heralds the celebration of PENTECOST, THE BIRTHDAY OF THE CHURCH...!!!While we continue to debate left and right politics, and disagree on solutions to solve our Nation’s Social, Economic, Health Care, and Energy woes, we citizens of the greatest Country on Earth have much to be grateful for and celebrate … (5 comments)

frans friday forum: WHAT IS LACKING IN U.S. POLITICS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 05/18/12 08:14 AM
For three and a half years now we have been subjected to a President that has many ‘hidden agendas’...While we elect a President to represent ALL of our citizens, this President seems pleased to represent well fewer than 50% of our people...(even his most current budget having been rejected by 99 Senators including ALL his own party Senate Democrats)...!!!We read in poll after poll how over 80% of our population CLAIM to be Christian, yet there is little or no outrage from this group when time after time our President has attempted to erode our Christian values with his own version of fairness … (20 comments)

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