frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...HEAT WAVE Brings...!!! - 07/06/12 07:36 AM
Gas prices are rising again...Jobs are still scarce...Freedoms are still being eroded...The Phillies keep losing...Consumer Confidence sucks...Washington keeps lying to us...We had a major clog in our plumbing system fixed...Can’t wait until November...JESUS IS STILL THE KING OF KINGS...!!!Who says THE TRUTH is hard to find...???You’re reading it right here on this blog...!!!Have a great weekend...STAY COOL...!!!


frans friday forum: WHAT MAKES A COURT 'SUPREME'...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 06/29/12 08:58 AM
Before you read too much into this title, let me assure you, my intent isn’t to bash the US SUPREME COURT or its recent decision to uphold OBAMACARE...IN FACT...While many of you will read and listen to the myriad of media coverage and ‘talking head’ analyses of the decision...I am going in a more ETERNAL and IMPORTANT direction...The media hype over this will insure confusion stays with us at least through the November elections...Here’s my take on REALITY...Winning a BATTLE doesn’t insure winning a fact, the ultimate war has already been fought...AND GUESS WHAT...WE WIN...!!!GOVERNMENTS are responsible for killing millions … (18 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...LET'S TAKE A BREAK...!!! - 06/22/12 08:18 AM
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, the nuns used to remind us in grade school...!!!AND SO...I decided this weekend, which is full of baseball and softball events, would be a great occasion to give you and me a break...I suggest you take this weekend to REFRESH yourself...Go out and smell some flowers, take in a leisurely walk, find and admire some of God’s handiwork around us...AND DON’T FORGET TO PRAISE HIM AND GIVE HIM THANKS...!!!



frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...AMERICAN CHARACTER...WHAT IS IT...??? - 06/15/12 08:02 AM
These days and advancing age create a great atmosphere for one to reflect and ponder...!!!How did we ‘ADVANCE’ from the carefree childhood and exciting and promising early adolescent life I experienced, to the world in which we presently live...???A better question would be: WHEN did we enter THE SLIPPERY SLOPE...???If I had to place a beginning time on this quandary, it would probably be late 1960s into and through the 1970s...TRUTHFULLY, it really doesn’t matter, anymore than it helps to blame a particular person, party, group, ideology for the state in which we find ourselves today...HAVE WE LOST THE AMERICAN CHARACTER...???Just … (10 comments)

frans friday forum: A CHARACTER OF CASTS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 06/08/12 07:03 AM
Most of you who visit this blog probably know how much a fan of baseball I am...!!!And not just a follower of stats or a bandwagon fan when my team is doing well...NO...For better or for worse I am a diehard fan of all its forms...MLB, American Legion, Little League, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Girls Softball, etc...WELL, for the third year in a row my youngest son, Jared, finds himself in a cast...Noooo...not in the school play...
The orthopedic kind...First year it was a right wrist buckle fracture caused by sliding into second at a tournament trying to stretch a … (5 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...JUNE PRUNING AND PLUCKING...!!! - 06/01/12 08:03 AM
In our neck of the woods it seems Memorial Day and the beginning of June herald the turning of our minds and bodies to the great outdoors...TVs and video games will quiet down (unfortunately not become totally mute), winter clothing will disappear, thermostats will be switched from heat to cool, and our attention will be focused on more humane and earthy matters than the divisiveness of politics and news broadcasts...!!!Don’t be dismayed, however, into believing that the real problems and issues facing our Nation will be forgotten or put on the back burner...NO...Nature’s delusion, the unofficial beginning of Spring, can be … (4 comments)

frans friday forum: THINGS TO REMEMBER THIS WEEKEND...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 05/25/12 07:44 AM
My last few posts have been mainly POLITICAL in nature, and have focused on the imperative necessity of replacing our current President with one certainly more capable of leading us in the right direction...This weekend, which serves to open the unofficial beginning of summer, not only commemorates MEMORIAL DAY, but for Christians, heralds the celebration of PENTECOST, THE BIRTHDAY OF THE CHURCH...!!!While we continue to debate left and right politics, and disagree on solutions to solve our Nation’s Social, Economic, Health Care, and Energy woes, we citizens of the greatest Country on Earth have much to be grateful for and celebrate … (5 comments)

frans friday forum: WHAT IS LACKING IN U.S. POLITICS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 05/18/12 08:14 AM
For three and a half years now we have been subjected to a President that has many ‘hidden agendas’...While we elect a President to represent ALL of our citizens, this President seems pleased to represent well fewer than 50% of our people...(even his most current budget having been rejected by 99 Senators including ALL his own party Senate Democrats)...!!!We read in poll after poll how over 80% of our population CLAIM to be Christian, yet there is little or no outrage from this group when time after time our President has attempted to erode our Christian values with his own version of fairness … (20 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...THE LAST MARKING PERIOD...!!! - 05/11/12 07:56 AM
Four times a year my kids come home with REPORT CARDS...And we usually go through the same mental gymnastics each time...You can do better in this must try must apply attention more...make sure your homework and project assignments are current...Don’t blame the teacher...AND...ONCE each year, the proverbial “You still have one marking period left to bring up your grades...”WELL...for our President the marking period is almost over...The preliminary grades are all but in...F F F F B- C- Present...!!!
Yeah, he may yet get gas prices to come down some by pulling some 'extra credit' deals...BUT...With the exception … (12 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...RENDER TO CAESAR, CAESAR'S...TO GOD, GOD'S...!!! - 05/04/12 07:15 AM
Even those among us who may choose to pooh pooh the Bible as a stale and outdated book are familiar with that oft quoted passage attributed to JESUS...!!!For those of us that believe that THE BIBLE is still the Word Of God, that passage has much deeper significance...especially in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in election year 2012...!!!I’m not one who likes to ‘pick and choose’ Scripture passages to suit my needs...I choose rather to see THE BIBLE as God’s Love Story to HIS CHILDREN...In this case, however, we must understand that it was God who said this in the person … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...LET THE CHIPS FALL...!!! - 04/20/12 08:50 AM
Not so much now, but when I was a kid growing up, there were two expressions often heard...’A CHIP off the old block’ and ‘A CHIP on the shoulder’...In a way, both were attempts at trying to describe a person’s DEMEANOR or ATTITUDE...Of course, the first, was descriptive of a person who emulated someone who had gone before him, an older version, perhaps a parent, older brother or relative...NOW, it didn’t necessarily have to connote a positive attitude, but generally that was the way the term ‘a CHIP off the old block’ was used...Having ‘a CHIP on one’s shoulder’, on the … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Trees Don't Need Saving...People Do...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 04/13/12 08:21 AM
Let me begin by asserting that for me...JESUS IS LORD...!!!It is the job description of every Christian to follow Jesus...Yes He is God, but the whole reason He became human was to give us an example of HOW TO LIVE...!!!When we say ‘God Is Love’...Jesus’ incarnation and life PROVED IT...!!!My Catholic Faith informs me that God loves everyone, and each person is specially loved by Him as uniquely formed and gifted...GOD DOESN’T MAKE JUNK...!!!Because He loves everyone, He calls everyone...that is what is AMAZING about GRACE...!!! It is also amazing that He gives each person a FREE say YES or … (13 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...GOD Or Barack...!!! - 04/06/12 01:22 AM
I was debating early this morning whether to post about GOD or President Obama...After all, the most important thing about today is that it is GOOD FRIDAY...!!!My decision was made quickly...GOD is way more RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, TRUTHFUL, FAITHFUL, EDIFYING, & SAVING than our President has been for over three years now...In spite of G.O.D., the GREAT OBAMA DEPRESSION, I wish to dwell on THE ONE TRUE GOD...!!!IT IS GOOD FRIDAY...!!!When we urge our compatriots to ‘KEEP YOUR EYES FIXED ON CHRIST’, on this day there is no better image to conjure up than THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS...Even though we as Christians … (9 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...LIFE...!!! STILL PRECIOUS...??? - 03/30/12 07:04 AM
It seems that every morning while my wife is preparing the kids school lunches as I listen to the early morning weather and news while gobbling down my Cheerios, reports of multiple murders, tire slashings, violent home break-ins, and hatchet attacks are filling the air waves as we welcome each new daybreak...What a way to start each day...!!!While the intense focus is on the Trayvon Martin death in Florida, and the usual media ‘talking heads’ continue to try to make that case a RACIAL ISSUE, every day, without fail, minorities are killing minorities in our inner cities...Make no mistake about it, … (15 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...HUMAN NATURE Or FREE WILL...!!! - 03/22/12 08:03 PM
I’m getting tired of the media and milktoast members of society attributing every mistake of mankind as an excusable result of HUMAN NATURE...!!!These are the folks for which there are NO ABSOLUTES...Everything is relative, I’m OK you’re OK, The devil made me do it, everyone does it, yada, yada, yada...I say God gave us a FREE WILL to do as we please and to make decisions as we please...with the corresponding consequences and accountabilities...Yes, the four last things...DEATH, JUDGMENT, HEAVEN, & HELL...remind us of this...!!!Absolute Justice demands absolute reckoning...Anything short of that is a real distortion of TRUTH...WHY ???....Because I believe … (28 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...NO COINCIDENCES...!!! - 03/16/12 07:03 AM
I was reflecting recently on my ancestors leaving their homeland in ITALY some 106 years ago...!!!Actually, my Grandfather, whom I never met (he died when my father was 10 years old), landed at Ellis Island on March 17, 1906...!!!How ironic, I thought, to have landed on the shores of a New Land on the feast of Saint Patrick, patron Saint of The Irish, who would be the main group to ridicule and taunt this next generation of Italian Immigrants as they settled their families in this great Country of ours...!!!It was the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the hay day … (7 comments)

frans friday forum: Election Year CLASS WARFARE...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 03/09/12 08:31 AM
Don’t fall for the left’s consistent use of 'CLASS WARFARE' to divide us as a Nation...!!!The terms MIDDLE CLASS, WOMEN’S VOTE, CATHOLIC VOTE, INDEPENDENTS, EVANGELICALS, WALL STREET, MAIN STREET, etc...all methods intended to divide us as a Nation...!!!Let’s face it...OBAMACARE, the 3000 page assault on PERSONAL FREEDOM has already received plenty of legitimate criticism, and the federally enacted ‘HEALTH PLAN’ hasn’t even been implemented yet...Forget rising fuel prices, still unacceptable employment levels, inflationary food prices, declining property values, dependence on foreign oil, skyrocketing national debt...our current President should be unelectable purely on the matter of OBAMACARE...!!! This should be his signature … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Who Enforces THE OATH...Fran's Friday Forum...??? - 03/02/12 07:22 AM
I recently did some research on the ‘Oath Of Office’ government employees are required to take, and found some interesting items:Item 1...Here is the OATH OF OFFICE required by our Constitution that every federal employee must take: 
I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on … (15 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...CHRISTIAN Feminism...!!! - 02/24/12 08:07 AM
I am an Italian American Catholic male...I  believe in feminism...With three daughters and four granddaughters, each of whom I love specially and dearly, how could I NOT be a feminist...???My purpose for writing this post is to beg some prominent CHRISTIAN FEMINISTS to come forward and boldly make a case for the difference between SECULAR FEMINISM which tears apart the moral fabric of a true Judeo Christian society, and REAL CHRISTIAN FEMINISM which espouses conservative Christian family values, virtue, and morality...As the French would say...VIVA LA DIFFERENCE...!!!We have an upcoming election where it appears that the ‘FEMALE VOTE’ may be the … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...BLACK AND CATHOLIC Are Beautiful...!!! - 02/17/12 06:29 AM
February is Black History Month...!!!I’m trying to figure out why, in a Country where 24% of the population claims to be Catholic, only 3% of African Americans worship as Catholics...!!!While I grew up in a typical second generation Italian American neighborhood, and I’m sorry to say I DID hear the ‘N’ word used from time to time, it always amazed me that there were so few blacks in our Church...!!!
Why was I amazed...???From first grade on we were taught that discrimination against anyone of another race, creed, or ethnic background was sinful...The good sisters of the IHM made it perfectly … (6 comments)

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