frans friday forum: Global Warming...Climate Change...Urbanization...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 02/10/12 10:18 AM
Do you believe in the theory of EVOLUTION...???In addition to Darwin’s THEORY OF EVOLUTION there are some other theories that have been adopted by PROGRESSIVES to ‘persuade’ (read bamboozle) the gullible to see things their way: Darwin’s theory of ‘NATURAL SELECTION’...The dictionary definition of ‘NATURAL SELECTION’ reads: ...the process by which those individuals with characteristics that help them become adapted to their environment tend to survive and transmit their characteristics.AND SO...our leftist, progressive, conspiracy theory friends, in an effort to gain acceptance and additional herd members have changed that idea of theirs originally known as GLOBAL WARMING to CLIMATE CHANGE and … (24 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...WHY SOME DON'T GET IT...!!! - 01/26/12 08:57 PM
I listened carefully to The State of The Union Address on Tuesday evening...And before commenting on it I let some time for reflection pass by...What a clever ‘PEP RALLY’ led by a clever orator...!!!Missing from the speech, however, were many important items on the minds of many like minded citizens...Among which were decreasing the size of government, curtailing government spending, putting unemployed and under-employed people back to work soon, de-funding Planned Parenthood, lowering corporate taxes, freeing the US from dependence on foreign oil, reducing gas prices at the pump (they’ve actually doubled since he took office), the whole topic of RELIGIOUS … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...KEYS TO TRUST...!!! - 01/20/12 11:29 AM
Most of you probably are unaware that for around 3 years now, since I have been ‘semi-retired’, I have taken on driving two ‘special ed’ students to school and back home each day...This doesn’t conflict with my ‘consulting’ duties at Patriot Land Transfer, Inc., since I am able to squeeze in most of the midday hours at My Title Insurance agency and still accomplish getting the students to and from school in a timely manner...Of course, I couldn’t do this without the assistance of my very competent and compassionate staff, who constantly cover my back...Special thanks to my Son In Law, Gil, … (7 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...OLD AMBASSADORS NEVER DIE...!!! - 01/13/12 10:42 AM
That’s right, old Ambassadors never die, they just fade away into RAINMAKING...!!!In case you haven’t noticed I’ve lost my ‘Ambassador’s Badge’ here at Active Rain...That’s right again, I’ve been relegated to be a plain old ‘RAINMAKER’.......once again...Oh, don’t be concerned that I was involuntarily ‘IMPEACHED’ by the wonderful staff at AR...My return to RAINMAKING was very mutually agreed upon...You see, I’m from Douglassville, Pennsylvania, and I have sometimes been referred to as the ‘ASS’ in the center of DouglASSville...I recently became aware that AmbASSador also had an ‘ASS’ in its center...AND...Since I felt there were already too many ‘ASSES’ to go … (9 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...A LEAP OF FAITH YEAR...!!! - 01/06/12 10:29 AM
2012...A Leap Of Faith Year...???It will take a ‘LEAP OF FAITH’ on behalf of many potential voters to bring about a successful 2012...!!!Even though our current President has failed on just about every front, there are millions of deluded liberals who still have their heads in the sand.......(or perhaps the liberal heads are somewhere else)...who are still in denial...Actually, in fairness to liberals and conservatives alike, the people of whom I speak don’t deserve to be labelled either liberal or anything else because they wouldn’t be able to enunciate the ‘typical’ liberal people, for the most part, are simply IGNORANT...!!!WELL, … (5 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...SOLAR ENERGY...??? - 12/23/11 09:22 AM
A recent article on MSN HOME explained how SOLAR ENERGY was empowering ‘DEVELOPING NATIONS’ to develop more quickly and efficiently...BTW, I keep MSN as my home page just to see what ‘the enemy’ is up to...!!!If I thought the article had any merit I would have established a hot link on this blog for quick and handy reference to the piece...However, like THE MEDIA, MSNBC, CNN, THE THREE MAJOR TV NETWORKS, THE NEW YORK TIMES, etc...Their hidden agendas are easily recognized and remain no longer hidden...The only advantage provided by SOLAR ENERGY to the developing nations was to possibly move them … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...WHICH CONSERVATIVE IS THE RIGHT ONE...??? - 12/16/11 10:39 AM
Last night’s Republican debate hosted by FOX NEWS was an eye opening and interesting exchange of important ideas...IF YOU WANT TO FIX OUR COUNTRY...!!!I’ll give my liberal friends an opportunity to bow out gracefully from this post ‘right now’ if they still think that the Obama approach of ‘left now’ is still working...!!!What I heard last night was promising inasmuch as the Republican candidates debating seemed to identify most, if not many, of the present political and societal ills plaguing us...No new taxes, severe spending cuts, reducing the size of our government, strengthening our military, revising our tax codes, eliminating unnecessary … (12 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...THE THREE MONKEYS...!!! - 12/09/11 01:43 AM
Is it ironic that the MEDIA...SECULAR, ANTI RELIGIOUS, and DEATH CULTURAL...when spelled backwards is A..I..D..E..M..
AND 'AID EM' will be revealed in this post...If you’re like me, you’ve become tired of repeated character assassinations, especially on openly religious celebrities, focusing attention on distractions to solving our nation’s problems rather than issues that promise to address and eradicate those problems...If you would like about just in the last two weeks the coverage given to former republican presidential candidate Herman Cain and now repeated media attempts to discredit and demonize rising presidential aspirant, Newt Gingrich.......All the while ignoring coverage of Jon Corzine, … (5 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...INITIAL CONFUSION...!!! - 11/24/11 03:06 AM
Do you remember when 'G.I.' referred to those who served our Country in The Military, evolved to mean ‘Government Issue’...and now, it can be related to your upper or lower ‘gastro-intestinal’ health...!!!N.R.A., to President Roosevelt, signified the ‘National Recovery Act’, to many hunting and shooting enthusiasts it came to mean the ‘National Rifle Association’, and to GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain, was the ‘National Restaurant Association’...How about you former smokers and LSMFT.......Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco...!!!B.O., once short for ‘BODY ODOR’, is now The current US President Barack Obama...!!!Mathematically speaking, how about the mnemonic device, MDAS, ‘My Dear Aunt Sally’, reminding … (13 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...THE PRUNING OF AMERICA...!!! - 11/18/11 10:16 AM
I’m sixty eight years old now, and the majority of my life has been spent in a Country where OPPORTUNITY was limitless...!!!I’ll label myself, before any readers of this post can, as a Catholic Conservative...!!!I have learned that if we’re not making PROGRESS in life...then we’re regressing...YOU CAN’T PLATEAU...!!!There is a chasm of difference between a PROGRESSIVE and MAKING PROGRESS...!!!To put it simply but perhaps crudely...Progressives prefer trial and error and micromanagement...Conservatives prefer applying tried and true methods tempered by History and Wisdom...!!!AHA...Wisdom implies a ‘THIRD FORCE’ active here...GOD HIMSELF...who is the source of all WISDOM...!!!You figure out the analogy...!!!Jumping forward … (12 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...SAVING JOE PA...!!! - 11/11/11 09:49 AM
Although I’m a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, and of Italian/American decent, and an ardent football fan, I’ve never considered myself a diehard fan of PENN STATE or Coach Joe Paterno...I never had anything bad to say about Coach Paterno or Penn State, but I wasn’t one of those who constantly called for him to resign because of his age or because of their dislike for him or his powerful coaching empire...Let’s face it, when you’ve been involved with coaching the same team since the 1950’s, and you have more wins under your belt than any other college coach, and you have … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...RAISING CAIN...!!! - 11/04/11 10:39 AM
Let’s just say that the current sexual abuse allegations made against Herman Cain, successful non political former CEO of a major food franchise and current front running Republican candidate for President, were true and not just some left leaning media attempt to discredit yet another CONSERVATIVE whose political philosophies disagree with theirs...SO WHAT...!!!Listen, I have three daughters and four granddaughters whom I cherish and would be highly agitated if they were sexually abused...Let me say, here and now, I would trust them to be alone in a room with Herman Cain more than I would with Bill Clinton...When having oral sex in … (13 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...NEW LITMUS TEST...!!! - 10/28/11 11:38 AM
Many seem reluctant nowadays to discuss politics...It seems like the chasm between left and right, democrat and republican, liberal and conservative, has widened to such an extent that civil discourse has become a thing of the past...!!!The success of The Tea Party movement has brought about the need to counter with the ‘OCCUPIERS’...AND SO...I felt the need to create another litmus test to quickly ascertain which side of the political spectrum a person lies...Cutting to the chase, it seems as though there are basically 2 factions...those who believe that big government is THE PROBLEM and those who believe that bigger government … (18 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...THE GREATEST TRANSGRESSION...??? - 10/21/11 12:58 AM
Faith, Hope, and Love, we believe, are the three great VIRTUES...WITH LOVE BEING THE GREATEST...!!!
What, then, IS the greatest SIN of our day...???Well, in this pre-election atmosphere in our economically anemic world, the political power mongers who consistently take aim at the candidates who rise to FRONT RUNNER status, are guilty of a little mentioned, but very prevalent transgression (read ‘SIN’) in our society.......CALUMNY...
Definition of CALUMNY 1: a misrepresentation intended to harm another's reputation2: the act of uttering false charges or misrepresentations maliciously calculated to harm another's reputation
Notice...’misrepresentation’ and ‘false charges’ are central to defining CALUMNY...BUT...As a practicing Christian...even … (33 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...ANOTHER MIRACLE...!!! - 10/14/11 11:05 AM
Some people find it hard to believe in miracles...some who believe think miracles are rare...BUT AS FOR ME.......All I need to do is look at a new born baby.......and I’M A BELIEVER...!!!WELL...The Gaspari family has had a recent addition along those lines...Our new Granddaughter, Maclyn Jane Gaspari was born before the sun rose on October 13...She was rushed into the world a bit sooner than expected (2 and a half weeks early) because of her mom contracting the flu...Even so, she weighed in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and became our 5th Grandchild...!!!While we await her blood sugar level to stabilize, … (12 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...IT'S ALL ABOUT JOBS...!!! - 10/07/11 11:33 AM
It seems like that’s all we hear in the news these days...and now...especially with the recent passing of Steve Jobs...CEO and co founder of APPLE COMPUTERS...!!!Not to disrespect Mr. Jobs, may he rest in the peace of Christ, but if you read his life story it is a classic example of THE VALUE OF LIFE...He himself was adopted...His birth parents, not married and in college at the time, gave him up for adoption...Had this occurred in the seventies instead of the mid fifties, it is highly conceivable that his life could have been aborted...what with the Supreme … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...AND GOD CREATED BASEBALL...!!! - 09/30/11 09:44 AM
If God didn’t create baseball it must surely have been on His mind...!!!At the ancient age of creation...God already knew how TV advertising would take over most sports, especially professional football (I’m not talking about soccer here), so He must have had tremendous influence on Abner Doubleday when Abner conceived of the game of baseball...!!!Admit it.......the NINE INNING format in baseball is the modern day answer of how to keep baseball a sport while at the same time conceding to TV advertisers the need to promote their products and services.......INGENIOUS...!!!Now, little do those advertisers know that we use those inning interruptions … (12 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...Property Upside Down...Walk Away...??? - 09/16/11 11:01 AM
It’s been a while since I wrote a serious real estate based post, so, in response to a recent question posed on FACEBOOK...
“Do you think it's okay for a homeowner to walk away from their home (loan)?” Here is my response:I am neither a lawyer nor a financial counselor. There may be circumstances that require such action, but I do believe in personal responsibility and personal accountability.A homeowner is not truly a 'homeowner' until there is no debt owed against a property...until then home ownership is 'shared' with those holding outstanding indebtedness on the property...hence the creditor(s) position must be … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...Fender Bender Weekender Mender...!!! - 09/09/11 11:09 AM
That’s right.......At the peak of a couple week long rainfest.....I was involved in a minor fender bender...I say minor because nobody was injured, no vehicles required towing, and the damage was minimal...!!! one enjoys being involved in an automobile accident...what with having to report the thing, calling police, informing your insurance agent...let alone admittingdisclosing to your wife and kids that you’re not the perfect driver they thought you were...somewhat embarrassing and a tad humiliating...But, then again, it is good to be humble...after all...humility is TRUTH...!!!Well, now that I’ve done my post accident due diligence, I can relax in knowing that my insurance … (7 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran’s Friday Forum...Labor Of Love...!!! - 09/02/11 12:05 PM
Only as I grew older did I finally learn to love work...In my younger days I worked to earn a living, to accumulate things, to live well, to get ahead, to accomplish worthwhile goals, and to build a company that could support my family in the future...After all, our ‘Great Depression-raised-parents’ drummed into us the need to ‘save for a rainy day’...I was part of a generation that lived well by working well...No one was going to hand us ‘a free lunch’, we had to earn it...Today, I have come to learn how fortunate I was that I was able to work, … (8 comments)

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