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Moving is never an easy thing to do.  Children's fears about moving can sometimes be overlook with all of  the chaos of closing, packing and planning.  Talk to your children and take a minute to evaluate how your children are doing.  Below are some tips that might help them with the moving proces...
  I am down with this contest of Going Above & Beyond!  Most of the agents that I know really do go above and beyond on a daily basis!  Reading all of these posts for this contest really does show that in this business it is the norm.   My story goes back to the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.  The e...
Who can resist the smell and the taste of bacon?  Recently I have seen a surge of bacon flavored everything from candles to potato chips!  What you ask does this have to do with real estate?  Great question!  Keep reading and I promise I will get to my point!   As I nibbled on a few slices over ...
A weekend with a puppy and a grandson proved to be entirely entertaining!  Lots of laughter, lots of energy and of course lots of messes!  Every bit of the weekend was wonderful!   These two ran each other continuously and I can attest to the fact that the puppy is exhausted this morning!  He ap...
    In real estate when studying a Comparative Market Analysis, there is a column of information called the List Price to Sales Price Ratio (LP/SP).  Of course this is somewhat self-explanatory yet knowing the significance of this little ratio can mean a lot to a potential Seller or Buyer.  This ...
  Traffic as we most commonly refer to it is something that most of us dread!  When it comes to listing your home however, TRAFFIC IS A GOOD THING!  The kind of traffic I am referring to is Internet traffic and showing traffic!  Selling your home in The Woodlands, TX is a good thing since we are ...
Everyone deserves to be heard including those with a hearing disability.  A former student of mine has been hearing impaired since birth.  Now a young adult, married and with their first child they are ready to embark on a new home search.   I was contacted via Facebook to see if I would be will...
 Fall is in the air in The Woodlands area!  We enjoyed a beautiful weekend with really great Fall-like temperatures.  For those of us here in the South, early Fall temperatures are a much-needed thing!  We may not get the Fall colors that other parts of the country enjoy however, we enjoy a great...
For the horse lovers out there, we have plenty of gorgeous horse properties in and around The Woodlands, Texas. Montgomery County is actually perfect for horses as our soil is mostly a sandy loam mix which is easy on horses hooves.  Also with our annual rainfall, our hay and grass productions ar...
The real estate market in The Woodlands, TX is extremely brisk right now.  Currently there are only 30 homes at or under $250,000 in the entire Woodlands.  With the population of over 100,000 residents, this is a low inventory in this price point.   A new listing by CHEVAUX Group will be coming ...

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