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I have lived in Texas all of my life.  I have seen historic rainfalls, hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods and severe thunderstorms.  I would have to say that the storms we endured last night have to top the charts as the worst that I have experienced.  Really, really frightening. To make this pa...
The trend of outdoor rooms appears to be here to stay!  In our area north of Houston, we have been watching this trend unfold for sometime now.  While some of these rooms don't hit the mark with some less-than great DYI results, there are some that are simply stunning! The home that I am featurin...
EMERGENCY EVACUATIONS ~ Lewis Creek Dam ~ Montgomery County, TXEveryone in our area knows the historical rainfall that we are experiencing.  The Lewis Creek Dam north of FM 1097 West is now threatening to break.  Emergency crews have been on this for days.  With this last torrential downfall this...
50 Shades of CRAY! I know that this is not an original title but it fits so perfectly that I had to steal it from the show The Bachelorette! In the past few days I have been involved with a really unorthodox real estate transaction. What began as a typical offer began to unravel and show its true...
From Ramschackle Roost to Yowzer Wowzer! I have had a few homes that I have been asked to come out and evaluate prior to listing the home.  One in particular came to mind.  I arrived at the home and everything looked OK on the outside.  The minute that I stepped into the home however, I knew that...
As real estate professionals we see homes day in and day out.  We take note of the overall condition of the home, cleanliness, up keep, amenities, layout, extra features, etc.  One of the areas that I see that is typically neglected somewhat is the home exterior. Many times I will tour a home and...
I often hear people say a snide or hurtful remark only to follow it up with, "Oh, I was only kidding!"  The comment however, has already been said and yes, your words do make a difference.  One thing I was taught when I was younger is that you need to be careful with your words as you really neve...
New Residential Developments in Magnolia, TexasThere is a lot happening in Magnolia, Texas!  We have several new communities being developed with more on the way!  As The Woodlands has continued to build-out, the record number of people coming to our area continue to look for other areas in which...
What is a M.U.D.?Not sure what a M.U.D. is here in Montgomery and Harris Counties?  You are not alone!  People who are new to our area are often confused as to what these entities are as are many who have lived here for years. A M.U.D. is a Municipal Utility District.  Basically this is how a dev...
Ants in the Lockbox ~ Adventures in Real Estate!I have experienced a lot of things in real estate but had a new one yesterday!  I was attempting to show a commercial warehouse and the lockbox was at the bottom of the fence to the property.  As I approached the lockbox I could see that a lovely fi...

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