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I wrote the post below about Dr. Jimmy Howell back in 2010 after he saved my life for a second time.  Today with a huge lump in my throat and a heavy heart, I learned that he passed away on Monday, December 22, 2014.  His obituary can be found here; Dr. Jimmy Howell.   I cannot express enough wha...
I was tooling around last night on the AR website and decided to check out who joined in 2010 when I did.  This feature is on the front page of AR and I used to refer to it more frequently.  I really had forgotten about it until I clicked on it again.    It is fun to check out who your AR Alumni...
  I am sure that many of you have encountered the dreaded delayed closing!  It has become more of a norm these days and I am finding that the issues that are causing this are many times from someone dropping the ball in some way!  So when this occurs, who pays?   The buyer can be out financially ...
  Walking through your new home prior to closing is one of the most important steps that a consumer must do.  There are some steps and tools that you can do to insure a successful walk through.  Prepare now in order to enjoy a smooth process.  Schedule a home inspection with a licensed home inspe...
You ladies in this business might be able to relate to this post today!  I do a lot of commercial real estate especially on the land and development side.  In my neck of the woods, this has been primarily the domain of our male counterparts!   I have been called "little lady", "sweet thang", "yo...
The Texas Real Estate Commission has added a new form for properties that are located within a propane gas system service area.  There are 72 neighborhoods throughout Texas that are affected and have these lines running through them.  Knowing which neighborhoods is essential in order to insure th...
  When your home is on the market and you need to be gone for awhile, not to fear.  There are many steps that you can take to insure a worry-free time while you are away regarding your home.  Perphaps that is when you will get it sold!   Here are a few tips to follow when you have your home on th...
The Woodforest Development is hosting their annual tradition of enjoying their fantastic neighborhoods and all of the Christmas cheer!  Come out on December 13th from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. to join in on all of the festivities.  Begin at the Woodforest Homefinder Lodge for many fun activities.   ...
This season as you are ready to hit the shopping venues, remember the local shops and vendors in your area!  I love to support our local shops!  These are hard-working local people who are right in our own back yards!   Supporting your local shops helps your local economy, tax base and local emp...
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I sincerely hope that each of you is surrounded by friends and family and enjoying this special day.  Being able to have some down time and to be off from our regular schedules is always a treat.   Thanksgiving really is a great time to truly reflect on what you are...

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