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Do you ever get tired of being portrayed as one of those agents or brokers on television?  Are we being stereotyped? Thank god they took Million Dollar Properties off the air.  What an insult to the hard working women and men who work in the industry day in and day out.  I know, most of the situa...
What is your description of the perfect real estate day? I think I just had one, a perfect real estate day, that is. My day started with an email from a service member in Korea.  He was looking for a real estate agent and he was just two miles from the DMZ separating North and South Korea.  He fo...
  The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is and life to celebrate... A quote of Oprah Winfrey   I have learned through many things in my life; some good, some bad.  Each challenge has made me stronger and every pleasant moment has put a smile on my face.  We just have to lear...
After being off the grid for a couple days fighting a snowstorm and freezing rain, I was surprised at the new look of ActiveRain this morning. I see some grumblings, like there will always be but after about 10 minutes of trying to find where things are, I am impressed! I believe ActiveRain has a...
 Who can you depend on? Sad but true, not all real estate professionals are created equally.  When you choose a real estate professional to manage the sale of your home, don't you expect him or her to check on your listing after a major storm?   When a call comes in from a client asking about the...
  Are you really ready to get a great deal on a house? Several of my clients have lost out on great deals because they haven't been ready to fulfill the terms that the listing agent is asking for.  Such as; A pre approval loan letter! A simple sheet of paper from a financial institution saying th...
  It's snowing outside but my iPhone just keeps on ringing. Some people are calling it SNOWmageddon but I believe it's a great day to work out of my home office.  People are staying home due to the snowfall and what a great time to get, through the magic of technology, on those computers and sear...
Does feedback constitute a testimonial? The day seldom goes by without someone asking for feedback on showings or listings in general.  If you say something nice about a product or listing should this feedback constitute a testimonial. The definition of testimonial is; [tes-tuh-moh-nee-uhl]  noun...
 Life begins when you do...   ~ A quote of Hugh Downs  ~ We have to start living to kick start life. I don't care how talented you are; without a little motivation you ain't going nowhere...  This post was authored and photo taken by Paul Henderson ©2012, All Rights Reserved, This content may no...
 The ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for...   ~ The timely quote of Grace Hopper  ~ To Tell you the truth, I feel very safe tied to a dock however my boat is named "Let's Just Go" and the exhilaration of being underway is always exciting for my family and I. It's almost...

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