active rain: Get Money back For Xmas Shopping!?! Are You Kidding Me? - 12/13/12 06:16 AM
Get Money back For Xmas Shopping!?! Are You Kidding Me?My friends & family know me as a Bargoon Hunter. I never pay full price for anything. They are always saying, "Oh I like that where'd you get it?" I always tell them & I am always saying I got it on sale !Yesterday I signed up for the Fortune Hi - Tech Marketing club. They have Retail stores like Best Buy, Home depot, Walmart that spend part of their advertising budget to pay this club's patrons money back, because they are such loyal customers & refer their friends!
It was made … (13 comments)

active rain: Coming Soon to Edmonton! Flufftastic Furniture Rentals! - 08/27/12 06:34 AM
Coming Soon to Edmonton! Flufftastic Furniture Rentals!Fluff My House! Home Staging Inc. is expanding to include Furniture Rentals! There seems to be a need for more selection in Edmonton and surrounding areas for furniture available to Stagers and the public. After conversing with Shar Sitter, who gave me lots of advice on setting up a warehouse and other ideas, I have a better understanding of what I need to have in place to run smoothly. Shar, who has had lot's of experience with renting and is an awesome Stager, took time out of her busy schedule Friday to help me out! … (25 comments)

active rain: Another Email Campaign! Connecting Equals Biz! - 05/16/12 10:28 PM
Another Email Campaign! Connecting Equals Biz! I have started another email campaign this one via Linked in! For those of you on Linked in please do connect with me and say hi! So far I have connected with 244 Real Estate and related professionals in Edmonton and area, so my contact and referral network is growing by leaps and bounds!
First I sent out an invitation to join my network and when they accept; I email them a little thank you and another invitation send clients to check out my gallery page! So far I have had 4 Realtors contact me … (11 comments)

active rain: Woo Hoo! #1 - Organic Search For Fluff My House! Home Staging in Edmonton! - 04/08/12 12:26 AM
Woo Hoo! #1 - Organic Search For Fluff My House! Home Staging in Edmonton!I know that Active Rain helps with SEO. I've seen it before. I've been on the first page of Google at the bottom of the page. I'm okay with that, it's still page one.But today when I searched for Home Staging in Edmonton, I was not only on page one but was the first  organic search that turned up, and the sixth as well! 2 spots on page one! Woo Hoo! I might have to go back and check out page 2... :D

active rain: Active Rain Posts Won't Always Show Up On Face Book! - 01/19/12 03:07 PM
Active Rain Posts Won't Always Show Up On Face Book!I have gotten into the habit of 'liking' posts from Active Rain to Face Book.
It just seems natural that I would share the posts I like with my friends and colleagues, even if they haven't figured out how great AR is for their Real Estate related business, or are not in a RE biz, but would still benefit from the wisdom and humour of my AR friends.

The fact is; you can 'like' a post, but if it is a "Members Only' post, access will be denied to Face … (4 comments)

active rain: What happens After an Email Marathon? - 01/05/12 01:42 AM
What happens After an Email Marathon? After 3 days I have finally emailed most of the Realtors from 42 pages of one MLS site here in Edmonton. Each page had 12 listings.  I say most because it was very hard to find some of them and eventually just emailed their brokerage and put attn so&so. Who knows if they'll actually get the email... I didn't email any agents twice, because I thought that might be annoying... You can really tell the agents who have figured out how important the internet is. I will be telling the agents who want to work … (12 comments)

active rain: What a Way to Start Out the New Year! - 01/02/12 12:26 PM
What a Way to Start Out the New Year! I'm celebrating!

I just realized I hit 300 posts! Who knew I could come up with so many things to write about!?!

With my first year in the Active Rain coming rapidly to a close I realize my number of posts should be higher, but I don't post every day, although I will be making a more concerted effort in 2012.

Thanx to everyone who commented on my posts in 2011, you have made my life richer by your friendship and the information you've passed on … (17 comments)

active rain: I Believe in the Magic of the Rain! - 08/21/11 11:07 PM
I Believe in the Magic of the Rain!

I've been trying to write more localism posts and have been marketing my biz at the same time.I've had a lot of positive feedback recently. I've had 2 gigs, totally unrelated to each other on different weeks, but because I'd written a localism post about each, I had people approach me at each event and tell me my blog was how they'd found out about that particular event!The first was my stint as the Flufftastic Fairy in the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce parade. I had … (34 comments)

active rain: AR Staff Rock! (I Got to Talk To Niki!) - 06/17/11 06:15 PM
AR Staff Rock! (I Got to Talk To Niki!) I recently wrote a post about human behaviour and understanding what your clients feel and why. I made it a members only post, because I thought it wouldn't really benefit the public. I received a comment from Lynn B Friedman, saying she would have liked to reblog my post for others to see, but couldn't. WT#?

So I, knowing I'm a newbie and don't understand most of the rules, called the AR hotline located at the top right of everyone's screen. And Niki Parekh (the man … (26 comments)

active rain: If All Else Fails, Read the Directions! Duh! - 05/21/11 02:27 AM
If All Else Fails, Read the Directions! Duh!
I read there was a collage contest on AR!
Even though I don't get to sniff glue...
here I am having whipped together a great collage that I was calling 'Best Friends, Best Times!'
I used publisher and saved it as a png.
Then I went to the AR Contest group and was all ready to enter....
and, I read the contest is: what active rain means to you!
Doh! I do have one thing from AR on there, but it's mostly having to do with the title I came up with.

active rain: Monday Musings: Surround Yourself With Hope Not Doubt! - 05/16/11 10:31 AM
Monday Musings: Surround Yourself With Hope Not Doubt!
I saw this quote and I thought about all the help the people here in Active Rain have been to me since I joined in February.
Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.
Mark Twain
I am surrounding myself with great people who; encourage, mentor and make me laugh outright! If that is not surrounding myself with Hope, nothing is!


active rain: Proof reading? Is it a good idea? I think so! - 03/08/11 07:39 PM
Proof reading? Is it a good idea? I think so! 
Maybe I'm a bit over the top, but I always proof read my blogs before I post them. Sometimes 2 or 3 times. I like the fact AR had a built in spell check (the little ABC to the top right).
Here are some examples of notes (that could have use a bit of proof reading) teachers have received from parents for their children's absence from school:
 1. My son is under a doctor's care and should not take PE today. Please execute him.  2. Please exkuce lisa for being absent she was sick and i … (25 comments)

active rain: I'm considering buying stock in Preparation-H (c) because of Active Rain! - 02/21/11 03:53 PM
I'm considering buying stock in Preparation-H (c) because of Active Rain!
I see I'm not the only one that has become welded to the computer... Although it is intellectually stimulating connecting with everyone, my body is starting to break down! My eyes are always burning, my stomach growls (not a sound I'm generally familiar with) and yes, I'm considering buying a donut cushion...
At least if I do that I won't have to stop being on AR! But really, I need to clean my keyboard, because I eat some meals in front of the computer too!

My husband, as … (14 comments)