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Here in the south, in January and February, we can have snow and ice. Luckily, it usually is gone just as quickly as it comes. But during the day(s) that the roads are bad, people tend to hunker down at home and not venture out. Open houses get canceled as well as broker caravans. If you look at ...
There are records that exist in the local government that keeps track of important things like what your home's tax value is. This is so the taxman can collect his due from you every year. Also included are numbers for square footage, lot lines, how much your mortgage was that you took on to buy ...
While growing up in North Carolina years ago I can vividly remember certain sounds that stay with me even today. The sound of a train whistle miles away, blowing at night. The heat radiators in the winter coming alive with their snap crackle and pop sounds. And the Mourning Dove. As I was sitting...
I do come from a textile background, but today I am not referring to an actual design pattern. Nope, I am talking about an interruption in our own thoughts. Sometimes these can be distracting, like when we see a shiny object, or a squirrel, or something else that takes our mind off of what we nee...
Just a little more. A little more of 2014 left. A little more home improvements left to do. Just a little more time before my daughter's wedding. Just a little more time. Ever needed just a little more time? We all find ourselves in that conundrum. Needing just a bit more time. As to new years ev...
Ever been looking for one of these? They apparently exist, but are hard to find, particularly around this time of year. I tend to be looking for one, then get distracted. It is usually when I have work that needs to get done, and I am having a hard time doing it. I will get A Round Tuit. My fathe...
A new year is upon us once again. All bright and shiny, and full of promise. Its a time to catch your breath, look at where you are, and see where it is you want to go. I love the anticipation that comes with a new year! I need to get some painters in the house very soon to finish up a home impro...
The end of week 11 of the home improvement saga brought more  workers and the near completion of this huge project. As you can see to the right, the staircase guys came in and worked all day putting the finishing touches on the staircase. All it needs now is some touch up paint that will be done ...
Well, my buddies were back again this morning. They are my constant companions during the morning hours. Not every day, but several times per week, 2-3 deer will come by in the morning to say hello. Sometimes they are just passing through. I think they are checking to see if that weird creature ...
Dave the floor guy showed up today with the bottom step! It is sold as a kit and the manufacturer had us on hold for a few days. Dave replaced the bottom step and stained it today. He also put the 2nd top coat on the other stairs. Tomorrow he will come in and put the finish coat on the kitchen, D...

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