seller information: Virtual Showings versus Physical Showings... - 03/01/15 07:59 AM
Virtual Showings are all the clicks and views and forwards we can tract online.
Physical Showing is actual foot traffic that cross the sellers threshold to take a look at the home in person.
Real estate agents with systems in place can tract this information and help the seller decide how best to proceed with marketing their home For Sale.
In today's online world, consumers can view homes For Sale on all the major portals, such as Zillow, Realtor dot com, Homesnap, Redfin, Truila, Mobile Apps and so on.
In the old days twenty years ago. Listing agents had to  rely … (0 comments)

seller information: Should a Home Seller "Test The Market?" - 02/26/15 08:04 AM
When  you call me to talk about selling your Lake Ridge or Woodbridge Virginia home, I first take a look at the condition.

Just know prior to my arrival I have done a lot of research. Even though I know the market well. I want to double check what homes have recently sold ( we call this the historical information) then I look at the Active Listings, as well as the Under Contract Information and the Withdrawal information.
Historical Information - comparable sales of similar homes over the past three to six months nearby
Active Information- these are homes that … (0 comments)

seller information: Do better websites attract more buyers to your home? - 11/14/14 04:08 PM
Received a call from a homeowner I had met a few weeks ago during  a listing appointment.
She said " Peggy, I want to thank you for all your time and suggestions, however my husband has decided to list with another real estate company"
My response was this: As a homeowner you have many Real Estate professionals to choose from. May I ask what made  your decision since I was personally referred to you as a very good agent. One who helped a personal friend of yours sell their luxury home. She explained. My husband has done a lot of research online and … (9 comments)

seller information: You have decided you want to buy another home... - 11/06/14 12:31 PM
You have decided you want to buy another home.
The home you have now is not working for you anymore for whatever reason.
The very first step is to get Pre-approved for a home loan!
This is the step you take before contacting a REALTOR or accepting your new position in a new area across the country.
Why? Because you must know what is possible.
Find out if you must sell your home before you purchase another home.
If the answer is you do not need to sell first,move forward. 
Hire a REALTOR to help you negotiate for a … (0 comments)

seller information: You've heard the ads, and seen the signs " We buy your home fast" - 10/22/14 06:14 AM
You've heard the ads, and seen the signs on the street corners that say " We buy your home fast"
Close in seven days.
The other day, a homeowner I met with, asked me about this service and how does it work. The homeowner is exactly who these people are hoping to attract. Folks that owe nothing on their home. The home needs  updating to bring it into today's times and they have no clue what the home would sell for in today's real estate market.
The owners asked. Is this a service we should consider?
So I said.  Let me help you explore all … (3 comments)

seller information: A big shout out to Lake Ridge Virginia Town House Owners - 09/22/14 09:00 AM
Do you own a townhouse that is 10 Years or younger?
Have you ever thought of selling? 
Well right now in Lake Ridge Virginia there is a shortage of town houses for sale that are less than ten years old. First time buyers are seareching for a home just like yours. If you have a three finished level townhouse with a walkout basement, deck and a fenced yard  in Lake Ridge, Old Bridge Estates, Ridgeleigh, Westridge or The Glen we want to hear from you.

Resale inventory is very low. When inventory is LOW you have a chance of "getting … (2 comments)

seller information: Should you consider selling For Sale By Owner in Woodbridge Virginia? - 08/04/14 08:47 AM
You've Been Thinking About Selling Your Home For Sale By Owner
You want to sell your home for the most money.
We get it.  
Below is Vital Information You Need to Sell For Sale By Owner
You want to sell your home yourself for a variety of reasons: you don't want to pay a Realtor® commission;you had a bad experience in the past; you do not have enough equity to sell with a Realtor; you want more control over how your home will be marketed and advertised; you don't trust the process; you had luck in early 2000's and avoided … (12 comments)

seller information: Selling your home, learning what's possible starts with a phone call - 04/09/14 09:22 AM
Selling your home in the Woodbridge Virginia and surrounding area doesn't have to be difficult.
Learning what's possible simply starts with a phone call.
Below I explain more about the selling process, and how I can help you.

Your need to sell a home can happen when you least expect it. There are so many life altering situations that can prompt someone to sell a home.
New promotion A relocation on the horizon You've outgrown your home PCS Orders to a new duty station It's time to downsize Your tired of being a landlord You're getting a divorce You inherited a property … (0 comments)

seller information: Peggy, I want to list my home high. Are you willing to do that? - 03/14/14 04:35 AM
This weeks caller said. I want to list my house higher so that when a person makes an offer. I can negotiate and get close to what I want.
That is an option, however not one that I typically recommend.
Here is why:
Home buyers today are savvy and can immediately spot a home that is overpriced. Chances are great, no matter how nice your home is, you will not get an offer.  The sad truth is real estate market doesn't care what you want. That said your timing and condition will tell me is that is even remotely possible If your … (4 comments)

seller information: Local Real Estate Market Conditions in and around Lake Ridge Virginia - 03/03/14 05:15 AM
As we head into March 2014, thought you might want to see "what's happening in the local real estate" arena here in the Lake Ridge Virginia and surrounding communities.
I just did a quick look in the local multiple listing database to see how the real estate market is doing overall. If you've been reading this blog you know that we  (The TwinsSellingRealEstate Team ) is busy, however I wanted to give you a better sense of the entire 22192 zip code area.
The graphic I made for you, will help you understand the current real estate market conditions in the Lake … (2 comments)

seller information: If you are heading for Divorce and you own a home this is for you - 02/21/14 12:54 PM
Divorce is not easy especially when you own real estate.
Decisions must be made prior to putting your home on the market for sale.
Heck decisions need  to be made prior to even considering seeing a lawyer!

The biggest mistake I see being made by homeowners who are getting a divorce or have already separated and gotten a separation agreement is this:
"They forget to include the cost of selling into the split."
Remember, it may not have cost you anything to purchase the home if you are a Veteran or very little if you were a first time buyer. That … (1 comments)

seller information: Success Stories of people who trusted their gut and made a call. - 02/21/14 04:59 AM
We already have so many success stories this year of homeowners and home buyers who have called and said "Can you help us we would like to sell our home. Or we really want to buy a home."
If you are searching for answers online and landed on this blog post, then feel free to call me with your real estate questions. No matter whether you are just tip dreaming. Just know that all dreams can only become a reality if you act on them. You may own a rental that you are thinking of selling, or you've inherited a home and you aren't quite … (2 comments)

seller information: Lake Ridge Virginia Condo Owners Move-up To a Larger Home! - 02/14/14 08:12 AM
This year in Lake Ridge Virginia is turning out to be the Move-Up Year. Those of you who own a home in Lake Ridge Virginia and you have been dreaming of buying a larger home may be in luck.
Here is a very good example. In November a homeowner contacted me via a Facebook Private Message. They said they wanted to buy a home, however needed to sell their condominium in The Vinings in Lake Ridge. Lucky for them I know that community really well. I have personally lived their twice and listed many and sold many homes the years there.
There … (0 comments)

seller information: This Weeks Caller Said "I've been following your blog and your sales" - 01/15/14 04:06 AM
I am in shock this morning as I am preparing for a listing appointment later today.
All homeowners hope and pray the home they love, will be worth more when it is time to sell.
For those who purchased in 2005 and 2006 that has not been the case. We all know what happened with the catastrophic roll back on homeowners equity, leaving so many upside down. That was when there were short sale,foreclosures and distress home sales on every corner. However those days for the most part have come and gone...
Homeowers! Don't be lulled into the fact you think the … (43 comments)

seller information: This Week's Caller Said " I called you because I like your name!" - 12/08/13 03:55 PM
A gentleman contacted me about listing their home for sale here in the Lake Ridge Virginia area. He stated there was  a very good chance of him being transferred in the very near future and he wants to be prepared.
We set an appointment and I went over to see the couple.          

When I asked how they found me the wife said "I saw a home you sold on Facebook and well that lead me to your website." Her husband spoke up and said, I decided to call you, because I liked your name. Looking puzzled I … (1 comments)

seller information: Twins Selling Real Estate. So you get two agents for the price of one! - 11/13/13 04:28 AM
"Breaking News: My identical twin sister joined me in real estate."

How cool is that?
Patty Blackwelder ran our Erick and Company sales office prior to 2007 for decades. She was the before team. The person that kept everything together is a well oiled machine of an busy real estate team.When the downturn hit she went back into new home sales for three years. Read some of her reviews. Well, the entrepreneur in her says I can do so much more than sitting behind a desk. I want to get out and help people find the perfect home. The one that fits … (4 comments)

seller information: Should you consider downsizing? Is now a good time? - 10/03/13 05:06 AM
The topic of downsizing has come up a few times this week. Several homeowners I've run into are thinking maybe now is the time.
First the furloughs and now the Government shut down. The thought process is we're tired. Tired of the rat race, just tired. The house is too big now, and actually we've been thinking of moving even relocating to a lower cost area.
One homeowner explained, I've held on hoping home values would  increase a bit more closer to what it was back in 2005. 
The informative video and explanation of the current real estate market conditions may help … (0 comments)

seller information: The huge dilemma many move-up buyers are facing right now - 08/01/13 06:10 AM
Lately I have met many, many homeowners who have very nice homes they have outgrown or want to sell. The dilemma many are facing is this. The home they own us financed with an FHA Loan.
Most do not have a lot of equity, however the values have risen enough that they can now sell.
The other dilemma is they do not have saving enough to come up with the standard ten percent down payment needed when buying with a conventional loan.
So that means in order to accomplish their move-up goal, they must sell their current home first. Now that's … (22 comments)

seller information: Homeowners are surprised when I ask, did you get a permit for that? - 07/19/13 05:25 AM
As a homeowner in Prince William County Virginia it is your responsibility to know the laws with regard to upgrading your home.
If you do it right the first time, it will not come back to haunt you when it's time to sell in the future. The last thing you want to hear is, we must sell "as is" because your home is not up to code. This can seriously impact your homes vaule. So when you are thinking of remodeling and you do it on the cheap because you are handy...please check to see if what you have in … (1 comments)

seller information: How to predict what your home might be worth in two or three years - 06/11/13 05:18 AM
Information is a powerful tool in life. Take control now and start planning for your future.
The questions you must ask yourself are:
How much is our home upside down?  How long will it take for our home to surpass what we owe on it? How will we know when we will get to a break even point? 
When will we know it is time to list our home for sale?
How do we know when a good time to sell will be?
These questions will help you formulate and Exit Strategy that will work for your family, your wants, needs … (0 comments)

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