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If you have pests living in your attic, getting them out can be a nightmare.  But before you can get rid of them, you have to know how to identify what is actually living there.  Unwanted pests can do a great deal of harm to your home and to the health of your family.  Unwanted pests living in y...
It is very exciting to have a new home built.  But in all of that excitement there are things you should consider before finalizing your plans.  You will need to look to the future needs of your home and family then plan accordingly; rather than just thinking about your current lifestyle and how...
Moving into your new home is a very exciting time.  There are so many things to do and so much to remember.  Sometimes we don't stop to think about what priorities should be put first. Here are a few things you need to add to your what to do first list once you move into your new home. 1.  The v...
Building a new construction home can be very exciting.  But there are so many upgrades to choose from.  And some of those upgrades are very expensive.   So how do you decide which options are practical and which options you should pass on.   The best way to decide which upgrades to say yes to an...
  If you have ever gone house hunting then you know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by the hundreds of available homes on the market.  So what should you do?  Your head is telling you to look at everything because you might miss out on that perfect deal.  But your heart is telling you to hurry...
Do you ever wonder if homeownership is right for you?  Well, let me ask you this;  do you dream about doing your own yard work, home repairs, puttering around in the garage.  If so, then homeownership may be for you.  No one really dreams about paying a monthly mortgage, property taxes, insuranc...
  You know when you are buying a home, that you will need a home inspection.  But when it comes time to read the inspection report you feel like you need a translator!  Here are a few important questions you should definitely ask your home inspector to help you understand the inspection report be...
  You are ready to move and have found the perfect home for you and your family.  The only thing left to do is to sell your current home.  Sounds simple right?  Well, it can be, but there are several things that you may be doing that are making your buyers run for the door. Here are a few surefi...
  It's that time of year again.  Spring has sprung and there are chores do be done.  Routine maintenance is a big part of home ownership and hopefully you have a yearly calendar of routine tasks and when they need to be performed.  Deferred maintenance will cause bigger, more expensive problems d...
What are termites - termites are small, burrowing insects that eat wood , especially damp wood,  and they resemble small white ants. How do I know if I have termites - there are some indicators that let you know you may have a termite infestation.  The most common termites in the United States a...

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