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Hello all: I was reading this morning that the number of banks on the FDIC's watch list increased to 117 from 90. Expect that number to go higher still. So far, 9 banks have failed this year, which is twice as many since 2005. I think this goes to show that we're not our of the woods yet. The las...
I was just invited to join the new group "toot your horn" here on Active Rain and am excited. Thanks Bo for inviting me-I appreciate it. In our business, it's critical to "toot our horn" yet we're not always clear about how to do that. If you're like me, you shy away from being in someone's face ...
Hello all: I was thinking today about Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and their recent announcements of billions in loan losses. Today I checked their stock and it was trading at $5.19 and $3.29 respectively. These are off highs of well over $40 each. Alot of pundits are wondering if these two essentia...
Good morning! I was thinking about what I do when things get slow. What do you do? For a while, people in my office moped and complained about how slow business was and how much they hated what they did. Now, there are so few left (we're down to 5 from a high of 16) that it's a lot quieter and no...
Good morning! I was thinking this morning about my time on Active Rain (since June 2007) and why I blog. Obviously, I'm interested in your thoughts too. I'd have to say there are several reasons. First, Betsy Talbot of Delegate Now! who told me about Active Rain said it would help increase my pro...
Hello all: I quote on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace and have had some success. The question I have is about super jumbos. Some of the quotes I see are for rates that are conforming pricing even if the loan amount is $1 million or more. Whenever I look at rates (especially for a 30 year fixed) they'...
Good morning: I had the privilege of attending a seminar sponsored by my company yesterday about surviving and thriving in today's real estate market. The speaker was Rick DeLuca who is a good friend of Brian Buffini. For more on Rick, go to The message I got out of there, and...
Hello: I thought it was time again to write a consumer-oriented blog as it has been a while. So here goes. If I were the customer I would: Start my research online for a realtor, loan officer, etc. Why do I say that? Because most of you do anyway and it's a quick way to educate yourself about hom...
Hello all: I was thinking yesterday about my year-to-date so far and wanted to ask you the same. I expect to do better than last year although I've only been in the business for a couple of years so my business is still growing. How are you doing? Are you seeing your market start to turn? I have ...
Hello all: I hope you're enjoying your summer evening wherever you are. Although I've had the luxury of taking some time off recently (understand I finally decided to do this as opposed to needing it, etc.), now it's back to work. The fact of the matter is this. Every day I have conversations wit...

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