The price of success is non-negotiable, it is never marked-down, nor discounted. There is no bidding process. You cannot pay for just a portion, you must pay in full. The good thing though, you can lay it away. Yes, you can pay a little at a time, but you won't achieve success until it is PAID IN...
(KLT+R) A Basic Fundamental of Marketing: People do business with people they: 1. Know, 2. Like, 3. Trust, and 4. Remember! There was once a phenomenal golfer with a top-notch personal public relations (marketing) brand. He was extremely well known; his talent on the course was absolutely superb....
What a statement!    "There are many ways to avoid success in life, but the most sure-fire just might be procrastination." What can you do? 1.  Make a list for the week.  On Sunday night, make your priority list.  Arrange it with #1 being the highest priority (and the most profitable for your bus...
You never know where and when your business card will avail itself!   Coach K.C.A friend of ours is in the area for training, here from New York City. We spent a lovely day Saturday showing her around Frederick. She has a sister who is a Realtor in Florida, so at some point the conversation turne...
The Power of the Business Card is under-utilized and misused by the vast majority in the real estate industry. I must give credit that most have some form of justification, not on target however, justifiable in their minds.   Coach K.C. You basically can call it a "Pocket-Sized Promotion". How ma...

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