laura cerrano: Feng Shui Pop Quiz: What Are The Deconstructive Cycles Of The 5 Elements ? - 05/26/15 07:51 AM
Feng Shui Pop Quiz: What Are The Deconstructive Cycles Of The 5 Elements?
Knowing the Five elements theory in Feng Shui is always beneficial because it offers insight into personality dynamics along with simple ways to help check and balance the energy of your home, body, mind and spirit as needed. 
In this weeks quiz I am focusing only on 3 elements out of the five. Below is a list of the 3 elements, Fire, Earth and Metal. 
Five elements
Fire_______________ Earth______________ Metal______________  
Deconstructive cycle description
Choose one letter (A, B, C, D, or E) that that you feel is the deconstructive cycle description for Fire, Earth and Metal. Only one letter can … (3 comments)

laura cerrano: Exploring Block Island with Miss Feng Shui in 2015 - 05/25/15 09:02 AM
Exploring Block Island with Miss Feng Shui in 2015 
This is becoming a yearly trip and tradition for myself, to visit Block Island, RI. From Montauk NY, it's 1:15 mins away on the Viking Speed Ferry. 
Its funny how New Yorkers and Long Islanders alike express their interest in traveling to a remove tropical islands to get away. Perhaps if we took better care of the island we already occupy that would not be a desire. Either way, I have faith that moment in time will come.
For the time being, if you are looking to get away and have a moment to yourself or to share with … (2 comments)

laura cerrano: Paying Tribute To The Women and Men Who Put Their Life's on The Line - 05/22/15 03:30 AM
Paying Tribute To The Women and Men Who Put Their Life's on The Line
We have a big holiday weekend approaching (Memorial Day Weekend), with great events and festivals in honor of the women and men who put their life's on the line. I have faith that one day, generations to come, they will not have to sacrifice anything (physical, emotional and mental well-being) to help sustain peace and happiness. 
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you and pay tribute to those who we have lost this year and in the years past.
Thank you to your families and to you. Love, light and blessings to your spirits. 
Paying … (12 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Pop Quiz Answer To: What Is The Best Driveway Design? - 05/21/15 05:31 PM
Feng Shui Pop Quiz Answer To: What Is The Best Driveway Design?
Every aspect of a home's interior and exterior presentation will help facilitate positive Chi or not the most supportive. Based on what has been shared with my blog pots or perhaps your own knowledge on Feng Shui, what driveway design falls in alignment with the Feng Shui principles?
Is it A,B,C or D?
A. Steep downward Driveway
B. Long Driveway
C. Circular Driveway
D. Steep upward Driveway
The answer is: C
Best driveways are circular or curved designs, if you have enough room to create that option. Having two approaches to the house maximizes opportunities. Try not to have the driveway take up too much … (11 comments)

laura cerrano: Thought Process To A Feng Shui Inspired Art Studio - Behind the Scenes Look - 05/15/15 09:36 AM
Thought Process To A Feng Shui Inspired Art Studio - Behind the Scenes Look 
Feng Shui takes on more then just "re-arranging" furniture, selecting colors and objects. There is more to process then just the "bottom line" and reaching your intended goal. Engaging in the Feng Shui process brings you back to your journey and I wanted to share behind the scenes of what a Feng Shui Expert process via thought, intentions and actions when making changes. 
Before changes
This was my dining room yesterday morning. For almost a month and probably a bit longer, I would pass this section of my home and think, this space is … (10 comments)

laura cerrano: Discovering Earthworks in Lloyd Harbor Beach NY - 05/15/15 08:55 AM
Discovering Earthworks in Lloyd Harbor Beach NY
A great way to honor Mother Earth and yourself is by simple observing your environment and being present with it. After a Feng Shui consultation in Huntington NY, I treated myself to a sunset at the Lloyd Harbor beach.
While sitting there, I became inspired to create. So I tapped into, Earthworks, which is a style of art that utilizes the natural elements surrounding you in that current environment. 
This is a great practice. Earthworks teach you about impermanence and non attachment. Nothing is wasted and recycled. 

laura cerrano: Motivational Monday: Tap Into The Inner Muse - 05/11/15 08:57 AM
Motivational Monday: Tap Into The Inner Muse 
photo courtesy of
We all have an inner muse just waiting to come out and create! Two of my major loves in life are Feng Shui and Art. I love both, yet one of my current challenges is finding time to create artwork while providing one to one sessions with clients, blogging, teaching classes and fitting in time to creating artwork. This week and continuing on, I will hold myself accountable to creating new pieces of artwork for gallery shows. 
When we tap into our inner muse, it does more then just create an outlet, it creates new channels of inspiration within our … (4 comments)

laura cerrano: Environmental Psychology and Feng Shui - 05/11/15 08:10 AM
Environmental Psychology and Feng Shui 
Environmental Psychology is an interdisciplinary field focused on the interplay between individuals and their surroundings. The field defines the term environment broadly, encompassing natural environments, social settings, built environments, learning environments, and informational environments. This perspective developed after World War 2.
Feng Shui Is the understanding of nature, particularly on the idea that the land and our surroundings environments are alive and filled with Chi, or energy that impacts our lives daily mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually on the conscious and sub conscious levels.The origins of Feng Shui date back about 3,000-6,000 years ago.
The two terms, environmental psychology and Feng Shui … (3 comments)

laura cerrano: How Can Feng Shui Be Part of The World's Transformation? - 05/11/15 07:19 AM
How Can Feng Shui Be Part of The World's Transformation?
If we took a survey of people in the world, or even locally and asked, what would you love to attract into your life? It would be safe to say the bottom line response would be, happiness. How that is defined will most likely vary from person to person. 
So, how can Feng Shui be part of the worlds transformation to happiness, self empowerment, regaining of personal power, manifesting of dreams, better health, assisted guidance to enhance emotional intelligence and ascension?
FengShui focuses in on teaching us to reconnect with our surroundings, let that be at home, work and our natural environments in general. FengShui takes a … (2 comments)

laura cerrano: Sending Love To All The Mothers - 05/11/15 06:54 AM
Sending Love to All the Mothers In The World

A tribute to all the mothers in the world. To the mothers of biological children. To the mothers of adopted children. To the den mothers. To the grandmothers who spoil us. To our spiritual mothers. To the men who take on the role of both parents.  Thank you for patience, your support, for your words of wisdom, for your gentle touches and kisses, for your encouragement, for your compassion, compassionate listening and unconditional love.
Thank you for doing your best.

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Workshop In Patchogue NY on May 15th, 2015 at 7pm - 05/11/15 06:49 AM
Feng Shui Workshop
with Laura Cerrano
Certified Feng Shui Expert
 CEO and Founder of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island
Date: Friday May 15, 2015
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Fee: $25.00 per person
Register click on: Feng Shui Workshop
Laura Cerrano CEO and Founder of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island a family owned and operated consulting firm founded in 1997.
Ms. Cerrano became a Certified Feng Shui Expert through the Proven Feng Shui School in 2000. She was honored to have studied with some of the finest Masters in Feng Shui, Reiki, Shamanism and Ascension. Some of her teachers include, H.H. Grandmaster Thomas Lin-Yun, Carole Provenzale, Katherine Metz, R.D. Chin, Pamela Lawrence, and Denise Linn.
Ms. Cerrano is also a … (0 comments)

laura cerrano: Exploring Niagara Falls with Miss Feng Shui - 05/09/15 05:40 AM
Exploring Niagara Falls with Miss Feng Shui
This is my second time visiting Niagara falls, and I have to say there is a stronger appreciation for the amazing beautiful and power of this natural wonder of the world. 
If you decide to stay over on the American side, and lesson the expense of driving across the bridge, finding parking, etc, pack yourself a pair of great supportive walking shoes and take the pedestrian walkway to Canada. 
This is a view you can see when crossing the pedestrian bridge to Canada. There were clear differences with the American side vs. the Canadian side. All I'll say is, America, there is much work to … (18 comments)

laura cerrano: Pink Tie Event for the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation - 05/05/15 05:00 AM
Pink Tie Event for the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation / Real Estate Professionals Networking for a Cure, was founded by Mike Cave, CEO of 1st Equity Title & Closing Services, after losing his beloved aunt to brest cancer. and PinkTie1000’s core mission is to benefit local organizations, nationwide, in the communities that we serve, which are predominately volunteer, with zero-to-minimal overhead costs and administrative fees. This allows us to make the most direct impact in the community. Our vision is to find creative ways to bring our vast real estate network together, in support of education and research to find … (6 comments)

laura cerrano: Exploring Central Park In New York City During The Spring time - 05/04/15 11:10 AM
Exploring Central Park In New York City During The Spring Time
Who doesn't love New York City during the Spring Time?! I'll admit, usually I am in a mad dash to get out  of NYC after a consultation or event, but when Spring comes around and the temperature is at a perfect 75, trees are blooming and NYC has a peaceful atmosphere, I am more then happy to kick around. After the Feng Shui Tour I provided, I wondered into Central park. 
I had no agenda but to just relax and enjoy. I treated myself to some mild rock climbing on the "Big Rock." 
Some of the local children found a new way to get down the rock by riding it … (12 comments)

laura cerrano: Is It Necessary To Understand the History of Feng Shui? - 05/04/15 10:25 AM
Is It Necessary To Understand the History of Feng Shui?
One of the first teachings in the practice of Feng Shui is to honor your ancestors, your family and teachers who have passed along knowledge to help you gain accesses to your own inner wisdom. I have heard some express, knowing the history of Feng Shui origins and even the use of the celestial animals or sacred geometric symbols in Feng Shui is not worth the time learning or implementing into one's home or office. 
I can only share from my own experience what I have observed with the use of animals, sacred geometic symbols, etc,... I see this being integrated into our lives … (5 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Tour of Manhattan Architecture with Laura Cerrano - 05/04/15 09:46 AM
Feng Shui Tour of Manhattan Architecture with Laura Cerrano
During our tour of Feng Shui Hidden Architecture within Manhattan, I had about 10 people participate yesterday morning into the early afternoon for the Jane's Walkers NYC Tours. We walked from Times Square to the Mandarin Hotel and Trump Intentional Hotel and Tower.  
It was a great tour with wonderful flexibility in exploring and sharing. Each person on the tour had heard various view points of Feng Shui and by the end of the tour they were enriched with new insights and new found awareness with the practice of Feng Shui. 
One attendee lived in NYC for over 30 years and had no … (7 comments)

laura cerrano: Motivational Monday: Keeping Up With The Millennials - 05/04/15 08:05 AM
Motivational Monday: Keeping Up With The Millennials
As each generation steps into adulthood, a new perspective on life comes with it, as well as new vocabulary. I'm not sure who decides what makes a word "correct" or not, but at the end of the day, collectively we all creating words. I feel personally, its nor right or wrong, it just is. 
For example:
The word "funner." I have been told many times, Laura that is not a word. Well, when I say it, people understand it so to me, it's a word.
Laura "Feng Shui-ied" and "Feng Shui-ing" are not words. I kindly disagree and present the foresight that they … (7 comments)

laura cerrano: Exploring California: Thien Hau Temple (Chinatown L.A.) - 04/28/15 07:45 AM
Exploring California: Thien Hau Temple (Chinatown L.A.)
The Los Angeles based temple is a blend between Chinese and Vietnamese heritage and beliefs. This is a Taoist temple in Los Angelese Chinatown, it is a popular site for worship and tourism. Thien Hau Temple is dedicated to Mazu, the Taoist goddess of the sea and patron saint to sailors, fishermen and to those who cultures are associated with the sea. 
Offerings to the Goddesses and Gods
This was a beautiful site to see. Throughout the temple there were various trees that held numerous intentions. Some intentions were for family, self, while others were for humanity and peace.
As a Feng Shui Expert and just an individual exploring, I learned new insights … (0 comments)

laura cerrano: Plants Have No Credence On How They Will Affect The Energy In Your Home - 04/26/15 06:10 AM
Plants Have No Credence On How They Will Affect The Energy In Your Home
This was a statement in a Feng Shui article I came across not to long ago. Essentially, this statement is saying the energy of plants cannot be measured, because Feng Shui is not a science.
Is that true, that Feng Shui is not a science?
Looking at the rich history of where Feng Shui evolved from offers you insight into a blend of disciplines, not just energy work (shamanism). You need to know psychology, science, numerology, geometry, sacred geometry, and the list continues to grow as Feng Shui continues to evolve to align with the ever changing internal … (11 comments)

laura cerrano: It's Ridiculous to Have all 5 Elements in Every Single Room Of Your Home - 04/25/15 07:48 AM
It's Ridiculous to Have all 5 Elements in Every Single Room Of Your Home
This was a comment I read in an article not to long ago on the topic of Feng Shui (Environmental Psychology). "It's ridiculous to have all 5 elements in every single room of your home." Looking to the Five elements theory in Feng Shui, there is reason this principle says, "its suggested to have all 5 elements in each room." The reason is because Feng Shui, as well as as building biology and Biohilia Design, understanding it's mans inherit need to be surrounded by nature. Feng Shui also refers to this as, … (9 comments)

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