silent saturday: Impatience by New York Feng Shui Consultant - 10/20/12 05:26 AM
 Impatience by New York Feng Shui Consultant
 A common word circulating around these days is "Impatience." Impatience is your worst enemy and your best friend.  How so? Being impatient and seeing how the world responds to you can is a teaching tool, a lesson we all are constantly repeating.  The law of attraction, when you push against the universe pushes back.
Learn how to let go, meaning do all you can with thoughts and actions to help manifest your intention but ironically you need to let go and not have such a strong grip.  Manifestation will happen no matter what, you … (4 comments)

silent saturday: Silent Saturday: Beautiful Sunset at Lloyd Harbor NY by Feng Shui LI - 11/26/11 09:36 PM
Silent Saturday: Beautiful Sunset at Lloyd Harbor NY by Feng Shui LI
Today was a betufial day on Long Island NY, Ms. Cerrano of Feng Shui LI belives we hit the 67 degree mark! She was the only one walking around in shorts haha :) But, she was not the only one at the beach, suprisingly it was pretty warm.  These photos were taken at Quentin Sammis West Neck Beach in Llyod Harbor NY.

Feng Shui Long Island NY in New York
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*Carole Provenzale … (6 comments)

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