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My name is Laura Cerrano and I am the CEO of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island founded in 2000. That same year I also became a Certified Feng Shui Consultant through the Proven Feng Shui School of NY. I am a Key Note on the topic of Feng Ascension, published author and Certified Reiki Practitioner. I strive to educate and help guide readers to gain a deeper emotional, physical, spiritual and mental understanding and connection to the principles of Feng Shui because there is much more to this beautiful ancient art then what meets the eyes. It's truly a lifestyle and well-being. The Feng Shui voice provides easy to implement tips and advice with how to start shifting the energy in your home or business the very same day. The suggestions provided in this blog are very general and offer an excellent start for Feng Shui Enthusiast and even advanced practitioners. If You are looking for more customized suggestions that meet your unique Feng Shui needs, it's best to contact Laura to set up a private session. Phone: 646.397.0440
Thought Process To A Feng Shui Inspired Art Studio - Behind the Scenes Look Feng Shui takes on more then just "re-arranging" furniture, selecting colors and objects. There is more to process then just the "bottom line" and reaching your intended goal. Engaging in the Feng Shui process brings you ...
Discovering Earthworks in Lloyd Harbor Beach NYA great way to honor Mother Earth and yourself is by simple observing your environment and being present with it. After a Feng Shui consultation in Huntington NY, I treated myself to a sunset at the Lloyd Harbor beach.While sitting there, I became in...
Don't Be Afraid To FailPay no attention to those who speak words of fear.  It can't be done, you can't do that, that is impossible,....I heard those words all though elementary school (she will never make it to high school, let alone graduate). In high school I was told not to take certain classe...
Motivational Monday: Tap Into The Inner Muse photo courtesy of LPS.orgWe all have an inner muse just waiting to come out and create! Two of my major loves in life are Feng Shui and Art. I love both, yet one of my current challenges is finding time to create artwork while providing one to one sess...
Environmental Psychology and Feng Shui Environmental Psychology is an interdisciplinary field focused on the interplay between individuals and their surroundings. The field defines the term environment broadly, encompassing natural environments, social settings, built environments, learning envir...
How Can Feng Shui Be Part of The World's Transformation?If we took a survey of people in the world, or even locally and asked, what would you love to attract into your life? It would be safe to say the bottom line response would be, happiness. How that is defined will most likely vary from person...
Sending Love to All the Mothers In The WorldA tribute to all the mothers in the world. To the mothers of biological children. To the mothers of adopted children. To the den mothers. To the grandmothers who spoil us. To our spiritual mothers. To the men who take on the role of both parents.  Thank...
Feng Shui Workshopwith Laura CerranoCertified Feng Shui Expert CEO and Founder of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island Date: Friday May 15, 2015Time: 7pm – 9pmFee: $25.00 per personRegister click on: Feng Shui Workshop  Laura Cerrano CEO and Founder of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island a family owned an...
Exploring Niagara Falls with Miss Feng ShuiThis is my second time visiting Niagara falls, and I have to say there is a stronger appreciation for the amazing beautiful and power of this natural wonder of the world. If you decide to stay over on the American side, and lesson the expense of driving ...
Building Battles in Las Vegas? Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas vs. Aria Above is a view of the Mandarin Oriental Las Veges Hotel from Aria's main lobby entrance. Feng Shui 101 teaches clients ans students alike, any sharp or cutting edge, whether that be a corner in a room, on a piece of furniture or...

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