362,790 Reasons FHA Is Roaring Back To Life In Salt Lake CountyFor the last few years people used conventional loans, (actually non government loans is a better description, some of them were not conventional) to buy homes. FHA was almost non existent and most lenders and most agents have not don...
Mail Merging To A CategoryThere is no way that outlook has designed however there is a fairly simple work around. Outlook merges to folders. The easiest way that I have found is to keep an empty contact folder I named mine Mail.HINT, right click cause menu, left click causes action. Name the fold...
26 Ways the Yellow Pages Can Help Your Business, No Really We all know that for most Realtors that the lion's share of their business comes from marketing to their Sphere of Influence to get Repeat Business and Referrals. The idea for an agent to advertise in the Yellow Pages is absurd, I agree. ...
 Myth My clients will only work with me. That is not true. TruthYour clients will work with someone on your team if that team member represents the level of service that your client expects. If you introduce a member of your team as a low ranking person then the client may feel slighted. So all p...
How Your Deadlines Can Help or Hurt You When Making an Offer In The Salt Lake MarketWhen making an offer to purchase a home using the Standard Salt Lake Board of Realtors Real Estate Purchase Contract "REPC" pronounced rep see. There are task that the buyer and seller have to do to help each othe...
Why Would I Want To Pay A Home Owners Fee For A Salt Lake Condo?In my career I hear this a lot about condominiums. People often object to Home Owner Association Dues known as HOA fees. I found that most people don't really know what they really are and why you pay them. Typically an HOA fee will ...
2 Years Old and in the Top 100 Cities, Cottonwood Heights A Salt Lake City Suburb RocksCottonwood Heights the City Between the Canyons is the newest city in Salt Lake County.  Was just recently named by MONEY Magazine as one of the top 100 Places to live in the entire United States. Population: 2...
10 Things Good To Know When Buying A HUD Home1.    What is a HUD Home? Actually a great question. A HUD Home is a home that had a Loan that was insured by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). So pretty much owned by the tax payers2.    I am an investor can I buy a HUD Home? The first answer is ma...
 After reading Dawn Coulter's great post Your House is a Mess I figures let's start an Oh yeah, let me tell you mine...One of my worst was this past winter. We made an offer subject to inspection. So we show up to look at the home for the first time. there paths from room to room. There were anim...
 Categories vs FoldersHi, I am curious to the active Outlook users.How do you sort your contacts in folders or do you use categories and why? Also if you use both and what criteria do use? PS What other topic would you all like to see discussed here?  Thanks Rob

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