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          Every now and then I like to revisit the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Earlier today, I was revisiting the chapter on Faith and ran across a section I had marked on the term “auto suggestion.” According to the author, all impulses of thought have a tendency to clothe the...
     After watching the Tennessee Titans loose another game to a losing team, I think it is time to stick a fork in them and face the fact they are done for the season. At times, the team looked good, at times they shot themselves in the foot with penalties; however, it is difficult to win in the...
     One of the things that I always do and I instruct the other members of my team to do is to take pictures of the major appliances and serial plates on all of the appliances in the property. The reason we do this is that invariably, something will go amiss and I will get "the dreaded phone cal...
     As a home inspector, I've often asked to go back and re-inspect repairs that have been done on the property that one of the team members has inspected. This often creates a slippery slope for the inspector as they are signing off that the repairs have been done according to accepted industry...
     For quite some time, I have been battling in my attempt to lose those last 20 pounds. It seems as if it has been a real yo-yo effect. I will lose 10 pounds and gain five. At times it is really frustrating. I recently picked up a book The Fast Metabolism Diet Halie Pomeroy. In her book, she b...
     As most of you know, I am a Mac person and I type all of my blogs on my “formally Microshaft” fingertips. I still feel, as with many other folks, that XP was Microshafts last good, stable platform. When (gag) Vista came out, I wrote a blog “Hasta La Vista” signifying the death of yet another...
     Every property that I inspect has the potential to be someone’s new home. Having been in this industry for over a decade, I realize that. The goal is to tell the potential owner something good about the property, get on with the junk and leave them on a positive note so that, once again, the...
     I keep getting these notices from ActiveFacebook, ahem, ActiveRain that someone has liked 👍 one of my comments. Let’s face it folks, if you are like me, you comment on a lot of posts especially since the gauntlet was thrown down that we can now comment on 20 post per day and accumulate twice...
     Tonight I stare at a blank sheet on my computer screen awaiting for the words to come so I can populate the blankness with a series of characters that may make some resemblance of coherence on my behalf. For some odd reason that only the CPU in my Mac, the grey matter located behind my eyes ...
    Where have all the Hummers gone? No, I am not talking about our fine feathered friends. I’m talking about those big, gas sucking, humungous carbon foot print, monstrosities that one would see almost everywhere. Nowadays, it is rare that I ever see one. So where did they go? Did they, like the...

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