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This blog site contains information about property inspections and areas of interest in Brentwood, TN; Franklin, TN; Nashville, TN; and Davidson and Williamson Counties of Middle Tennessee.
      As in the lyrics of the old Dolly Parton tune, “When a flower grows wild, it can always survive. Wildflowers don’t care where they grow.”      In my time here on this plane of existence, I have seen spectacular gardens. However, none are more magnificent than walking through a meadow full o...
      A common plumbing defect found in older properties and some unregulated or areas where there isn’t a municipal codes inspection or department, is an ’S’ trap.  An ’S’ trap is named so because it looks like the letter ’S’ when viewed from the side. It consists of two traps, as shown. Typical...
     Every day, the ActiveRain blogging platform receives thousands of posts. When it comes to blogging content quality and quantity, and as long as one stays within the confines of acceptable content, each is to their own. It is not uncommon for me to see members roboblog. By this I mean blog po...
     We have all heard the old adage ‘Bigger is Better’. Well, that might hold true in certain circumstances like when it comes to ‘fries’ or soft drinks. However, that is not necessarily the case when it comes to ActiveRain meet-ups.  Yesterday, Tammie White and her husband, Tom, hosted a '2nd c...
     Yesterday, the Brentwood and Franklin Tennessee area members of ActiveRain got together for the winter meet up. Although our numbers were small, we made up for it in the quality of the folks that were present. Those in attendance were Annelle Tubb, Connie Harvey, Larry Brewer and myself. As ...
     Yesterday, was one of those goofy days where there seemed to be more to do than I had time and because of that, I did not have an opportunity to participate here in the ‘Rain. There’s a lot to be said about the old adage, ‘The mind is willing but the flesh is weak.’ I got in yesterday evenin...
    There are days that the ActiveRain system goes bonkers. Today, I logged, I received a comment and then, I posted a blog that I did not write. Talk about the blog that wasn't... H-m-m-m, I wonder if Roger’s friend, Eddie, has gotten into the ActiveRain servers and is starting to do some goofy ...
     Well, one half of the Championship teams has been decided as Seattle overcame a deficit and beat the Green Bay Packers. One thing that I can say, this was a very entertaining game. My hat is off to both the winner and the looser as this was a well fought game which came down to OT to determi...
     I seek solitude in remote areas far, far far from the heavily trodden path. Alone with nothing but my thoughts, my soul gazes upon and soaks in all that surrounds me. It is in times such as this, when my spirit is rejuvenated, that the blinders that cover my eyes are removed and trueness and...
     Today has been one of those rare and beautiful days here in the Middle Tennessee area. We are experiencing what we call the ‘January Thaw’. For a few days in the middle of the month, we experience a few days of sun, warmth and early spring-like weather before we once again, plummet into the ...

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