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     Reassessing. That is the word for the day as I sit in quite contemplation and digest the messages of the past few days. I am reassessing where I am physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Those are the four pillars that support the foundation of life and self.      Most people wri...
     0500. The quiet time before the storm. In a few hours 300 of the best home inspectors that are willing and wanting to take their business to the next level will begin 3 day of intense training. The training intense and the hours are long. To me, the pain is worth the gain. Not only do I lear...
     Not a whole lot to write about today. Today has been a whirlwind as I got up at 0200 to finish reports from yesterday before hopping on a plane to fly to Dallas to meet with over 250 home inspectors for our annual conference. I most likely will not be on the 'Rain much these next few days as...
     While slip-sliding away might be a great name for a song for the rock duo  Simon and Garfunkel, it is not too good for area residents. The recent snow and ice storms have  paralyzed the city of Nashville Tennessee and surrounding counties. Needless to say, the combination of speed, driving o...
      When it comes to picking out color and color coordination some have it and some don’t. Sadly, most men are color blind in this department. I am not talking about the physical ailment - some men just sit on their tastebuds. Women, on the other hand have the “eye” for color groupings. Of all ...
       Typically, January and February are lean months when it comes to home sales here in the Middle TN area. Despite the colder temperatures we have been experiencing the past few weeks, home sales still remain very hot. With the exception of one week, we have seen an increase in the number of ...
     Being in real estate, I have seen personal items that just leave me at a loss for words. Needless to say, this portable heater was one of them. Like someone once said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I am not too sure whether I would want to be caught dead with this beauty. How about...
     Several years ago James Carvelle, chief campaign strategist for Bill Clinton coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid”. Well here in the ‘Rain, it is about the conversations. Conversations are are the user interactions that perpetuates the blog and good, thoughtful comments help bolster ...
     Yesterday, was one of those days here in middle Tennessee. Yes, it was Presidents day and schools, banks and many businesses were closed. Yesterday was also the day Nashville and surrounding areas received several inches of sleet and freezing rain which made driving treacherous. Thankfully, ...
     Okay. What Yayhoo left the darn freezer door open? Yayhoo is another interesting localism word that has an interesting origin.     The term was originally used to describe a tribe of wild, ill-mannered individuals found in the Kentucky/Tennessee mountain regions. None other than Tennessee’s ...

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