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     Anyone who has been following my blog knows that one of my mind escapes is photography. I find it relaxing wandering behind the pixels pushing the envelope of what can be done with some of my manual macro lenses and digital bodies. Sometimes I find that less is more. It leaves the mind more ...
     It is early May and not too late to start AR’s newest Cloudburst of You contest. Here is your chance to earn an extra 3,000 points by following these easy-to-follow guidelines. Good luck! Let’s hope that it will be raining more points in early June for you. Hellllooo May!  Where is this year...
    Can you believe it? It's finally Friday. As Jeremiah the Bullfrog says, “Time is really fun when you are eating flies.” or is it “Time flies when you are having fun?” As I get older, I seem to get confused so easily.     Needless to say, spring has sprung here in middle Tennessee and it is ti...
     There is nothing better than roasting weenies and marshmallows on an open fire with friends. We all have individual tastes. Some like a golden brown, while others like to torch them to a crisp. I think it is fun to blow the fire out and eat the hot gooey mess… So what do rehabbed properties ...
    Wow! It’s hard to believe that the first hundred days of the year has come and gone and we’re almost into May. Needless to say, this is been a very interesting year for me as I have been going through the proverbial seven-year itch. Yes, the seven-year itch not only happens in our personal li...
    Earlier today I wrote a post about a cracked heat exchanger and was amazed that the folks living in the property did not assume room temperature. This prompted me to do some research and I have come up with my white paper on CO Alarms vs CO Dectors.     If the Alarm is exposed to 400 ppm of C...
    I am always leery of some of the older forced-air gas package units as there are some that are notorious for having cracked heat exchangers. According to the Fuel Gas Codes, if a heat exchanger is cracked, it must be replaced or a new furnace has to be installed. This is a requirement, not an...
One of the things I have learned is to never under estimate the power of simplicity in life. In her post, Laura expounds upon the simplicity of life. Lessons From The Lotus What lesson can we learn from the Lotus flower? In Sacred Geometry, the Lotus is the symbol of purity. The Lotus rises from ...
    I love the older, more experienced properties. (Yeah! Right!) Like many of our more ‘experienced’ citizens’, there are certainly stories to tell, and a journal of what has historically happened in its life.    Yesterday while inspecting a property in the East Nashville area, I ran across this...
Monday Morning Motivator    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.     ~Winston Churchill    Your attitude is a mirror of who you are… Attitude becomes a mirror of who we are and what we are like. The way people treat us and what we perceive, are all a part our attitude.     It i...

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