nashville tn home inspections: I Hate to 'Blog and Run'... - 04/05/14 12:59 AM
     While most of the world is sleeping, I am at my computer. No, it is not a bad case of insomnia it is just that I have much to do and so little time in which to get it done. When I think of it, it is great to know that my services are in demand and there is precious little time for me to sit around twiddling my thumbs.
     That being said, I really hate to ‘blog and run’, however; the real estate market in this area is hot to trot! I need to finish my reports from yesterday’s … (25 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: The Spring Selling Season - Off to a Great Start - 04/03/14 02:07 AM
     It seems as if the spring selling season has started with a vengeance here in Middle Tennessee. Monday, we started the week with only three inspections on the books. Come to think of it, John and I only had one inspection a piece on Monday. Monday and Tuesday, activity started to pick up and we were able to schedule several jobs that would keep us busy through Wednesday. Yesterday, the pent up demand was in full force.
     Poor Jane, she did not get a moments rest. It seems as if every time she laid the phone down it would ring … (33 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Annelle's Chocolate Wodka Brownies... - 04/02/14 02:21 AM
      At Complete Home Inspections, Inc. we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and increase market share. We do this by creating a constant presence in the offices. We do this in several ways, however; the most successful one is the candy bowl that either sets by the gate keeper’s desk or in the kitchen.
    This week, we are giving our agents a treat - not a treatment by giving them some of Annelle’s Chocolate Wodka Brownies. Oh! Talk about something to die for. Needless to say, they were gone in a heartbeat. All that was left was … (18 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: My Rambling 2¢’s... - 04/01/14 01:55 AM
     As of this post, the first hour of my day has passed. I like to start my day with my mind refreshed, read posts and make comments before the minutia of the day starts. The sad thing is that I have more going on than the vast majority of folks in the good ‘ol USA. It seems as if many go through the motions while there are those few who put things in motion.
     Today, starts the 2nd quarter. So much to do and so precious little time. I believe there is a lot of truth in the statement. “Youth … (23 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: 3 Little Words - 03/30/14 01:43 AM
     Although a real estate agent is the linchpin, there are several other businesses vital to the property transaction. From the moment the initial contact is made to list and until the time the property closes at escrow, 3 little words are constantly in play. Even though they may not be verbalized, these 3 little words are endearing to the heart and are firmly rooted in the bedrock that forms the foundation for every real estate transaction. Yesterday, my client looked me in the eyes and spoke those three little words.
     This made the 4th inspection over a year and a … (45 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe - 03/26/14 03:20 AM
     I like the Creole folks in Louisiana. They have a culture and dialect that is as unique as the people. While there a few years back, I picked up on some sayings. Annelle, my marketing person/Realtor liaison, reminded me of one I had forgotten; ‘Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe’.  ‘Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe’ is one of those bastardized phrases that is a mixture of words that by themselves mean one thing and when put together mean something else. That is what I love about the language and culture of the good ‘ol USA. Loosely translated, ‘Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe’ is something that we all … (22 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: AATP!!! - 03/25/14 02:07 AM
     As most of you know, one of my pet peeves are real estate professions who do not answer their phones or return calls in a timely manner. Such was the case last Saturday when I was inspecting ‘The Pig’. The buyer’s agent was out of town and they failed to give me the combo code. (shame on them!) As soon as I realized the property was on a combo not a Sentry lock there was the AW $hit moment. A quick call to the listing agent got - you guessed it! The dreaded voice mail.
     Drop back to Plan … (48 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Shim-shimmery, shim-shimmery... - 03/24/14 01:57 AM
      🎵Shim-shimmery, shim-shimmery, shim, shim scheroo, I am a shimmer, yes, that’s what I do 🎵
      🎵Shim-shimmery, shim-shimmery, shim, shim schree, I’m as lucky, as lucky, as lucky can be…🎵
     Although I was not whistling while I worked the other day, there must have been some rehabbers that where singing and dancing to another tune while making improvements to the pig. Yes, there are those who just love to do whimsical, crazy things and gloss it over as just another day’s work in the coal mines. Yes, the quality is going down, down, down.
     Yes, I am making light of some … (23 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Putting Lipstick on a Pig - 03/23/14 03:09 AM
     Yesterday, was just one of THOSE days. Houses 2 - Inspector 0. I knew the first inspection was off to an auspicious start when my foot went through the floor as soon as I stepped in to the kitchen. Taking a deep breath and mumbling a few choice words, I pulled my foot and ankle out of the damaged floor. Undaunted by the experience, I went on about the task of what I was hired to do.
     I know that there is a property for everyone and in almost every price point imaginable. I understand too that there are … (42 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: It's a Wrap! - 03/22/14 02:33 AM
     One of the items that have been on my vision board and my to do list for some time was to get the company car wrapped. Yesterday, but all came to fruition when I had members of the office staff deliver the car to Daniel Garth at SureMark signs in Nashville, Tennessee. I really think that Daniel did a great job at an extremely reasonable price. One of these days, I will have a fleet of these rolling billboards cruising around my market area. I will be posting other photos of the car on my Facebook page – CHI– Please … (20 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: The Shortest Distance Between Two Points... - 03/17/14 01:39 AM
     Plumbers. One has to luv ‘em. A friend of mine once told me they were not the brightest species on the planet and the only criteria they had to know in order to pass the plumbing test was that “Yeah! That STUFF” flows down hill. Okay, so I digress.
     While inspecting an older property in Nashville, TN the other day, I had an opportunity to see first-hand that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Who cares that one of the main support piers was in the way. Like the Post Office Motto, nothing stands in the … (18 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: New FB Page - Check it Out 👍 - 03/15/14 02:39 AM
     In keeping with My Personal Weltanschauung - Inspect, protect, educate and serve, I am launching a new Corporate FaceBook page. I have been spending the past few days designing the new banner. Although I am not completely finished with it, I am keeping with my policy to get the project to 70%, launch it, and then continue to tweak it. I worked on it again this morning and will continue to tweak the logo/banner.
     I have a direct link to the page Check it out and let me know what you think.
P.S. If you are so inclined, like … (19 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Throwing Caution to the Wind... - 03/14/14 01:59 AM
     Have you ever had the feeling that something wasn't right and could not lay a finger on it? I was inspecting a house the other day and I was looking at the obvious. However, the problem was just not registering. I know that the municipality that I was inspecting in required handrails on the steps. Could it be that the builder forgot to install them? Could it be that the codes inspectors failed to notice that these weren't installed and issued a certificate of occupancy anyway? No, could not be true! The property was inspected by codes and it has … (14 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Due To Excess Personal Storage… - 03/13/14 02:23 AM
     Some people are hoarders. Like pack rats, they have more crap stuffed into every nook and cranny than they know what to do with. Despite what their real estate advisor tells them, they refuse to remove the junk and clutter. Albeit despite all, someone looks past the bad case of stuffitis, falls in love with the property and writes an offer.
     Home inspections are evaluations of readily accessible areas of the property. It is not up to the home inspector to wade through piles of personal belongings looking for defects. When it gets this bad, the only thing one can … (25 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Bouncing Back... - 03/09/14 04:36 AM
     As I stated in an earlier post, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, the hellebore's that I have planted around the Dogwood trees really took a beating this year. Normally, they start blooming around the end of January or the first week or so of February. However, the unusually cold temperatures delayed the blooming process and I was worried that some of them would not make it through the winter.
     However, nature is extremely resilient and finds a way to bounce back even under the toughest times. It was good to see my little darlings in bloom once again. I will … (9 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Stay Away! Restricted Access! - 03/07/14 02:31 AM
     Somewhere down the line there has to be a balance between aesthetically pleasing and functionality. For some folks, the the sight of an ugly electrical box mounted on the exterior of the property is a sore sight for eyes. More often than not, the remedy is to plant a fast-growing shrub in front of the offending object. Within a year or two, it is out of sight – out of mind. That is, until the need arises for one to actually utilize some of the features of the disgusting object.
     One of the things that home inspectors must do … (53 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Real Estate Industry, Heal Thyself! - 03/02/14 04:33 AM

     Yesterday was one of those ‘snake bitten’ days for me. I’m sure we all have them. The events and happenstances of otherwise normal daily activities go sideways. For me, it was dealing with a lackadaisical agent which caused the buyer to walk and everyone get their urinary tract highly upset. Later in the day there was another event.
     Folks in the real estate industry know that events happen during the home inspection process. I had an event with a faulty dishwasher. Water was pouring out all over a newly installed hardwood floor. Calls and texts to the listing agent by … (6 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Dear Listing Agent, - 03/02/14 03:15 AM
Dear Listing Agent,
     I know that you work hard for your money, it is Saturday and we all deserve to have some ‘down-time’ with our family. However you knew some time ago that we had an inspection scheduled for 9AM. You also admitted that the lock box was broken and it needed to be replaced. The buyers, their agent and I were all at your listing at 9. The lock box would not work. The buyer’s agent and I called you repeatedly and you did not answer your phone. We all finally gave up at 9:20 and went home.
          First … (45 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Sometime I Need to be Reminded... - 02/28/14 04:20 AM
     The wheels touched down on the tarmac last night about 9:50 p.m. While I was glad to land safely in Nashville, was also sad that a lot of the folks I've formed relationships with over the past four days were going their separate ways as well. Events such as the one that I had gone to are exciting and energizing. I learned and lot within the sessions and even more by talking with others outside of the sessions.
     The challenge for me is: "What do I implement first?" I have a list of new things to implement to already add … (15 comments)

nashville tn home inspections: Am I Listening? - 02/25/14 03:35 AM
     I have heard by some person much smarter than I, that my subconscious mind is processing zillions of fragments of data a minute. Sometimes, when I am in a calm conscious state, I can tune in to the babble that is supposed to be my subconscious processing the events of my day. All I can say is - what a racket!
     Like a shot out of the blue, the din is shattered by a whisper. One of those random thoughts that says do something. At the time, it makes absolutely no sense. Some folks call them intuitions, some hunches. What … (11 comments)

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