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     Earlier today, the great State of Confusion, I mean, the Great State of Tennessee got its newest blogger. (Now I'm confused but then I stay that way)  Anyway, I have long been wanting to have the best man on the team to get more involved with this aspect of the business. Like all of you know...
     Gee how time flies when we are having fun. (We are having fun, aren't we?) I must say, that this year has been fun and I must say, that I am very grateful for all of the things that I have learned and accomplished this year. Christmas is but seven days away and a new year begins in about two...
       Every two weeks I have a conference call with 20 other home inspectors from across the nation. We spent about an hour and a half in a moderated setting where we discuss what is working in our market area and ask for help in areas where we have challenges. The topic for discussion yesterday...
     I don't know how true it is, but I have been told that the last thing that goes through a bug's mind as it impales itself on your windshield is its... Need I say more? I have to wonder if the same thing was going through this workman's mind while they were installing this smoke detector in a...
     There is an awful lot of garbage out there on the Internet. I can totally understand why it is referred to as the world wide waste of time. I was searching for one thing and stumbled across s site that had a article that made the statement that women blink twice as much as men. I am not sure...
     Just got finished listening to the Tennessee Titans lose anther game; this one to the New York Jets. Just like in all the previous games, penalties and missed opportunities was the flavor of the game. Still the home-town team hung tough only to lose 11 - 16. The score is one for the record b...
     There are days when I just need to escape from life and the world as it is. Just like Superman had his "Fortress of Solitude", I too find my "Fortress of Solitude" in nature. Sometimes I just like to wander aimlessly down paths and along streams toting my camera and lenses in my back pack. L...
     One's preference for Macs or PC's is akin to being either Republican or Democrat. You embrace one side of the aisle or the other. At one time, I was a PC person. I went as far as building my own workstations because I did not want all the bundled crap that came with the store bought boxes. T...
     Over the past few weeks, I have been in the throws of re-writing the software we use to generate our inspection reports. As with any company or industry, there are the obligatory guidelines of things we shall do or must do as well as the disclaimers. I agonized over the standards of care for...
     This morning, my Mac which has worked faithfully without a hitch over the past 5 years finally got sick and it is time to see what ails it. Here lately, I have been doing my best to comment on what others have written and post at least one blog a day. Today, I had to turn to my PC (Piece of ...

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