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     Over the past several weeks, I have read several posts on what folks are going to stop doing in 2015. Depending upon the individual, the stops vary greatly. As we all may know, Keller Williams is great on training their agents for success. Last week, I started a MAPS training class on the bo...
For those of us who love our pets, there seems never to be a dull moment. Pets, like kids or people, have personalities and there are those who play well together and those who don't. Endre, a pet lover like myself, has a bit of dilemma with his animals wanting to play well in the sand box. I wis...
     Las Vegas is so unlike any big city I have been in. It is glitter, glitter and more glitter. Tinsel town, eat your heart out! Every time I go to Vegas there seems to be something new. The latest attraction is the High Roller Ferris wheel. This 30 minute ride gives you a birds-eye view of the...
    I like unusual plants. One that I had gotten at a plant swap at a Nashville plant society meeting was a Syneilis Intamedia. This is an unusual plant that has an unique bloom. I thought that I had killed it as the greenhouse temps spiked earlier this year and the spikes withered and died. Than...
      As a home inspector, I hate getting those complaint calls. If anyone has been in business long enough, they will come because we are dealing with the public and everyone has a perception of what entails good service and job expectations.    It is rare that I get complaints and when I do, I ...
    After having a couple of weeks of absolutely wonderful weather, things will be changing this weekend. Redbud winter is the first of four cold fronts of Spring that will be sliding through the area. This one will be bringing with it hard freeze conditions tonight and tomorrow night. Redbud win...
We are all a competitive lot and strive to be successful no matter what we do. I stumbled upon this post earlier today and thought that it would be an interesting read for many who are looking to take it to a higher level. How to Break Through Common Mental Barriers to Success You're no doubt fam...
     The past few days I have been in Vegas getting some specialized training to help propel the business to the next level. When one takes on the mantle to be responsible for and to hire others, it is their charge to do what is necessary to make not only them but the business successful. While i...
     What will they come up with next? The latest craze is the selfie stick or what I call the narcisstick. While selfies are nothing new, they have gotten extremely popular over the past few years. However, the first camera capable of doing self portraits and a telescopic extender was introduced...
     Image is everything. We have heard it over and over again, ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover.’ Wrong! People do judge a book by its cover and folks judge you by how you look. As licensed professionals in our respective real estate trades, we must look the part. Real estate professionals h...

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