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      Do you like trivia? If so, then you need to subscribe to Wayne Martin’s blog. Every day he posts mind blowing trivia questions. Here is a sample… Trivia question answers for Sunday March 1, 2015 1. What four-letter girl's name gave Jane Austen the title of a comic novel?   Emma 2. Which cou...
      I have never been to a John Maxwell event. I do like how other folks think. When we strive to learn, be better and to be at the top 10%, we are saying something.   John Maxwell is a master thinker.  I have learned so much from him about thinking.   I used to just get on the hamster wheel an...
      Today is the first of March and all too soon, “the season” will be upon us. Over the past few weeks, I have been working on the infrastructure of the business. Sometime, I think it is harder working on the business than in it.     After staring at a monitor almost all day, my eyes are start...
     There are so many who live stagnant lives because they are afraid of what may lie around the bend. This is the reason so many never live up to their true their potential.  The following quote elegantly says it another way.     “Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.” ~ Paul Saffo  ...
      Being a Vietnam Vet, I have seen some weird $hit. By this, I mean are there extra-terrestrials of any kind among us? I wonder. There are stories of Foo Fighters that many WW-II Vets on both sides of the war talk about. Lights that would speed by planes. They would shoot at them and no fire ...
      As most of you know, I have spent the last four days in Dallas learning to be better at what I am. I am a business owner who owns $1 million business. I’m just not there yet. I say that because I am what I say and what I think.     When I begin to write and speak aloud my goals something be...

      Wow! These past few days have been fast and furious. As is typical with events like I just attended, a lot of information was presented and it will take several days if not weeks to process everything. Events like this have a propensity to make one want to implement everything and as we all...
     Reassessing. That is the word for the day as I sit in quite contemplation and digest the messages of the past few days. I am reassessing where I am physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Those are the four pillars that support the foundation of life and self.      Most people wri...
     0500. The quiet time before the storm. In a few hours 300 of the best home inspectors that are willing and wanting to take their business to the next level will begin 3 day of intense training. The training intense and the hours are long. To me, the pain is worth the gain. Not only do I lear...
     Not a whole lot to write about today. Today has been a whirlwind as I got up at 0200 to finish reports from yesterday before hopping on a plane to fly to Dallas to meet with over 250 home inspectors for our annual conference. I most likely will not be on the 'Rain much these next few days as...

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