adventure: WHO ARE YOU REALLY? part 1 - 03/26/15 02:45 PM
What is our purpose? Why are we here? Not as a collective group but as individuals. No two of us are alike and this can and has been been going on for centuries. Add to that that no two journeys, episodes, stories or adventures are alike or the same but similar and you have a genuine mystery
R.S.V.P. ?
What then is our specific individual purpose? Why me here?.. is what you will and should ask. Do you make a difference by being here? If gone, will your absence be felt? While here, are you contributing to a personal cause and affect that benefits you … (0 comments)

adventure: FOR THOSE THAT LOVE GOD - 03/22/15 04:12 PM
You see there are life-forms, countless ones who we no nothing about as well as the known ones... like Angels, Cherubim, and Seraphim who celebrate the presence of Christ eternally without interruption. They are the blessed and HE is their reward. The joy is unspeakable and never ending from everlasting to everlasting without end.
The center must hold. If it does not, things collapse into themselves having no worth or value. Christ is the center of all and his center will never perish and his Kingdom is without end. Furthermore, it pleases the father to bestow on His … (10 comments)

adventure: EASTER GIFTS from PEARLS FOR THE SOUL GIFT BOOKS - 03/20/15 12:28 PM
Gifts for any occasion always are in demand from people who like to share and care via book-giving and receiving. Holidays make this dynamic come even more alive as we humans, while practicing our love driven habits, like to give gifts that seal the memory of the occasion and even go beyond it
A selection collection of over 800 positive and uplifting sayings that will change the way your day and even your life is going. Reading them out-loud and then discussing them in a group causes the inner parts to become more intimate and fully take note of the moment you … (2 comments)

adventure: ON YOUR MARK GET SET DON'T GO! - 03/16/15 07:30 AM
Get off the well-traveled roads, the ones that have you on automatic and half asleep and instead, try the less traveled paths, the ones with mystery and unknowns and a strange dynamic will kick in right away. Your adventurous side will emerge and then trigger adventures! Now life will have more meaning

We have to be careful of the everyday "lull" short for lullaby that works like hypnosis within a person. It appears as a comfort zone beckoning so softly and consistently to come toward the programming of repetitious life so that it can have your life force instead … (8 comments)

adventure: LIFE DON'T LET THIS PASS YOU BY - 02/22/15 04:06 PM is not to be wasted or taken for granted. It remains a host and we are its guests for such a short time too. The brevity of life doesn't make itself known until it does and then one wonders so many things. If we are in our flow, making use of our talents, skills, abilities and gifts, life then has special meaning
LIFE...It gives unconditionally non-stop, randomly and generously all over the planet earth. From images that are made in God (us) to things so small they testify to wonder and mystery by reason of us knowing they are … (4 comments)

adventure: THE PURPOSE OF LIFE - 02/19/15 07:25 AM
Is not complex. It is to live a life of purpose. Not busyness, distraction, endless entertainments and pleasures, but one of meaning, depth and service to not only ones self but to others. The purpose driven life is not rehearsed but instead lived moment to moment without effort. How? It cooperates with life
We have all heard about the famous flow as in GO WITH THE FLOW fame. It is the most accurate way of piloting oneself from moment to moment. Yes, you can have an agenda, a mission and a point or purpose as you go from point A to … (0 comments)

adventure: THE ART OF THE RISK - 02/10/15 12:54 PM
First and foremost should be the WHY we risk. It's to gain! You cannot make a gain unless you take a risk! The return on the gain is controlled by the risk taker. Sometimes it is a material risk for a material gain and other times it can take the form of many other categories. Let's take a favorite one for instance: It is better to.....
We risk exposing ourselves to this type of pain with an upside well worth the on board price. Spending quality time, sharing intimate thoughts and feelings and … (2 comments)

adventure: LOOK FOR YOUR PRIVATE PATH - 01/09/15 08:45 AM
We all start out the same and then continue on traveling while taking in all that surrounds us. At some point, you will ponder the reason for your being here, the part you play and what makes up your unique identity. Amazing if you consider how no two human beings (trillions +) are alike.
This comes across to me as MASTER planning at it's best. As we go about whatever we do and how we do it, take a moment and appreciate the mysteries that abound all around. They are there to call you to basically seek them out..Do … (12 comments)

adventure: DISCOVERY and ADVENTURE - 12/07/14 06:45 AM
We are born into these dynamics without any training necessary. It also comes without the asking too. It just arrives one day while you are a little kid. It comes in the form of inquisitiveness and then, by seeking, experimenting, touching, and testing the object, noise or beckoning, a quest is created and off we go to it!
The magic of playing with toy soldiers, dolls, jacks, yo-yos, Frisbee, kites, reading a comic, playing with a ball, enjoying an ice cream, or watching a cartoon needs no training, explanation or effort. Remember? You just naturally gravitate to … (2 comments)

The EPILOGUE OF EBENEZER SCROOGE which is the current must read from the PEARLS SERIES of books author Richard Alan Naggar has allowed us a chance to ask our questions in regards to this latest release. The demand of the book is probably due to many circumstances some of which is the HOLIDAY gifting  SEASON. Kathleen Brown Publishers will be our hostess
Q: Okay Richie, tell us, why Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol" and his character Ebenezer Scrooge?
A: I have loved this subject since being introduced to it when I was about seven years old. I was the type of kid who would look behind the TV … (0 comments)

adventure: LEARNING TO LIVE REQUIRES NO PRACTICE - 11/18/14 07:22 AM
The power of the now is that it is untainted, fresh, new and never before seen or experienced bringing with it an adventure loaded with mystery and each precious moment is given out freely no two alike to billions of people all over the world in different situations and scenarios. The invitation? You woke up!
Now, what to do. I am not speaking about business or social engagements or events that fill the day with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. NO. You will always have that. What I am referring to is the ability to awaken and let the day unfold for and … (4 comments)

adventure: GOD I AM DO YOU KNOW HIM? PEARLS SERIES BOOK - 11/10/14 11:39 AM
The word "know" in the biblical sense is deemed to mean INTIMACY and that is what we are wanting not only with each other but with life itself leading up to the life giver; source of all things. Intimacy requires a type of work or commitment that involves sacrifice and being vulnerable to send and receive

The time to explore the mystery of your origin, purpose and identity so that you may claim your part and the portion that goes with it is upon you now. It is called your lifetime … (3 comments)

adventure: WHY SHOULD WE ASK QUESTIONS - 10/12/14 04:41 PM
Because there are quite a few answers just wanting to join you but they are awaiting a personal invitation. The question is just that. An invitation for "more" to come your way and enhance, clarify, support, nurture and help the inquirer as they see fit to trigger it all. The system of asking and yearning works so well and we already come pre-programmed with it in us
All that is needed is a good slap on the back when we first come into the world and from there, we make noise to let it be known that we are … (8 comments)

This has got to be one of the most important subjects around. YOUR LIFE! Amazing subject and also very interesting. We take for granted just how much influence we can wield or make in the world as we pass through it. It is the same principal used in the example of all the little grains of sand on as sea shore.
Move one grain of sand, and it changes the whole shore. ONE GRAIN! We be that grain! You can wield your presence, influence or power in so many ways too. A kind word, a nod, a smile, an action, a give, … (11 comments)

Life is good. Its free and you may do what you will with it. It requires no training or instruction because it is set up to learn about as you go. Imagine that. On the way, you may detour, explore, investigate, time-out, journey and just about anything your little self-contained unit wants to do...IT CAN!
Be aware of what they call the "rat race". When I first heard this expression, I didn't know what it meant and they always related it to humans on the move. Why would you call them "rats" was as far as my thinking went in its … (39 comments)

adventure: DO YOU SMELL? - 08/09/14 07:40 AM
All I am asking is if you use your sense of know one of the five senses? We take for granted that these 5 unique applications are portals into intimate areas of life. Notice how they all work together so well too? How about they don't have to be told what to do either. Furthermore, they go so well with the world we are in. Science and certain opinion would have you believe that this just came about?
I read many years ago about an example some guy gave. It went like this. If you took a … (4 comments)

adventure: TAKING THINGS APART - 08/06/14 03:55 PM
I excelled at this. I discovered this when I was a child. I would touch everything and some things would capture my attention for quite some time too. If I saw a switch, I would turn it not knowing what it did. If I saw something closed, I would open it. Open? I would shut it. Big or small, easy or hard, I would investigate it. A door, a fence to be climbed or scaled, a container, a package...I made it come alive
Alright I am inquisitive. Now, what to do with this? As a kid, … (2 comments)

adventure: BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION - 07/22/14 05:19 PM
This is not a post on constructing a home but the principals are the same. When you take the sweat of your brow, your hard-earned money, your time which is priceless and put it all into something trying to create or sustain a value, if you do not have a strong foundation on which it can all stand, the first storm to appear and do its thing will teach you quite a bit about the good foundation principals
The Storms of life are designed to test your beliefs. If you have some faulty thinking, then it is … (4 comments)

adventure: IF NOT CAREFUL THIS WILL PASS YOU BY - 06/29/14 01:40 PM is not to be wasted or taken for granted. It remains a host and we are its guests for such a short time too. The brevity of life doesn't make itself known until it does and then one wonders so many things. If we are in our flow, making use of our talents, skills, abilities and gifts, life then has special meaning
LIFE...It gives unconditionally non-stop, randomly and generously all over the planet earth. From images that are made in God (us) to things so small they testify to wonder and mystery by reason of us knowing they are there … (5 comments)

adventure: GOING TO THE BEACH - 06/22/14 07:08 AM
I went yesterday and the weather was perfect, the water surprisingly warm, the waves surf-able and the never ending array of people does not disappoint. All ages, families, sizes and shapes, there they were from singles to groups doing what you may ask? It is so simple it bears mention
First off, everyone is facing the Ocean. There is something about being around water and the effect of it that we all share all over the world. It does calm and sooth. People like to gaze out over the water without being told to do so. When you add … (8 comments)

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