pearls for the soul: HERES A GOOD TRADE I'LL MAKE YOU FAMOUS contest - 09/13/14 03:17 PM
We are asked to share our secrets when it comes to interacting and exchanging information in the business world. Always a good subject, some retailers or servicers remain subtle about it while others tell you upfront, this is what we need to proceed. Some people offer contests, rewards or just plain promise to even keep you in the loop if you supply CONTACT information.
One of the PEARLS SERIES OF BOOKS procedure is that I make you famous at no additional cost PLUS we have a ton of fun doing it while exchanging data. It's the PEARLS SERIES … (4 comments)

pearls for the soul: THIS BEARS QUALITY MENTION says PEARLS SERIES AUTHOR - 09/10/14 08:11 AM
I just at times marvel at the concept, design, magnificence and contribution of what us humans refer to as WOMAN. Stop and think about this as I share it. When you read the creation story in the bible whether you take it literally or not, after all that was said and done which was incredible and impressive, you have God and man together at the end of the day and a very fine week
If this was Adams birthday celebration, I think the last present given right about day 6 tops it all off. It is not something Adam would have known or even been … (5 comments)

pearls for the soul: APPRECIATING THE APPRECIATED - 08/26/14 04:16 PM
The magical dresser. Do you have one? For over 42 plus years, I have gone to my dresser, chose a drawer, opened it, and low and behold there was something in it neatly laundered, smelling fresh and folded. The magic doesn't stop there. I can go to my magical clothes closet and slide the door open and there, on every hangar, neatly presented shirts and below that shoes arranged and ready for duty
The magic then spread to the house I live in. Neat, orderly, clean and decorated so that the five senses are alerted and pleased. Everything appears to be … (6 comments)

pearls for the soul: RICHIE'S GENERAL STORE & POST - 08/23/14 12:29 PM
Come on in, have an online seat, take your matrix shoes off and sit a spell. All are welcome to click, visit, comment or re-blog. For those of you who are in the passionate mode and have something to say, go at it as I promote liberty and freedom for all. We do not have to agree or disagree. Sharing is thrown out there and for those that the share is intended for... will find the share and the share will find them
You do get the courtesies of the house when you do click and enter into Richie's … (5 comments)

pearls for the soul: WE ALL WANT THESE TWO THINGS says PEARLS SERIES AUTHOR NAGGAR - 08/18/14 05:53 PM
We want to be loved and we do not want to be alone. The human being is made up of these two deep rooted ingredients that have to be fed and cannot be ignored. When we first come into the world, we are pure, innocent and as close to God as one can be. As we start to grow up a little, we crave contact, embracing, words of love and caring with gestures that all meet and feed the inner needs
If not correctly nurtured when a child by both mom and dad or some good authority figure, then we … (4 comments)

pearls for the soul: THE RITE OF PASSAGE IS MISSING says PEARLS SERIES AUTHOR NAGGAR - 08/17/14 03:47 PM
Coming soon and introducing a subject matter for boys, males, and men that will help explain, correct and support the growth and development of a male child to a teenager unto a young adult and finally a mature and respectful member of society with a built-in assertion when it is all said and done; The reason why Man was created and his purpose revealed

Something is required from the male child that when properly nurtured and supported turns that child into a young MAN and from there, the world and all that is in it becomes a better … (2 comments)

He was sent as well as volunteered to come here and carry out his Fathers will on what THEY wanted done. He was absolutely perfect in his performance causing God, his father and our Father to proclaim and exclaim.."this is my beloved son in who I am well pleased". This makes one very important point. If God was pleased with Jesus, perhaps we should explore a little bit about... WHY
God makes his will known using Spirit and Truth, insights, revelations, dreams, visions and sets it up so that WE must pursue it so he can … (5 comments)

pearls for the soul: GOD A SUBJECT WORTH LOOKING INTO says PEARLS SERIES AUTHOR NAGGAR - 08/17/14 02:58 PM
In the world of Spirit and Truth, God reigns supreme and all that surround him by invitation rejoice never ceasing making joyful noises of praise and worship unto him with a want and a gladness from everlasting to everlasting. Yes to this.
It has been said that we are 2/3 earth and 1/3 heaven. That which is of the earth receives nourishment from the earth as it should. However, that which is of the Spirit has to have its strength and sustenance too and for that, you must access another realm. In this Kingdom, existence exceeds your thoughts
GOD I AM  DO YOU … (2 comments)

pearls for the soul: PEARLS SERIES of BOOKS says KNOW BEFORE YOU GO INTIMATE - 08/15/14 04:08 PM
Two subjects that continue to disturb us all directly and indirectly are: Teen pregnancy and the high divorce rates. Both have devastating impacts on not only the immediate players but on those that are close to the participants. We already know enough about how it can end for the worse. What we need to know more about is how to change that ending and outcome for the better
Married, divorced, thinking about either one, starting out or starting over, we have your subjects awaiting you. Let this book confirm what you already … (5 comments)

pearls for the soul: DO YOU SMELL? - 08/09/14 07:40 AM
All I am asking is if you use your sense of know one of the five senses? We take for granted that these 5 unique applications are portals into intimate areas of life. Notice how they all work together so well too? How about they don't have to be told what to do either. Furthermore, they go so well with the world we are in. Science and certain opinion would have you believe that this just came about?
I read many years ago about an example some guy gave. It went like this. If you took a … (4 comments)

pearls for the soul: MOTHER OF ALL ACTIVERAIN MEET-UPS? - 08/08/14 08:15 AM
I was overwhelmed and overjoyed when I showed up at this ACTIVERAIN meeting of the greats. Hosted by Pete X, who out did himself, this was one memorable occasion to be a part of. Pete doesn't take NO for answer and so look what happens...?  This group shows up and meet, greet, and eat went into high gear
Beautiful meeting place first of all. Maggianos is a good Italian place to visit with. The smell hits you at the front door activating your digestive juices for what is to come. The service is good too and We got … (19 comments)

pearls for the soul: GROWTH LEAVES THE OLD BEHIND - 07/22/14 12:02 PM
I was watching a movie the other day that I haven't seen in decades. When it first came out, it was fun, and my wife and I enjoyed it at that time. We looked forward to seeing it again and it was a let down. I mentioned to her that it was not that funny and she readily agreed.  Decades ago, it was a hit. Today it is a miss. Now, what has changed?
We matured. We grew and we moved on. What we were, felt and did was valid at that time. What we are now is the current valid … (6 comments)

pearls for the soul: WOULD CHRIST HAVE DIED TO SAVE JUST ONE? - 07/20/14 10:47 AM
Well if you read about the Good Shepherd who left the flock to go search for the one sheep who went astray so that the lost sheep can then be found, then the answer sort of leaps out of you. For those that can hear, they have no trouble hearing the master's voice and he hears them too. How beautiful is the ministry of Jesus Christ. Its depth cannot be measured
Not a religious book but more of an explanation and summary of the work that Christ accomplished as it pertains to us … (2 comments)

pearls for the soul: GOD I AM DO YOU KNOW HIM? PEARLS SERIES BOOK BY NAGGAR - 07/10/14 02:36 PM
To know someone intimately is rewarding and meaningful and considered one of the joys and rewards of our brief life here on earth. To even take the TIME to get to know some one is in and of itself an act of love if you choose to believe it. It is time well spent
How much more then does the act mean when it involves you and the creator? For those that have come to know that there is more to life than a daily routine, then your next stop is to ponder the nature of your existence, the why, … (0 comments)

pearls for the soul: PEARLS FOR GIRLS BOOK by NAGGAR SAYS LEARN WITHOUT THE BURN - 07/10/14 02:02 PM
Second best seller in the PEARLS SERIES of books is the PEARLS FOR GIRLS DATING WAITING AND SEX...IN SEEKING CUPID...DON'T BE STUPID book that doesn't disappoint. It does however take a time and tested position on the subject matter that holds to this day guaranteed.
You see fads and experiments come and go but the truth of the matter holds up every single time if we take the time to honor it. Often, humans fine themselves learning after the fact and by sorting out all the damages done. Why do that first? Why do that at all? Not the way … (0 comments)

pearls for the soul: PEARLS SERIES OF BOOKS BY NAGGAR - 06/29/14 01:08 PM
Books on LIFE and LOVE is what to expect from the PEARLS SERIES of books. The subjects range from edification and encouragement, to dating and marriage, onto God, origin, identity and purpose. What really matters to us all are the things of the heart for everything else becomes food for the flowers
I want you to have LIFE marrow as a main source of sustenance and not a nibble here and there. Quantity of life or quality is always introducing itself for us to choose from. If we take moderation and appreciation and put them on point, gratitude and well-being follows without the … (0 comments)

pearls for the soul: EPILOGUE OF EBENEZER SCROOGE "PEARLS SERIES" of BOOKS by NAGGAR - 05/22/14 01:19 PM
Coming soon, the final and complete story of Charles Dicken's Ebenezer Scrooge who had the starring part in the famous story told every Christmas time of year  called..."A Christmas Carol". Now, closure with details as to what took place from that important Christmas day until his death are revealed
The theme of the PEARLS SERIES book EPILOGUE OF EBENEZER SCROOGE is the coveted second chance that he was given especially when he desperately wanted it. How desperate was he? He held the record for NOT forgiving or allowing outcomes that differed from his own. One day, he needed one worst of … (2 comments)

pearls for the soul: PEARLS FOR THE SOUL BOOK of POSITIVE SAYINGS BY NAGGAR - 05/19/14 02:11 PM
The PREFACE: Upon my introduction to Pearls for the Soul, I was immersed in them day and night. Some spoke to me personally with clear responses to questions which had arisen in my heart throughout my life. Others prompted me to delve beneath the surface of existence – into purpose, conscience, love and origins, where a deeper stratum of the soul was unearthed and heaved to the surface.
Still, others began to mirror truth to me – truth about myself I had not previously seen: Who I am, who I’m not; what areas in me required more … (4 comments)

pearls for the soul: GOD I AM DO YOU KNOW HIM? PEARLS SERIES of BOOKS by NAGGAR - 05/15/14 12:52 PM
Welcome, my fellow travelers, sojourners and adventurers. At some point in your life you will come to a very obvious, self-evident conclusion: There is more going on than the eye has seen, ear has heard, or the thoughts of mankind can conceive.
Whenever that time comes, you will have more questions than answers and you will have tasted of life and found it wanting. Perhaps we’re being summoned to sample a
food that people know little about, and finding it to want it is the precursor to having it.
For those who believe there is more to life than food, shelter, clothing … (0 comments)

pearls for the soul: IN SEEKING CUPID DON'T BE STUPID "PEARLS SERIES" of BOOKS by NAGGAR - 05/13/14 06:38 AM
Kathleen Marie Brown speaks woman to woman in her preface of the PEARLS SERIES book for women...Dear girls and lovely ladies of all ages: If the subject of love either attracts or repels you, Pearls for Girls is the book for you. This book’s inner-parts will stir your inner-parts, and teach you things you’ve never heard.
I’m speaking to the purehearted, the broken-hearted and the hard-hearted. How often does a book come along that captures and supports the feminine perspective, and offers the insights of a man who has your best interest at heart no matter what life … (5 comments)

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