posting: GENTLE REMINDER TO WATCH WHAT YOU SAY - 03/28/15 05:09 PM
Some Persian fellow who lived at about the year of 1048 had cause to give warning in regards to what people say in print. I like his finesse, genteelness, and word to the wise. Read what follows and see if a butterfly or two doesn't flutter within you. That is all you'll need to know about the "doing" of the subject matter
The moving finger writes: and, having writ...Moves on; nor all thy Piety nor Wit... Shall lure it back to cancel half a line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it...Omar Khayyam.
Way to go O! If he was here … (4 comments)

posting: THESE THREE WOULD LOG-IN DAILY FOR SURE - 01/04/15 06:28 AM
If Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man were here and alive today, they would all have ACTIVERAIN ACCOUNTS. Yes, they would log-in, have profiles, check the feature pages and then OFF to see (?) where they can add all their comments! Their yellow brick road would include their keyboard and mouse to be sure
It may interest you to know that Dorothy has a built-in mouse into her shoes that most people wouldn't know about. She just has to CLICK CLICK CLICK and she is returned to her home page no problem. It helps to … (16 comments)

posting: DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE... DOUBLE YOUR FUN - 12/13/14 07:52 AM
With two posts..two posts... two posts in one. Yes, one click and you get two posts! Now that is value in today's online world of cyberspace and clicking around. The topics were inspired by some features that I read and I will share the effect they had on me using the Richie two-post method
post #1....CHRISTMAS CARDS...etc.
If you go back decades or even centuries when time, paper, ink and postal services were really appreciated, getting a communication or letter was a big deal and occasion. If you received a parcel, bigger still. It was personal and coveted and not only a keep sake … (4 comments)

posting: GIVE THESE MINTS AWAY GENEROUSLY - 11/24/14 07:06 AM
COMM-MINTS...Tasty little mint visits these are. Imagine getting a box of these in the mail? Next time you visit a posting of your liking, leave that original poster (OP) a comm-mint. It can be 1-2 words worth or a one liner or if you have chocolate-giving heart, a paragraph of sharing
I can see if you had to pay for this privilege and how you may be hesitant or slow to respond...maybe even reluctant for your personal considerations but when it costs you nothing and you are already there, why not? Leave the COMM-MINT of your choice in that little box adjacent to your … (6 comments)

posting: GIVE THE GIFT OF A POST SEASON IS HERE - 10/30/14 05:02 PM
It is as simple as the title of this post says. Take a moment to do a post about a peer, friend, place of business, family member or associate and make it personal. Its exactly what the Hallmark card people do. There is something about seeing something in print...isn't there? It makes it extra-special
It doesn't have to grand or deep but instead an acknowledgment from you to them that in your words, what you are saying really amounts to this underlying theme as follows: I am glad we are going through life together. I recognize the value and I … (6 comments)

posting: KERRIE SAYS RELAX 10 IS THE NEW 20 NOW - 10/23/14 07:27 AM
Many are relieved for the news of blogs going BACK DOWN to 10 per week (points wise) from the 20 per week that was allowed. For a while there, it was interesting to see people who live for points and rankings (for whatever reasons) turn it up and toss them out. Quantity versus quality had prevailed
Many refused citing personal and professional reasons for not wanting or being able to rise to this carpel tunnel making challenge (lol) and just did not participate with all their ACTIVERAIN-HEARTS activated. I am reminded that the little things that people like or need … (21 comments)

That's right! After this paragraph, everything in this post will mean the opposite. Your comments must mean the opposite as well. Do not forget this while reading as some words may sting you but not if you remember its the opposite of the word used and not the words. This is all the warning you get...
1. Guys...I sure wish you didn't drop in just now. Let's not do this again
2. This post is too hard to participate in
3. I don't blog for points nor do I like being in the Rain either
4. Google juice will drown you … (41 comments)

posting: YOU HAVE ACTIVATED SELF-DESTRUCT - 10/21/14 07:21 AM
I just lost a post. This is not a complaint nor am I upset because I am taking the obvious LEMON episode and turning into lemonade right now instead of drinking it your reading it. What Happened? Only my fingers know for sure and they are not talking. I was putting together a post, typing and making tracks....
When all of a sudden, my "flash" fingers hit or did something that my mind doesn't know about and not only did the post go, but the whole log-in went bye-bye with it. It moved slow enough when leaving to almost smirk at me as … (9 comments)

posting: HAVE YOU NOTICED THIS IN THE RAIN? - 10/17/14 01:50 PM
No one is going at it with anyone else. No feuds? No tete to tete? No comment to post combat? I know we don't all agree, but have we reached the point where we can share and not take prisoners during the exchange? I haven't seen or heard of anyone declaring war on another here in ActiveRain-land
Am I in a rose garden? Do I have on colored shades? How about I am not frequenting the more colorful neighborhoods here in ActiveRain-land or have I lost touch? I can take it! Please tell me that Rainers have learned... HOW... instead … (73 comments)

posting: BUSINESS CARD SAYS GOOGLE ME? - 10/10/14 10:48 AM
For people who have a web site and who blog, comment and post all over the Internet, chances their name is going to come up if someone does a name search. It is interesting to consider how the Internet is really a type of resume if you will. In addition, an article or posting on a subject matter may turn up too
Being outspoken in person has its limitations and nuances but practicing that in cyberspace, one can do it until they don't want too. In other words, there is no limit to exposing yourself on the Internet in … (8 comments)

The real joy of hosting a contest here in the RAIN is the coming together and the support and sharing that takes place when we do. Throw in some guidelines, some tasty POINTS and or prizes and ACTIVERAIN can turn to ACTIVE-FAME AND ACTIVE-GAIN for anyone. ActiveRainers are a good group of folks and the latest contest proof we have is ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS OF THE SCRATCH THE ITCH WITH RICH contest
To everyone who entered...YOU WON! Take a moment and enjoy the satisfaction of participating in something worthy. May your tag be your bag...that leads to riches and well-being. Among those that … (53 comments)

posting: I SEE HIS SMOKE AND HE IS FLOORING IT - 09/21/14 09:53 AM
Its Tom Arstingstall General contractor who specializes in Dry Rot and Water Damage "plus" and Rainmaker who is coming up fast behind me. I don't know what he has under the hood of his "smokin bloggin wagon", but whatever it is is pulling serious horsepower. I have to sleep, eat, run my business, perform miscellaneous chores leaving some opportunities to be passed. Tom's blogging GPS must be state of the art
When we all get out on the cyberspace freeway, then, its all good. But that "on ramp" is most competitive. In ActiveRain California, the top ten Rainers … (10 comments)

posting: IS THERE AN ITCH OUTBREAK OVER THERE? - 09/16/14 01:50 PM
People on Twitter and Facebook want to know what is going on over at Trulia and ActiveRain. Is there an "ITCH" epidemic breaking out? Zillow wants to know right now before they write the 3.5 billion dollar check too. LOL...No, we are all getting ready to maximize our Internet presence starting now for later and beyond by copying the past successes of having a tag-line
Where does time go? In cyberspace, no worries! But down here on the earthly plains, the clock is ticking and has ticked for those that are contemplating getting their tag-line game … (2 comments)

posting: THE GREAT POST DEBATE - 09/14/14 11:38 AM
Be mindful of this dynamic. If done properly, it is a learning experience for all involved and the public, once clicked on the post or blog is treated to a lively discussion that dissects the issue every which way so that it can be absorbed and appreciated for what it is. Very rewarding when done properly. Beware of the "dark" dynamic where two people go at it personally, emotionally and off subject
I seen a decent post the other day explaining the inside thinking of an industry and someone responding to the negative or attacking the post point. Yes to it … (4 comments)

posting: THE POWER OF TRANSPARENCY - 09/11/14 12:57 PM
Make no mistake about it. When you are readable, transparent and consistent about it, it leaves everyone better than when you found them for being refreshing and non-threatening. For the practitioner, it promotes a confidence and a feeling of light heart-ed-ness because no additional weight or baggage is at work. What you see is what it is
When we blog, post and comment, we have taken the risk of identifying, stating, sharing and claiming what we understand to be true and where we stand on our understanding. We went first and we are glad to do so. We weren't put here or sent to … (6 comments)

posting: LEARN FROM ME ON THIS - 08/30/14 12:05 PM
I just wanted to share that when I went to post, I completely over-looked the TAG section and launched several posts without tags. There is no warning that you have done this and it is easy to miss as you go through your check list on the way to launch
It is listed under options so it is not mandatory to include in your posting. However, we are missing out from being found or coming up if we tagged as opposed to if we didn't. I want to be found and skipping this section will injure that
I had to go … (13 comments)

posting: DOES TOM ARSTINGSTALL EVER SLEEP? - 08/26/14 06:15 PM
Here I am in my bloggin wagon smoking up the ActiveRain-land freeways and I look in my rear-view and there's Tom! Again? How does he get all those points? How does he move up in ranking that fast? Who does Tom know? mmmm. Perhaps he is just at the top of his posting, commenting and blogging game and when I nap, he floors his point machine?
My blogging wagon can move when I put the post metal to the pedal. It has won many a "feature" race and elicited my share of responses. But Tom has a good formula … (11 comments)

posting: RICHIE'S GENERAL STORE & POST - 08/23/14 12:29 PM
Come on in, have an online seat, take your matrix shoes off and sit a spell. All are welcome to click, visit, comment or re-blog. For those of you who are in the passionate mode and have something to say, go at it as I promote liberty and freedom for all. We do not have to agree or disagree. Sharing is thrown out there and for those that the share is intended for... will find the share and the share will find them
You do get the courtesies of the house when you do click and enter into Richie's … (5 comments)

posting: DO YOU SPEAK POST? - 08/23/14 09:09 AM
Yes fluently thank you. What is post speaking or speaking post? It is the art of making a subject or yourself known in so many quick and to the point words and paragraphs. It is the complete opposite of a LONG story. It is closely related to the dynamic of writing an essay which many people in college had trouble with.
Getting ones attention to a post is done through the title! It can be informative, tricky, interesting or something in the news already. From there, usually below you title is a snippet of the fist two sentences or paragraph allowing a reader … (0 comments)

posting: JON ZOLSKY & JON KOLSKY GOT ME GOOD - 08/18/14 04:31 PM
These are two ACTIVERAIN people aka rainers who I have conversed with, like and enjoy and both express some good opinion and write decent posts and comments. I got a call one day from whom I thought was Jon Zolsky but was really Jon Kolsky or to be quite frank could have been the other way around. This sutff can play with your head
I am going to play back with it. So, I visit with one of them via a post and comment forum and who I thought was the one I talked with never mentioned our most recent … (10 comments)

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