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As an EXCLUSIVE BUYERS' AGENT I assist buyers in Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington counties with their home purchase. Listing Agents represent the SELLERS! Have an 'advocate' on your side, and hire an EBA today! Buyers Agents Portland, LLC: 100% Buyers Representation + 100% of the Time = NO conflicts of interest! ~ Buyer Focused ~ Buyer Results ~



Since 1982 the Christmas Bazaar at the Portland Expo Center has been a wonderful, local tradition.  It's billed as America's Largest Christmas Bazaar -- and I don't doubt that. Going to America's Largest Christmas Bazaar has become one of my holiday traditions for the past 4 years.  I love it!! ...
SCREAM at the BEACH -- Celebrating 10 years of SCREAMS. Scream at the Beach is a Portland, OR tradition.  It has been scaring local residents for the past 10 years.  Hosted at Jantzen Beach Center, the party has already started. Beginning in October, Scream at the Beach is open from October 1st ...
Cedar Hills Crossing in Beaverton will host a Trick-or-Treat Halloween tomorrow, October 31st from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Local merchants at Cedar Hills Crossing will be passing out candy to children 12 years and under.  Since we're excepted to have rain, what a great way to stay dry, take the little d...
I have a dog.  His name is Poppy.  He is a Schuntzhund German Shepard.  Poppy is very smart.  There was a mystery going on in our house.  When I would leave, the dogs are kept inside.  I would secure the doggie door with the panel insert.  The mystery was . . . when I would come back home, the pa...
Howloween at The Oregon Zoo I was gearing up to go to the Oregon ZOO BOO this evening . . . the weather is NOT raining, clear skies, not too chilly.  When I Googled for Zoo Boo, nothing showed up. This year they're hosting a Howloween at the Zoo, so all is not lost. This year's events will begin ...
As some may know, I don't re-blog that often.  But Tim links to a good video that is worth the 4 minutes to view. I think the banksters theme song should be:  "Opps, I Did it Again." Thanks for the video link . . . I'm sure that Richard Cordray isn't the only AG with these same issues that seem ...
In reading the blog roll today, I found an intriguing title:  Short Sale Asylum. The post was interesting, and was directed toward the self-promoting, bloviating abilities of some, and in particular Street Russell's personal experience with one company -- tooting their own horn, and making shit s...
Our Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary and Michael Barnier, European Commissioner had a play date today. I'm sharing it with you because of this one sentence: "They reiterated that no firm is too big or too complicated to fail and that taxpayers should not bear the costs of resolutions." B...
Another boring day in Washington?  It's seems as though our government might be a tad tired of bailing out a sinking boat with a bucket full of holes! I sure hope so!  Yesterday morning there was a hearing.  The Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the disbursement of TARP (Troubled A...
There has been conferences going on at the FDIC.  Why do I get the feeling that it doesn't really matter? As I begun to watch the morning segment, there was a really important topic that needed to be addressed.  And, I'm not making this up, the moderator is telling the attendees where to find the...

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