albertsons: Another Anchor on it's way out. - 01/22/11 07:27 PM
A while back I wrote a post on a neighborhood anchor store closing. We were wondering about the impact of this closure.   I Just passed by a guy holding a sign. "Store Closing, Kmart, this store only, Everything must go! This should get really interesting now. I don';t know how all of the little satellite stores will be able to hang on now. This Kmart store is the other anchor store in a shopping complex. The stores are on a rather busy corner off theBangerter Highway and 5400 South.     I would almost have to chalk tthis one up to … (4 comments)

albertsons: Losing A Neighborhood Anchor - 01/21/10 11:52 PM
Near my home is a shopping center with a Kmart Store and an Albertson's Supermarket. Surrounding These two stores are many small shops and restaurants. Word is out that the Albertson's is closing. They were left out of a deal when Associated Foods purchased a large block of Albertson's stores because the building was in too much need of repairs. The current mood at the store is very dismal. Long time employees have nowhere to go. What will happen to all of the little shops near this. History tells us they will probably struggle just to stay alive. It is sad … (11 comments)