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Everyone should read that that carries any kind of personal protection. Even those who have and are thinking of doing so. There is a lot more to protecting yourself than just dropping some mace or whatever into the bottom of your purse or briefcase. Read and learn from someone whom I have complet...
Bill hit my funny bone today. This is something many of not most of us have gone through. On this Friday, this little funny comes at a good time.  I also have to agree with Bill that AR has gotten a bit boring and also I m seeing less information shared. At any rate...After you read this pop over...
Those of you who filed for an extension of this years returns...the time is near. You have about 3 weeks to get filed and calanders are starting to fill up. Step one is to call your tax preparer and set up an appointment.  That gives you a deadline. If you wait and do it tomorrow...Well, tomorrow...
Bill Feela has a deep faith.  I know him personally and besides a great person, his faith runs deep. This blog he wrote on Miracles made me really think. How do you hope for a miracle when you don't believe, or have the faith in that power. So...what do you think?   Can you have a miracle without...
If you have not had the chance to get in on Bill's humor...you need to stop by. In this blog he starts out like we have not seen any rain in years.  But the opposite is true. In the years I have known Bill, he always keeps things light. Stop by and see what I mean. Well, about 2 inches of rain fe...
Bill Feela has come up with a great exercise.  His blog talks about concentrating and being successful. While his exercise doesn't quite fit his blog it still is fun to do. Try it.  Then let Bill know if you are able to do this. Then take and check a few more of Bill's blogs out. It has been said...
I am working 18+ hours a day trying to keep up with doing taxes before the deadline. Callers are getting upset because I tell them I can't be sure I can get them done at this point. I know I am not the only one at this point like that. 4 more days and I will take a break for at least a couple of ...
Said it before, but tax day is only 8 days away. It has been a busy year. Many people have taken my advice and filed extensions early. Time is running out and myself and others only have so much time to work. If you have not called for an appointment...do it NOW! Penalties and interest will kill ...
You have just a month to file your taxes. Accountants get real busy this time of the year. But, there is a whole group that will wait until the end to file an extension. If you know you are going to  need an extension...do it now! Get it out of the way while we have enough time to work on them. P...
While we don't know all the implications of the new law, we do know that there will be some. Especially for higher wage earners. But low wage earners need to be watchful also. You need to get informed NOW so you are ready for next year.\ Talk to a Tax Professional soon and don't be caught in the ...

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