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Vern makes some good points. It does make me wonder how the media can totally push aside one of the reasons for the shortage. Granted more was used by the farmers and heating needs have been high, but there is more to it! Reminds me of other shortages we have had only   to find out we have plenty...
If you need or want your refund fast, it is time to get your taxes made out. Calls are coming in fastand I have been busy already. Also, the more refunds that get filed the slower it will be for you to receive your refund. Don't wait!  Make your appointment now!
When it comes to thanksgiving, everyone has a different system. Sometimes it depends on what you are having to eat. So, for the fun of it...When you first get up in the morning and start getting things ready... What is the first thing you do? Let's have some fun with this.  Guys you can join in a...
NOW!!! I see people all the time that say...I wish I woulda... When you are prepareing this years taxes...start thinking about next years. Capital improvments are a big one.  Which ones are needed and which ones are just right for the timing. The best time to save on your tax Bill for next year i...
As always, I am starting to see a rush of people working on filing their taxes. There are two busy times.  The first are those who know they will get money back and file ASAP. The second will be right after April 1st.  Not many opening in my schedule for the late comers and it is like that for mo...
This is a very important issue facing amny, many places all around this country.  WE have gotten our priorities out of sync.  WE are penalizing the people who have made this country great.   Bill has given us just one speck of a Nation wide problem.  To start with, we need to support this cause.....
Bill has brought up some good points.  Just because the first virus is on it's way out doesn't mean we can let our guard down.  If you got the first flu virus, it still does not protect you from the 2nd one.  We all need to protect each other during this infectious time. It takes very little cont...
My Friend Bill Feela has come up with some great photo's of people who cut firewood, but have way to much time on their hands. I don't know of anyone who would take the time to do any of these with maybe the exception of the one that is inside the home. Enjoy and watch for the next 2 segments For...
This can be a good thing, but remember..all business items that YOU buy for your everyday business needs are deductible. So, you may want to consider getting the receipt (if the person will part with it).  The deduction is always a good thing to have. Also...having the receipt is a good thing if ...
It has been a really nice year in many areas.  Although we have been plagued by drought and wild fires, it has been a nice summer. But, the time is coming for those who filed extensions for their taxes.  Every year, I get several that wait until the last couple of days to come to me. For those wh...

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