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I'm NOT Giving to a Charity This Christmas   Life can have a funny way of sending us signals, can it not?  This past weekend, as I was coming off the final descent of Diamond Head, at mile 25 of the Honolulu Marathon, the unrelenting rain that had plagued the entire race --- the one that began ne...
How Much Down Payment Do I Need to Buy a Home?   As kids, there are just some things we all learn while we’re growing up:   Never drink soda after you eat Pop Rocks. Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis. You’ll catch a cold if you go outside without a jacket. It takes a 20% down payment...
The Missing Peace   There are a lot of things a mortgage loan officer cannot do.  Trust me on this one.  A team of government stormtroopers now stands ready to remind us via extortion-proportion fines when we’ve tripped over any of the byzantine regulations governing our industry.     There also ...
The Yang and Yin of Thin     I guess I should start by saying that I grew up blue collar, where emphasis was put on playing an honest game, and not so much on showing up looking like you could.   If, let’s just say, some fabulously flashy Franklin Square PBC little leaguer, replete of accoutremen...
Exposed:  The Real Truth Behind Bernanke's Refi Bust     Anyone who's been reading my blog posts for any length of time would know that I don't need a particularly good excuse to lament about the oppressive regulatory quagmire that has ensnared residential mortgage lending.  These same folks woul...
Credit Rescores:  Pay More.  It's the Law.   It goes without saying that the mortgage process is in some ways more complicated and unforgiving than ever.  It also bears mentioning that there remains a handful of home loan professionals who have embraced these modern day challenges and found legal...
Do You Think We're in a Bubble?   Forgive me.  While I may be one of Marin County's most recommended mortgage lenders, I am still only on the lowly home finance side of things.  I'm not in the real estate purchase and sale trenches like most of the members on Active Rain and, presumably, I'm ther...
Should I Pray or Should I "Co"?   I tend to see a fair amount of high loan-to-value mortgage scenarios, mostly because real estate values here in Marin County, the San Francisco Bay Area and coastal California, in general, tend to be high.  And I think it also has a lot to do with the formidable ...
Ferguson Is My Problem Too   Warning:  Reader discretion is advised.    This is not meant to be a commentary on race relations.  It's not meant to be an analysis of who is right and who is wrong.  But I am going to tip toe on some third rails here.  Amid the turmoil, heavy with unresolved, centur...
Oh Captain, My Captain: Keeping the Gate of the American Dream   There is that great scene in the movie Dead Poet’s Society where the students are made to stand on their desks.  The point of the exercise, of course, was to get them to see their ordinary classroom from an extraordinary perspective...

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