georgia: Use All the Tools - 04/03/14 05:04 AM
It is surprising how many agents do not include all the information for a listing.
The most common failure is to leave the tax identification number as "0". I can only guess that they want to make it harder to find out who the owner is when the property expires. Why not try a little harder to sell it rather than have it expire? Anyone who knows how to dig into tax records can find who the owner is with maps or addresses anyway.
Our MLS lets us include 25 photos. The public real estate sites often rank listings by the … (0 comments)

georgia: Two Schools of Thought - 03/29/14 05:24 AM
When it comes to prospects setting appointments, we have a choice.
The first school says save your time and trouble. Have the prospect call the seller directly to set up a time.
The second says call the agent to set up the time. I favor this method. While it is a little more work and might take a little longer, I don't like having the seller involved in any aspect of the selling process. I'd like to know who is in the home, what they are seeking, and if they are qualified to get a loan. I also want to know … (8 comments)

georgia: Southern by Choice - 03/20/14 05:34 AM
Originally from the midwest, people ask me why I moved south and never went back. With all due respect, are you kidding me right now?
The midwest has it's beauty. There is nothing better in life than driving down a country road on a warm summer evening with the fragrance of new-mown hay in the air. I love fall in the midwest with all the color in the leaves.
However, in North Georgia, we have a couple months of cold weather, a couple months of hot weather, and the rest is spring and fall. We also have color in the fall, … (5 comments)

georgia: Why Insult My Client? - 03/13/14 05:04 AM
I know the importance of dotting the "I" and crossing the "T". I fully appreciate agents who work hard for their clients, and are meticulous about paperwork.
However, in the last few years I have grown to resent busywork and people who waste my time. Maybe it's a function of getting longer in the tooth, but I think it is partly the depressed market that has brought this on. People got used to strutting around sniffling ridiculous offers.
What I'm talking about are people who want a copy of the plat, the legal description, the water test, the septic test, the … (1 comments)

georgia: "SPLOST" Tax - 03/11/14 06:40 AM
In our county, we have had an extra one percent sales tax for several year. It's called a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or "SPLOST" for short. It cannot be used in the general fund, and has to be specifically earmarked for certain projects.
We have used it to complete a community recreation center, courthouse renovations, and many other projects over the years. I live in a gated community, where we maintain our own roadways, so aside from the occasional need for police, fire, or EMS assistance, we get practically nothing in return for property taxes. About over 40% of … (0 comments)

georgia: "A Tale of Two Towns" - 03/09/14 06:01 AM
The mentality of some communities amazes me.
Some places, when economically challenged by plant closings business cycles, step up to the plate swinging. They figure out how to make there community thrive again. They basically just go to work to make a change. You can do this by improving your school, cleaning up trash on roadsides, or deciding what feature your town has that people would like to see, and having a festival to show off what you have. There are doubtless dozens of other things that can be done. The result is you make your community attractive to visitors, or … (2 comments)

georgia: Don't Do What You Don't Know - 02/28/14 05:09 AM
Okay, I've been in real estate awhile. I don't have a three digit license number or anything, but I consider twelve years a considerable chunk of a life not getting any shorter. Ergo, I get upset when people waste my time because they are lazy or uneducated. If you're new in the business, that might include you, but if you have done your homework, probably not.
With that said, agents should never try to do what they don't know. If you do residential, don't do commercial or land. You will likely make a fool of yourself, and you may end up … (1 comments)

georgia: Crazy Market in Pickens - 02/22/14 05:20 AM
This is a crazy market we have in Pickens County. Last week we put a home under contract at full price plus closing costs. Also taking place last week was a bank auction where my partner bought a nice three acre lot, very close to where I live, for $1250! Lots in the area typically go for $30-50,000! Caught me snoozing or I would have bought it myself.
I don't think there is any doubt that residential real estate is getting better by the minute here, although we are still lagging metro Atlanta as usual. Land and lots are finally starting … (0 comments)

georgia: Checking Out for the Holidays - 01/01/14 06:22 AM
I got several calls yesterday to show my listings. I got a call on Christmas Eve at 7 PM. I don't mind the calls because it shows agents are working.
I also got some calls myself from folks wanting to inquire about listings, but said after a few tries it was obvious the phone was not going to be answered. So thank you for those folks to all of you that just check out for a holiday! You don't make my job harder, you make it easier (and more rewarding), and I truly appreciate it!

georgia: Tractor Medicine - 12/19/13 05:01 AM
My life has come full circle. I started out on a tractor (little known fact is I drove it out of the womb). I spend what seemed like a lifetime driving one up and down those old rows. Could not wait to get to the big city and be rid of tractors. Didn't know I'd actually miss them.
Since I can drive one, and our neighbors have a Ford 3000, I have been working with it more than they have for a few years. Grading the rustic gravel drives in our neighborhood, mowing, planting, clearing, keeping our drainage clear. It's … (1 comments)

georgia: The Change - 12/17/13 04:18 AM
The last and only broker change I made was ten years ago. Hard to believe. At that point, I'd had it with being nickel-chiseled-to-death, and receiving nothing in return. The management was unfriendly or dispicable in behavior, but totally clueless. Without going into details, I can tell you I have a comedy routine about the situation that usually brings Realtors® to tears of laughter.
I came to work for Prudential Georgia Realty, and have been with the same company and managing broker for that entire span of time. I have been offered other positions, but frankly, it seems to me that … (4 comments)

georgia: "When Should I Sell" - 12/12/13 04:01 AM

One of the most common questions Realtors® are asked is “would now be the right time to sell/buy a home?” Most of us make the answer way to complicated. I am a big fan of statistics, so I usually start referring to the number of homes on the market, or the months of inventory, or the number of days it takes to sell a home.
The real answer can be found by most people through their own thought process. If they dig down into their feelings, wants, desires, goals in life, and weigh their current situation, the answer … (1 comments)

georgia: Selling in a Slower Market - 12/02/13 05:11 AM
Although many markets are completely healed from the real estate cliff we fell from, some places like North Georgia are still
trying to come back. There has been improvement, but were not completely recovered yet. With that in mind, here are a few
"getting back to basics" I try to stress with sellers to improve their chances.
1. Price your house correctly: Still the most important part of selling. Keep in mind that we are still a little slow comparatively, so try to get a little under the market, rather than trying to get rich.
 2. Be flexible: Compromise never hurt … (1 comments)

georgia: Holiday Real Estate Market - 11/17/13 06:41 AM
There are two basic schools of thought regarding the question, “should we try to sell our home during the holidays?” Neither is totally correct, and ironically it’s because they sit on opposite sides of the same issues. 
Some people say you should NEVER try to market real estate during Thanksgiving and Christmas (and Hanukkah and whatever else constitutes “the holidays”). They say no one is in the mood to shop for homes, and it’s a real pain to keep your house in condition to show with all the visitors and traffic. It also requires that you want to sell more than … (19 comments)

georgia: "Know When to Hold 'em, or Fold 'em" - 11/10/13 05:40 AM
A friend of mine has been investing in land around our area. He has purchased several tracts at "amazing deals" over the last several years.
No one has said anything about it yet, but his name was in the newspaper foreclosure publications this week. One of his properties will be sold at auction. I have a feeling more will follow. The only thing I can say is I'm glad I was not chosen to handle any of his "amazing deal" transactions. Not that I wasn't asked, but when the query came up, I told him the truth, which is I did … (1 comments)

georgia: Changes Coming Soon - 11/09/13 04:47 AM

Thirty days from today we get new business cards, signs, name badges, website branding, and make all the other changes to roll out BHHS Georgia Realty on December 10th. I've got about ten Prudential Georgia shirts for sale ... they are soon to be collectors' items ... no really, and you can get a special deal!
While most of the other affiliates have already made the transition to BHHS, our management has taken the time to research the changes and try to make this move as seemless as possible. I would be surprised if we don't have a bug or … (3 comments)

georgia: Welcome to my Tic-Tac - 11/06/13 04:18 AM
I was talking with a lady yesterday, and during the conversation she referred to her industry by saying, "the (business) world is the size of a Tic-Tac".
Got me to thinking again. The world of real estate seems so huge. There's the powerful NAR lobby, with all the thousands of members who make it up, and all the various organizations from huge to tiny, and all the people in the secondary business that support it, like lenders and home inspectors and attorneys.
However, real estate is local, so what you have is hundreds of local markets scattered around the world. Some … (0 comments)

georgia: Wells Fargo Strikes Again - 11/03/13 05:20 AM
Once again, Wells Fargo has proven that their left hand not only doesn't know what their right hand is doing, they have firmly established they don't even know they have a right hand, much less who it is!
I've been working a short sale. I took it over from another agent who had no clue how to handle short sales, but didn't stop her from wasting precious time for months. She also works part time with her primary focus being her job in an optometry office, so she really doesn't have much time for handling people's life-changing events ... she just … (1 comments)

georgia: Ghosts Live Here! - 10/26/13 05:06 AM
I recently read a survey about how people perceive "haunted houses". The laws vary widely from state to state. Some are very complex and strict, and some are basically nonexistent.
People's ideas about what makes a house "haunted" were also interesting to read, but the one thing I remember is that a large percentage of folks would consider draftiness, strange noises, or hot or cold areas as signs that a home may have extracurricular residents living there.
I had to laugh. My house, when it was first built, was pretty chilly and drafty until all the little cracks and holes were caulked. … (0 comments)

georgia: Short Sales Are Getting Weirder ... - 10/13/13 05:56 AM
I am a certified distressed property agent, mostly working in short sales as opposed to foreclosures. Been doing it since it wasn't cool. We went to school, learned all about how the process was handled, how the people think on both sides, proper paper flow, the psychological effects involved, and a lot more. About half of it applies today, roughly six years later.
We used to be required to get the HUD to agree with the lenders verbal offer before they would ever produce an approval letter. Last week I received an approval letter, and was under the impression we still … (36 comments)

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