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           The first ten years of my real estate career, "servicing the listing"  was my most hated job.  One day, I realized that it was not my fault that the house was not selling so I quit "servicing the listing" and started concentrating on getting the seller to reduce the price to a price th...
    At Climer School of Real Estate, we have a question for you.       When you answer, please tell me if you are a layman or a Realtor.       Here is the question.  While showing a  $200,000 house, Mr Buyer asks Mr. Realtor, "If I buy this house for $200,000 and I get a $180,000 mortgage at 5%, ...
    I have more equity in this truck than you do in your house.  I ordered this bumper sticker from Build-A-Sign about three years ago.  I put this bumper sticker on the bumper of my 1993 Ford F 150 four wheel drive stick shift six cylinder bench seat long bed crank up windows with an aluminum to...
    I am constantly asking my wife, Kathy, " If you were my car keys, where would you be?"     She usually responds,"If I were your car keys, I would be hanging on the key rack by the door."     If I were your next listing, I would be on today's list of expired listings     If I were your next li...
    I am learning so much about the internet.  Today I received an email forward from a friend warning me not to stop the car if I see a baby car seat with a bloody blanket on it beside  the road.  The article went on to say that this was a common ploy that crooks use to get ladies to stop on a r...
   Climer School of Real Estate had a cool session this morning.      Many of my students have ask me to provide addtionial training.  This morning, we did.      We had a two hour session on communication skills from Amy Climer of Climer Consulting in Madison,Wisconsin.  It was great.     Oscar b...
   In football, when you get past the the ten yard line, it is time to get serious.  The bad news is the defense is getting serious too.     When we get an offer on a listing, we are on the ten yard line.  First and goal.  Negotiating skills are important here. This is the moment of truth.  If th...
   When we start a new Florida real estate license sales associate class at Climer School of Real Estate, in Orlando, it is a pleasure to see who is in the audience.  We have butchers, bakers and candle stick makers.  There is probably very few professions that have not been in my audience.     W...
   Habits formed in your youth stay with you forever. When I attended Oak Ridge High School in Orlando, Florida, I had an English teacher, Mr. Atkinson that taught me to look words up in the dictionary.  He used to give us an Edgar Allen Poe story to read for homework  like "The Purloined Letter"...

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