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For once I am going to leave my office early on a New Years Eve.  To all I've had the pleasure of knowing through Active Rain I wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR! My one last thought for all as we wind down a very eventful 2009 is to remember the world is what we make of it so keep these two quotes in mind a...
Ten days ago, AT&T responded officially to the FCC regarding their ongoing attempt to withdraw from the traditional land-line telephone service business.  AT&T is the legacy of what I grew up knowing as "the Phone Company," or "Ma Bell."  They are making the case for ending service on what is now...
The weekly numbers for initial jobless claims were released today showing a "better than expected" number of "only" 432,000.  The "better than expected" part of this number is because the average estimate by a group of leading economists was for this number to come in at 460,000.  Either way, the...
Is there any "moral" obligation in Real Estate?              I have been hearing a lot of speculation regarding one's "moral obligation" to continue making payments on mortgages involving "underwater" valued homes.  This appears a bit odd given what I have seen on television business channels lat...
 As a mortgage lender one of the most common issues I deal with is the impact of foreclosures on the value of Tacoma, and Pierce County homes for sale.  Actually, not just the homes for sale in this area, but all homes.  What many choose to forget is the fact that these "great bargains" really do...
 I just love playing with the new website that the White House set up to aid in the "transparency" of government spending.  Although there have not been many jobs created for the amount of money that has been spent, it is quite unique to be able to punch in a zip code to actually see...
I've been tracking the failed bank list with some fellow bloggers on another site where we have nicknamed it FDIC Friday.  We have a rolling bet week by week on just how many banks the FDIC will close each week.  In a way it is truly sad to watch since every Friday there are multiple closings.  A...
After Friday's action saw the FDIC close 3 more banks (1 each in Kansas, Arizona, & Florida) our running total for 2009 stands at 133.  I've heard a lot of people say that this is not such a big deal because back in the 1980's during the Savings & Loan crisis there were thousands of banks closed....
Once again, I have been playing around on the website looking for where the money was spent in local areas such as North Tacoma. This time I was actually clicking on the grant dots to see who the specific recipients were. I must say I was very pleased to find that both the North Taco...
One of the most interesting government websites have run across is the new site . This is the site created by the White House to add transparency to government spending that results form the recent stimulus/bailout legislation.  I was curious to see what kind of spending was goin...

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