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Hartford Connecticut showed up at number three on the list of America's Ten Dead Cities.        3. Hartford The city was once the “insurance capital of the world.” In 1950, the city’s population peaked at more than 177,000 and has dropped to 124,000 recently. Hartford was, beyond being an insuran...
Real Estate Song of the Day     Gerry Rafferty – BAKER STREET Windin' your way down on Baker Street Light in your head and dead on your feet Well another crazy day You'll drink the night away And forget about everything This city desert makes you feel so cold. It's got so many people but it's go...
The Great Falls Balloon Festival comes around this time every year and I recall my title line from the series F-Troop that aired in the mid 60's.  The character Chief Wild Eagle  would yell "It is Balloon" quite often when he saw a hot air balloon.  We travel to Maine quite often during the summe...
Hope all the smart asses that wanted change for the sake of change have realized they need to bounce Barack. Although I'm not a close follower of the political machine I understand enough to realize Obama was talking shit to get himself elected and then back peddled on all his "promises". The Tro...
Real Estate Song of the Day - OUR HOUSE     Crosby, Stills, Nash & (sometimes Young) – OUR HOUSE I'll light the fire  You put the flowers in the vase  That you bought today   Staring at the fire  For hours and hours  While I listen to you  Play your love songs  All night long for me  Only for me ...
The other day I ran into a neat site while skimming the comment stream on Twitter. If you are a FourSquare User you can go to WeePlaces and generate a map based on all the locations where you have "Checked-In" caught my attention earlier this year with all the hype at Inman in NYC but I had the D...
73 Grove Street - Clinton, CT  06413 Where's the Juice?  Every day Real Estate Agents work hard to compete in this sluggish housing market and when it comes to selling homes you need to keep yourself in the top position on Google.  Today I noticed the competition has secured the top spot with a l...
Real Estate Song of the Day - Jimi Hendrix - Red House Watch the video, read the lyrics or Search for a home with while enjoying the music. JIMI HENDRIX – RED HOUSE There's a red house over yonder That's where my baby stays Lord, there's a red house over yonder Lord, that's where my baby stays I ...
Watch the video, read the lyrics or Search for a home with while enjoying the music.   JOHN MELLENCAMP – LITTLE PINK HOUSES   There's a black man with a black cat Livin' in a black neighborhood He's got an interstate Runnin' through his front yard You know he thinks that he's got it so good And t...
Thimble Islands are scattered throughout the Harbor in Branford Connecticut.  In the heyday after the turn of the century and leading into the Roaring 20's this series of rock formations known as the Thimble Islands in Branford was considered the Newport of Connecticut.  This summertime playgroun...

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