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     I have not had a chance to blog lately.  Too much to do and not enough time in the day.  But, I am grateful for this blessing.      Something tickled me today that I thought I would share real quick.  "Real Estate Karma".  We had a seller that got discouraged when their house was on the mark...
Want to "buy" into a novel idea?   Best deals for "self-help" and "get rich" books and other material is not at  Nope!  Go to Salvation Army and Goodwill. (The link is to shopping Goodwill on-line)   Check out your area second hand store.  Why pay hundreds of dollars at 2am in the mor...
   "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".  John Lennon quotes (English Singer, Songwriter and Political Activist.)       My day is planned and organized in writing, yet it transitions into something different as my life is penciled in to other people's plans.      The...
Blog directory- RealtyMYCTHOME.COM -  Follow up on MLS ... Realty Blogging: Marketing a Business Using a Blog Gains Focus - 30k - Cached - Similar pagesThis googled "description"  was taken from my previous blog on Activerain regarding MYCTHOME.COM.  But, now it ...
     Tom Menard is one of my favorite Connecticut artist. I admired his work so much, I contacted Mr. Menard and asked permission to use his paintings on our website.  I was delighted when he agreed.  Please check out Tom's fabulous paintings of Connecticut towns, special interests and homes.  --...
Board of Realtors, MLS and Newspaper Make a Website - Possible Ground floor Adversiting Opportunity? MYCTHOME.COM - The PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED - Follow up on MLS, Realtor & Newspaper Website MYCTHOME.COM Back Online - Who was Collecting the Leads for 2 Years?  Since I never received a response ...
MYCTHOME.COM part of the Republican-American newspaper is back online. There are still  no agents in the available agent search.CTJOBS.COM now has a flash advertisement on the bottom (it was a car advertisement before).There are other little subtle tweaks to the site on some pages.  I have not he...
Counterculture author, icon Kurt Vonnegut Jr. dies at 84By Mark Feeney, Globe Staff  |  April 12, 2007Kurt Vonnegut Jr., whose blend of absurdist humor, science fiction, and antiestablishment politics made his novels "Slaughterhouse-Five" and "Cat's Cradle" campus classics in the '60s and '70s, d...
Hey!  Where'd it go?   Board of Realtors, MLS and Newspaper Make a Website - Possible Ground floor Adversiting Opportunity?    I blogged about this interesting site:  I found it on the Republican-American Newspaper website.  Since it "seemed" relatively new and a possible opportunit...
     Did you know that your former broker could request the return of all information and records of all files, address books, contact names, prospecting lists, etc, accumulated and pertaining to any business you conducted while engaging as an agent for their company.          "Upon termination" ...

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