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   Sally & David Hanson ...Listed and SOLD this Watertown Beauty ! Listings to Leads - eFlyers   Beautiful Country Home for sale in Watertown, WI !     Schedule a Showing/Request Info Search All Homes For Sale Homes Close to Where You Work Avoid Foreclosure What is Your Home Worth?      PRESENTED...
 If you are fortunate enough, to have your Mom to celebrate with you on Mother's Day...there is no better place than Matty's in New Berlin for making memories... mmmmmm ...and delicious ones at that !  Matty's Mother's Day Brunch is a family tradition for many families throughout Waukesha count....
   As listing agents it is our job to get the highest and best offer for the Sellers who have chosen us as their representatives in selling their property. The home from which they are up or down sizing, being transferred from...selling as an estate..whatever the reason, we are honored to be of ...
      They are wildly enthusiastic and excited....and we explain in meetings and give them written materials about their first time purchase and the process that is involved in this event.   They have a pal who "does roofs" on the side...and they have an Uncle who is "pretty handy" and anyone can...
    As listing agents we see a part of our job to put the Sellers' "best house forward" before photography is done, the house is entered on mls, the marketing plan launhed.  Inside and out we work to have everything the very best it can be given the Sellers circumstance and price range.  With sho...
 Many people have a pre-conceived notion of what  a profile/portrait of  a  Short Sale Seller would look like...a mirror in their mind's eye of a person in "that situation." They may be agents...Buyers...the general public....they know what he/she/they look like...they know their "type."    We a...
Now is the time to look around the house...the garage, the basement....what do you want to get rid of that someone else could use ?  Furniture ...wall hangings..things in the garage that take up space like the bike you don't ride...Come to Matty's and pay just $10 that i...
 Whether a listing a short sale or a traditional sale, Buyers often choose to believe that the cost of repair/replacing whatever may have been neglected is many times what the actual price of the repair. It may not it be tens of thousands...but they want it to be....and that discount handily app...
   We are ever vigilant with Buyers for our listings when it comes to pre-approvals for offers on our listings. The bank of the internet...a bank no one has ever heard address or phone to contact the loan officer...when we see RED FLAGS we have to dig deeper. No one wants to take their ho...
 The names of cities like Oconomowoc,(O con O Mow walk) Chenequah (Shen nee kwah)...and even Waukesha (Walk i (short i) shaw) itself trip off your tongue without a stutter...   You can appreciate that there is a diversity of lifestyle/living options from opulent mansions on the lakes...Waukesha ...

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