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I've read and posted my fair share of rants venting about things that bother me and get on my nerves. I thought I would just drop something a bit more positive. I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. Where would we be in this crazy world without the people we love and who love us. I just returned fro...
Ok, here's my rant for the week. Last Saturday, I set up several appointments for clients of mine. They have their home in Curry Creek Subdivision in Calhoun, LA listed with me and we are looking for a new place for them with more acreage. One property in particular was not allowing any showings ...
The following is an excellent article concerning appraisals. Appraisals are, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood products in real estate. What You Must Know About Home Appraisals By: G. M. Filisko Published: March 12, 2010 Understanding how appraisals work will help you achieve a quick and pro...
This is a great and insightful post by "The Housing Guru". It's very validating to have an experienced investor recognize the value of Real Estate Professionals.“Want to Jump-Start the Housing Market?  Get Rid of the Realtors®”  The waggish title of a recent post on “Freakonomics,” immediately ca...
Why Do I Need A Realtor Real estate is not rocket science, in fact in some respects selling real estate is simple. There is however a big difference between simple and easy. Someone once told me many years ago that bull riding is simple. You keep the bull between you and the ground. It is simple,...
I just had to reblog this post. We can use this list as a wake up call to all of our clients who won't take our word for the REAL value of their house.If You Want To Get It Sold - Drop the Price! Has your home been languishing on the market, without any offers or even showings?  Well that's a cle...
I love this post! I know that spending too much time on "techno stuff" can be detrimental to business and we need to learn how to utilize these things in an efficient manner. It's much more appealing than "cold calling the phonebook", though!You know the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freem...
Yesterday we covered the first 3 steps. Here's a recap: 1. What do the "comps" say? 2. What can you afford? 3. What's your competition? (and what's theirs?) 4.  How much do they need to sell (or buy) it?  Buyers: Has the listing in which you’re interested been reduced at all?  By how much?  Has t...
If you live in Ouachita Parish, whether it's Monroe, West Monroe, Calhoun, or Sterlington, you've probably wondered how the "housing crisis" has affected the value of your home. I've told my clients for years that we are in a great place with a strong market. That's what the data has been telling...
5 Steps in Pricing or Preparing to Make an Offer   One of the hardest, most important decisions homebuyers face is how much to offer for their home.  And the glut of information on the web about real estate only makes buyers even crazier than the decision itself does.  Supply, demand, foreclosure...

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