free: WHY list a home if you dont do anything to get is SOLD? - 04/24/15 05:27 AM
How angry do you get reading this? Meeting with a local group of residents, the talk turned to me when they found out I was in Real Estate. The question posed was "Why would a big national franchise agent list my home if they were not going to do anything to get it sold?" The answer is simple, some agents and companies work off only selling a percentage of their listings. They need a large number of listing's to reach their goal of a "certain percentage".
You often will read in my blogs that "ALL AGENTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL." Therefore all agents … (16 comments)

free: WHY is my Home NOT SELLING and why are you yelling at me - 04/23/15 05:27 AM
Every time the phone rings, there can be some excitement on the other end. This time it is a very irate woman screaming "Why her house is not selling?" My first question was who she is and what her address is. It is not one of my listings, so why is she calling me and why is she yelling?
She tells me she did everything right, she cleaned her home, de-cluttered, spruced up the yard and hired the biggest company she knew of. Looking up her home on MLS, I asked why she decided to call me.
While she was thinking, I was able to find … (11 comments)

free: 12 Unit Building placed Under Contract - 04/22/15 06:01 AM
We are proud to announce this "Once in a lifetime listing"  for an amazing 12 unit building in the historic downtown area of Henniker NH has been placed UNDER CONTRACT.  8 residential units and 4 commercial units along downtown.  Incredible River and mountain views. Very close to the prestigious New England College. Fully rented and everything in good condition. Please contact us direct for information and showings to qualified investors with confidentiality agreement. Priced at $695,000
STYLE: 12 units
Priced at $695,000
More information by request:
(603) 661-2121
If you are looking to buy or sell a home in New Hampshire, please call us first. We strive to … (5 comments)

free: How do you know if an Offer to Buy a home is a GOOD one? - 04/20/15 02:06 PM
I do not need my own Buyer Broker, all I have to do is make a GOOD offer boasts a buyer yesterday.  They then turn to me and blurt out "So what is a GOOD offer anyway?" These first time Buyers had no experience with buying and loaded with bad advice, were not going to listen to anyone. They had a plan and they were going to follow through with it.
They may be lucky though, because they met me. As they did not want to be represented by a Buyer Broker I shared a secret of what makes a GOOD offer. The … (38 comments)

free: Why Cant Uncle Bob The Plumber in spare time fix the inspection items? - 04/19/15 10:51 AM
Who decides who will fix any issues from a Home Inspection? Different parts of the country have different traditions. We have been getting a great deal of relocation Buyers to NH for our great jobs and fact there is no Income and No sales tax. With the new buyers, comes new thoughts how to handle home inspections. Many Home buyers have used the Inspection to re-negotiate the sales price. 
In today's market though, there is a shortage of homes for sale in some markets with an ample amount of buyers ready, willing and able to buy. Many sellers are putting their foot … (24 comments)

free: How Many Homes can a Buyer make an offer on at the same time? - 04/19/15 05:44 AM
 Can a Home Buyer make an offer on two different homes at the same time? This particular Buyer saw my listing yesterday and soon with their agent. A couple hours later wanted to see it again and said they were bringing an offer. It was assisted, so i met them there, Looking at the name on the offer it was similar to a name on an offer I received on a bank owned listing of mine the day before. I asked their agent if they put in an offer yesterday, she said no.

As they looked over the home again I pulled the offer … (37 comments)

free: Is Facebook a Deal Maker or a Deal Breaker in Real Estate? - 04/16/15 06:22 AM
Ismple search of their name and a great deal was had by my Buyer.
In summary a Listing Agent or Buyer Broker's job is to work with their Buyer or Seller through each step of the buying OR Selling process. That includes discussing how negotiations work, what to say and what not to say. SO thank you Facebook for another great sale.   LEARN THIS ONE FACT: One should know that All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST not just the biggest Agent or Company. It is important to Hire the BEST Agent. In NH … (30 comments)

free: How important is having and using a Telephone in Real Estate? - 04/16/15 05:28 AM
Has the telephone gone the way of the pagers, faxes, dinosaur's and travel agents? Yesterday after trying for near 6 hours to reach a Listing Agent I stopped into their office.  They were there and when told I have been calling them all day to get something for our closing, they said "exactly, you didn't reach me because you didn't text me, I don't answer a phone any longer. Get with the times." My response was short and swift for them to get me what is needed to close or this is not closing.
Last night as I sat pondering this conversation, my phone rang.  I answered … (29 comments)

free: Have you Flown lately? If so did you see the NEW trend in Real Estate - 04/15/15 04:55 AM
There is a new trend in Real Estate and I can tell you for sure that if you have boarded a flight, spent time in an airport you may see similarities. Flying US Airways now the "new" American Airlines, there was a sharp distinction between those employees who offered good customer service to the many more who did not. For what you pay and what one is put through, you think they would treat a customer better.
What does this have to do with Real Estate? Sitting there waiting for a delayed plane, I hear this woman blurt out "This was as BAD … (19 comments)

free: What is the Boldest renovation you can do that will raise your value? - 04/09/15 01:05 PM
When a Home Owner plans a renovation, some chose to be trendy, bold and beautiful. The problem starts when beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In a recent survey of home owners, trendy renovations were towards the top. When it comes to adding value, they were close the bottom. A hot pink room may sound good now bit not when it comes time to sell your home.
Many choose to add billiard rooms, home offices, craft rooms or choose to paint bold colors. Those are great for the current home owner but not so good for value when it comes time … (9 comments)

free: Would you let your Cat Sell your home? - 04/09/15 05:26 AM
The phone rings and on the other end is a screaming lady who yells "My cat could do a better a job at selling my home." As i paused looking at caller ID who was calling, she gave me a breathe of relief when she said she listed with !@#$% for the last 6 months and they could not sell water in a desert. I did snicker to myself as I looked up her listing on MLS.
She continued on and I did more listening than talking. She invited me over to see her home. The curve ball was she wanted me … (31 comments)

free: If I dont get a buyer agent, can their fee pay my closing costs? - 04/08/15 05:15 AM
Why would any Buyer think this would work? A Manchester NH area buyer stated they were not hiring a Buyer Agent and would like the fee they would have received used to pay their closing costs. They said they saw it in TV. In NH, a buyer does need their own Buyer Agent. An agent can act as a facilitator or what is known as a "non agent" in some circles. A buyer received an agency disclosure form that explains what each type of agent means and what the duties of each is.
The Seller hires the listing agent at a set fee. The … (27 comments)

free: What is your Condominium worth at Willow Bluff Estates Condominiums? - 04/06/15 02:21 PM
How much is my home worth? That is one of the most asked questions. One of the most Popular condominiums in South Manchester, WILLOW BLUFF ESTATES CONDOMINIUMS. Home buyers in Manchester NH are looking to purchase a home now to take advantage of the ultra low interest rates. With a shortage of homes on the market, there could be a Buyer waiting for a home like yours. Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services can tell you what your home is worth in Today's Market.
2 Bedroom units.
Townhouse style … (10 comments)

free: What is your Condominium worth at Parkview Condominiums? - 04/06/15 02:10 PM
How much is my home worth? That is one of the most asked questions. One of the most Popular condominiums in South Manchester PARKVIEW HILLS CONDOMINIUMS. Home buyers in Manchester NH are looking to purchase a home now to take advantage of the ultra low interest rates. With a shortage of homes on the market, there could be a Buyer waitiong for a home like yours. Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services can tell you what your home is worth in Today's Market.
This compex feature Garden Style CONDOMINIUMS with 1 and 2 bedroom units. There … (3 comments)

free: What do you do if the Real Estate phone rings on Easter? - 04/06/15 05:22 AM
It is 8am on Easter, your business phone rings... What do you do? For me, I answered it. It was a home buyer in town visiting relatives who saw a home I have listed. They are leaving after Easter dinner to head home, is there any way they could see it. Lucky for them the seller is away and I was ready to roll. After asking the key questions to make sure they were ready, willing and able to buy a home, I headed to let them in,
It went well and soon enough I was back home and heading … (34 comments)

free: Merrimack NH Home now UNDER CONTRACT - 04/04/15 12:03 PM
We are proud to announce the home listed by the Godzyk Real Estate Services at 1 Donald Road In Merrimack NH 03054 went under contract in less than 7 days and is now SALE PENDING. This 3 bedrooms, 1 bath Ranch style home with access to Baboosic Lake 
Search the MLS Multiple Listing Service by Clicking Here

STYLE: 1 story ranch style home
AGE: 1996
SIZE: 1256 SF
LOT: … (14 comments)

free: HOW many Buyers need to see a home for the Seller to accept an offer? - 04/03/15 06:23 AM
Does a Home Owner need to wait to accept an offer? Can they accept the first offer made? I walked into a literal shouting match, as the listing agent  berrated the home selller that they should wait to accpet an offer until they had a  "bunch of them". It was the 3rd day the home was on the market, I was the buyer agent for a buyer and we saw it on the first day n came on teh market. We were first to make an offer just over asking and without any contingencies  Here we are 3 days later and … (11 comments)

free: WHAT do you do if a Home Inspection goes VERY Badly? - 04/02/15 05:24 AM
What options does a Buyer or Seller have when a Home Inspection Fails? Not many inspections are flawless. However just because something is found does not always mean it FAILS or mean the inspection has gone badly. The inspection process can be eye opening. It can also be scary.
First thing the Inspection should identify items through facts. Inspectors should not guess or estimate and most important not be al alarmist. I like to inform my Home Buyers or the Seller when it is my listing what to expect from an inspection.
Most important each should know what to … (12 comments)

free: Do you want to hear a SECRET? - 04/01/15 05:28 AM
Is this marketing plan an April Fools Joke or is it real.  They said their plan was two fold. Put a sign out front of the home and place the listing in MLS. Then they wait for a buyer to call.....That was a question a Home Seller asked me if  after spending the last 6 months listed with a big time company.
As you could hear crickets waiting for a punch line, the home owner said "no really, that was their plan."  As I thought why then they would spend 6 months listed with such a person and or company, the … (6 comments)

free: How long should a Home Inspection last? - 03/31/15 05:20 AM
How much time is needed for a home inspection to be thought of as "done well"? I have been at 4 home inspections in the last 6 days, 3 as the listing agent and 1 as the buyer broker. They ranged from 75 minutes to 4 hours. When they are short buyers think they were not done well. When they are long, the buyers can think were too long.  The FACTS are it depends on how big the home is, how old the home is and it's condition. Most important it depends on the Inspector you hired. 
A condominium on … (18 comments)

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