free: Does it cost EXTRA to Hire a Buyer Broker? - 09/18/14 05:13 AM
Will I be paying more if I hire a Buyer Broker to help me but a Manchester NH area Home? This is a question asked by many Buyers. I am happy to report that in most cases you can hire a Buyer agent at no additional cost to you. Simply put a Buyer Broker gets paid their fee from an amount the listing agent offers in the MLS.
The purpose and goal of a Buyer Agent is not to just locate and show you homes listed for sale. It is to guide you through the buying process while looking out … (18 comments)

free: ZOMBIE Foreclosures - Are they for REAL? - 09/17/14 05:15 AM
Have you seen them? You may drive by one every day. You may have one in your neighborhood. This is not the Walking Dead but could be your home town. Homes where the Owner simply leaves. They go vacant and are left to sit empty. The bank has not foreclosed yet so they do not own them. No one is maintaining them. The grass grows tall. Vandals break windows. Thieves steal the copper. Winter freezes the pipes. Spring thaws them bringing life to mold.
Why should you care? Because they are bringing  down values in these neighborhoods. They are attracting crime. … (21 comments)

free: WHY is the Buyer climbing that tree? - 09/16/14 05:43 AM
There is no shortage if excitement in Real Estate. While showing a Manchester NH area Home, I was answering questions from Mrs. Buyer. I noticed the Mr. buyer and their agent were gone. Mrs. buyer said, there he is as she points to a tree in the back. I head out back and I was not sure I should ask, but asked "Why is the Buyer climbing that tree?" The Buyer Agent states "To get a better look at the yard? As I both shook my head and called for him to come back down, the buyer agent took another call. 

free: How far in advance should I start looking for a Home to Buy? - 09/14/14 04:30 PM
What are the secrets to Buying a home? How far ahead of being ready to buy should I start. What can i afford? There are no shortage of questions by First Time Home Buyers looking to purchase homes in the Manchester NH area.  The first two steps are hiring the BEST Buyer broker and a Local and trusted Loan officer.
Basically when it comes when to start the process, If you know you have good credit and a good savings 3-4 months is plenty, however if you dont know what your credit is or dont have much saved, 4-6 months in … (8 comments)

free: What was the Manchester NH Condominium Market like in August 2014? - 09/14/14 03:26 PM
What the start of fall in New England, we are about to enter one of the busiest times of year for home sales. Everywhere i go, I am asked if now Is now the time to Sell my Manchester NH Condominium? The question of whether to sell is being pondered by many area Home Owners. Our market as seen values start to rise with a steady flow of buyers and a shortage of homes currently listed on the market. That makes NOW a great time to list and sell your condominium.
.Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate … (5 comments)

free: What do you do if a Buyer wants to see your home at 7am? - 09/13/14 10:49 AM
Would you let a buyer see your home at 7am? Would you show a Buyer a home at 7am? "There better be a pretty darn good reason they want to see it at that time," was the reply of my seller. This Manchester NH area Home Buyer is a business owner. They work 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm. They do not want to see the home in the dark and can not get away long enough to see a home in the day. That leaves early morning.
Many will say if you want to sell your … (67 comments)

free: What is the BEST style of home to buy? - 09/13/14 05:48 AM
Is there a style of home that is better than any other? Asked a Manchester NH area Home Buyer. The primary answer should be based on what the buyer's needs are. What style that is right or preferred by one buyer may not be right for another buyer.
Some Buyers may want OR need a 1 story or Ranch style home without any stairs. Other buyers may prefer a 2 story home which there are many styles such as a colonial, garrison or even a cape. Some buyers prefer Split Entry or Raised Ranch style homes. 
The bottom line is … (12 comments)

free: WHY do Buyers become unreasonable during the inspection period? - 09/10/14 05:32 AM
"Have the Buyers lost their mind?" yelled a Home Owner after the Buyer submitted the home inspection results. One of the most important parts of the Buying process is the Home Inspection. It is one of the most nervous times for the Home owner.
A recent trend where Buyers use teh Inspection to re-negotiate the home price or add concessions has sellers up in arms. Is it the Buyer Brokers pushing this? Is it the buyers watching too much late night Real Estate Reality shows?
The problem is BEFORE making an offer, the buyer and their agent … (29 comments)

free: Should a Buyer deduct a standard percentage of list price on an offer? - 09/09/14 05:30 AM
What is the best way  for a Home Buyer to decide what price to offer? There is a troubling trend that may be causing buyers to lose out on their potential Dream home. Some Manchester NH area Buyers want to make a "standard" deduction off the asking price. On a recent offer to my listing the Buyer Broker told the buyer to make an offer 10% less than the asking price.
The buyers offer was rejected. The Buyer was furious and the Buyer Broker scratched their head. The home was already listed below market value for a quick sale. Had the … (15 comments)

free: What is the BEST type of property to Invest in? Single, Multi, Condo? - 09/08/14 05:34 AM
How can I make money in Real Estate? What is the BEST way to start investing in Real Estate? One of the most common questions is what type of property they should purchase. Both new and established Investors hear that now is a great time to buy, so they want to jump into the Real Estate game.
Before "jumping in" to the market, you need to know what is the right property for you. What is right for one investor may not be right for another. Are you looking for the most monthly income or looking to build equity?

free: Is it possible to sell my home if I owe more than it is Worth? - 09/07/14 05:09 PM
Is there a SECRET to getting a Home Sold if I owe more than my house is worth in today's market? Although values of increased most  MANCHESTER NH areas, but some Home owners feel left behind and do not know where to turn. A SHORT SALE remains as a viable option. The problem is most sellers do not know what a Short Sale really involves.
Not every Real Estate agent is willing or able to List, negotiate and Sell Short Sales.
As a Home Seller in this market you need every advantage you can to get your … (3 comments)

free: Will the start of the NFL Season slow down Real Estate on Sunday's? - 09/06/14 05:51 AM
What happens on Sunday when football season starts? asked a passionate NE Patriots fan looking to sell his home. In areas where football is a way of life, much like Saturday's for many big college teams, life can stand still during game time. However in Real Estate, work goes on despite the game. 
Here in New England there is definitely a slow down in calls and inquiries during game time. There is also an increase before and after the game.
Sunday mornings can be very busy with a great slow down in the afternoon. Saturdays tend to be busier than … (52 comments)

free: Does this home look "Ready to show" to you? - 09/05/14 05:59 AM
People often wonder why their home is not selling. When looking at this home yesterday can you tell me why this home may still be on the market? Perhaps from the mouth of a child that blurted out "this homes a mess, if we moved here there is no where to put our stuff."
A home has to be "ready to show" when you start bringing potential buyers through out.
My blame goes straight to the listing agent who should know better. Sellers may be living their lives and leave the home as they live day to … (26 comments)

free: NEW LISTING for 12 Units in Henniker NH - 09/04/14 04:36 PM
One of those once in a lifetime listings for an amazing 12 unit building in the historic downtown area.  8 residential units and 4 commercial units along downtown. Fully rented and everything in good condition. Please contact us direct for information and showings to qualified investors with confidentiality agreement. Priced at $695,000

STYLE: 12 units
More information by request:
(603) 661-2121
If you are looking to buy or sell a home in New Hampshire, please call us first. We strive to provide the best in personal and … (6 comments)

free: NEW Bank Owned LISTING in Raymond NH priced for quick sale - 09/04/14 04:28 PM
A new Bank Owned Home has been listed at 13 Evelyn Ave in Raymond NH 03077. This 3 bedrooms, 2 bath Ranch style home is on it's own 1/4 acre lot. There is a large deck, 2 sheds, a large kitchen and a huge living room with a fireplace.  This home is priced for FAST SALE at $126,000

STYLE: 1 story ranch style home
AGE: 1996
SIZE: 1256 SF
LOT: 0.24 acres
If you are looking to buy or sell … (5 comments)

free: What is a COUNTRY KITCHEN anyway? - 09/04/14 06:36 AM
Can you help? There was quite a conversation going on with "What is a Country Kitchen? I have seen many descriptions such as it can be open, dark, old, wood, wood color, natural color or one that you can eat in. It was asked if it is another word for simply "outdated".
There are many terms in Real Estate that have several meanings. Often used to "puff" an ad and make everything seem like it is desired. Such as the word cozy.
What is a Buyer to do? Knowing up front there are several definitions of various … (27 comments)

free: How can I MAKE a Home Seller accept my Real Estate Offer? - 09/02/14 06:15 AM
What is the best way to make a Home Seller accept my offer? "Many offers were either rejected or I lost out to several other buyers on other homes in the past" asks a Manchester NH home Buyer. 
The first red flag is they lost out on many other homes. The buyer told me they had a Buyer Agent. SO my first question is why isn't that buyer broker answering this question. 
Simply put, a Buyer has to make better offers. In our current Real Estate market there is a slight shortage of homes and many new listings can get several offers on … (12 comments)

free: What happens if they find something wrong in the Home Inspection? - 09/01/14 06:10 AM
Why are many Buyers unprepared for the results of a Home Inspection? Many buyers are not sure what to do when they get the results of their inspection. What do they mean? How do they proceed? What do they need to do? Many buyer agents will use this to try to re-negotiate the sales price, but is this in the best interest of a home buyer?
The most important part for a buyer to note is they should be FULLY informed before making an offer what to expect during the buying process.
Before you make an offer you should … (12 comments)

free: How can you guarantee a quick sale on my home? - 08/31/14 05:35 AM
What is the Secret to Selling a home quickly? This was always a popular question with Home Owners looking for a quick sale, however now they seem to be asking how we can guarantee that home sells. There is no wonder with ads stating they guarantee to sell your home or else.
Or else what? After you read the fine print, sure they may buy it if it does not sell in 60 days but at what price. Maybe half off appraised valued. That is not a very good deal for the seller.
Simply put there are no … (7 comments)

free: A whole new meaning to a Foreclosure being a pile of poop. - 08/30/14 07:08 AM
If you you think Listing and Selling Foreclosed and REO Homes is easy, you may want to read this. One particular bank asks agents to attend the Foreclosure auction usually held in front of the property. If the bank buys the home back, the listing is assigned. On this special day arriving early to a ruckus. It was the auctioneer, a couple of investors and now myself. The home owner was in the process of smearing dog poo on the stairs and hand rails.
He was yelling, his wife was yelling at him and we all stood back. The auctioneers phone rings, … (43 comments)

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