free: Can a buyer offer more than asking price? Should they? - 05/23/15 05:44 AM
A unique offer came in, We will offer more than asking price, but if no other offers come in, the seller must sell to us at asking price. My first response was "WHAT?" You see asking price $199,900, the offer is $210,000 however if there are no other offers at or above asking they only want to pay $199,900.
Confused? So was I because the have a buyer agent. WHY would  buyer agent offer this type of advice. They could simply of asked if there was any other offers already submitted. The hard fact is if they offer $210,000, they should be prepared … (29 comments)

free: Should you have a Home Inspection BEFORE you list your home? - 05/23/15 05:29 AM
Are their any benefits to Inspecting your home Before you list it for sale? There is a Manchester NH area Agent who a seller reported is making home owners do this. I may not agree with making every home owner go through a full blown inspection before listing. There are certainly some benefits Io inspecting your home however there are also come cons.If a home owner is prepared to fix anything found at any cost that is found during this pre sale inspection, then yes, you should do it. 
The con part, could be for a home owner who has an inspector that finds one or … (8 comments)

free: How do you know who can BUY a Home and who can not? - 05/21/15 06:03 AM
WHY wont anyone give us a chance? were the words I heard coming from a young couple talking at a local Softball game. When I hear people talk about Real Estate, my ears tend to perk up. It is not super hearing, it is a sense that when I can help, I will. They wanted to buy a home but did not know where to start. They called to see homes advertised and no one would show them any. They were ready to buy a home but no one had given them any time to tell them how. They were ready, … (10 comments)

free: What do you think when another agent tells you "Not to Worry?" - 05/19/15 05:49 AM
Do you like to wait things out to see if they "work themselves out?" When an agent tells me not to worry, I dont know about you, but I start to worry. I am a "hands on" agent. I like to be involved, i like to know everything, i stay alert and most important try to head off problems before they start.
So when a Buyer Broker has not sent in a response to the home inspection and you are now past the date for results to seller, I worry. When there has not been a call to get the appraiser … (34 comments)

free: WHY would you only post 1 picture in MLS? - 05/17/15 06:57 AM
I did it, Guilty of placing only 1 picture of a home for my New BANK OWNED LISTING. Why did I only post 1 picture? Well the home was so bad, that every interior picture showed some sort of damage or included a view of the massive amount of personal property left behind. The bank does not allow pictures of damage or personal property to be shown in MLS pictures. 
Don't worry though, the lack of pictures dd not keep the cash only buyers away. As with all my new listings, my list of cash buyers was already called to preview the … (36 comments)

free: Home Inspector or Home Wrecker? - 05/12/15 05:46 AM
A Home Inspectors words can make or break a sale despite if what they find is cosmetic, minor or major. They have the power to kill a sale with a few words despite what is reality or common sense. When a Home Inspector sees a 9 year old water heater, that is functioning properly with no signs of anything wrong with it and then states, "the average water heater has a life of about 10 years" can be shattering to a first time home buyer who takes it literally the water heater will last only 1 more year.  
You have a … (18 comments)

free: Why bother to get pre qualified if it is not worth the paper it is on? - 05/11/15 05:01 AM
Is there a purpose or even need to get pre-qualified these days as so many people bash pre-quals in favor of getting pre-approved? First, most Buyers do not know the difference and as everyone and their uncle offer free pre-qualifications, many start there as they do not know any other place. Many buyers ask what is the difference between a pre-qual and pre-approval? Those in Real Estate know that to be pre-approved, you take the extra steps to verify your job, income, debt and check bank statements, pay stuns and tax returns.
So should we banish the pre-qualification from our industry?
In my opinion I say … (32 comments)

free: Should the agent be at the Home Inspection? - 05/09/15 05:02 AM
Who NEEDS to be at a Home Inspection? The last 3 weeks have been filled with inspections both as a Listing agent and as a Buyer Broker. WIth so many i took the time to watch and note who showed up and who did not. I do realize different states have different laws and traditions, but here in NH the Buyer SHOULD be at the inspection.  They are paying for it and they will be living there in teh future, They need first hand knowledge of what is inspected and what the conditions are. I was shocked to attend an inspection at … (25 comments)

free: Is an EXCLUSIVE Buyer agent Better than a Just a Buyers Agent? - 05/08/15 06:12 AM
You mean to tell me there is a difference? asked a buyer. What is the difference between a an "Exclusive" Buyers agent and just a Buyers agent? An exclusive buyers agent just represents buyers and does not list homes, where a buyers agent can represent just a buyer or can take listings and represent just the seller. The debate raged on, with a feature blog by Alan Mays yesterday, so when a buyer asked me today what the difference was, i knew i had to chime in. 
As the Buyer asked which was better, I let him know what the responsibilities of a … (19 comments)

free: NEW Bank Owned Listing in Salem NH - 05/08/15 05:36 AM
Newly Listed in SALEM NH, This BANK OWNED HOME exclusively listed by the Godzyk Real Estate Services at 2 ANNE AVE, 03079. This home is SOLD AS IS and priced to sell at $166,400. Easy access to rte 93. Newer siding, windows and roof. ready for your fionsohing touches inside. The utilities will not be turned on, it is up to the buyer to arrange and pay for turn on of any utility tehy want to test or inspect.
Search the MLS Multiple Listing Service by Clicking … (10 comments)

free: What does it mean if the MLS reads The Seller will pay closing costs? - 05/07/15 06:16 AM
What is the best way to attract a Buyer to see a home For Sale? Some think posting a simple message "Seller will pay Buyers Closing Costs" will do the trick. Yes it may attract some buyers but may also confuse a few more. Some buyers lump all fees when buying a home as closing costs and not know that some mortgages may allow a seller credit or others some may limit it to a specific percentage.
A Home Seller will have better luck hiring a GOOD local and trusted listing agent who will price the home properly and explaining how credits … (31 comments)

free: Can you Buy a Home with Bad Credit? - 05/06/15 05:00 AM
What does it take to purchase a home these days? This frequent question seems to be asked of me every day. There are many different types of mortgages for all kinds of Buyers. The BEST way to begin is to get pre qualified for a mortgage by a local and trusted bank or mortgage company. If you dont know where to start, a GOOD buyer broker can refer you to a GOOD loan officer.
There are different types of credit and different levels of "bad" credit. Most buyers do not even know the difference of what is bad, what is average or what is good.
1. … (10 comments)

free: I am so happy you have so much time to WASTE writing Blogs? - 05/05/15 05:32 AM
Don't you love people who know everything. When a local agent called to see my new listing they went on and on how they were happy that I had so much free time to write blogs, because that will leave more Real Estate business for them. I politely asked how that would be? They replied seeing I had so much free time to "play" online writing blogs, i must nit be very busy.
I paused thinking if I should reply with a witty comeback or ignore the comment. I didnt have the time or patience to respond. Later the day I went to the … (51 comments)

free: Can a home be "TOO HARD TO SELL" ? - 05/03/15 10:28 AM
Is it possible to find a home that no one wants to buy? My opinion is no way. There is a buyer for every home and I have proven it through some of my Bank Owned Sales in the Manchester NH area. This woman just called and told me her listing expired with her other agent and the agent told her that her house was too hard to hard to sell. That is why they were unable to sell it.
I LOVE a challenge, so i looked it up in MLS. I looked at the pictures and read the description. Certainly not worse than any of … (8 comments)

free: Is it possible to sell a Home where Buyers cant see the inside of it? - 05/01/15 05:15 AM
Is it in the Home Sellers best interest to have Buyers see the inside of their home? You bet it is. Although it is possible to find a buyer for home and not let them see the inside, they may only offer half of what it is worth or less. A woman calls to list a property. It was her first home, she got married and moved into the new husbands home. She rented her former home. Now she is ready to sell and the tenant will not allow anyone inside to see it. At least 2 other agents took the listing … (29 comments)

free: Where did the last 100 days go? A changing market with new challenges - 04/30/15 06:08 AM
What is happeing in the Real Estate Market? It is a question I get asked daily. To say that the start of 2015 has been a whirlwind is an understatement. As in most areas there is a shortage of homes to sell with a steady amount of buyers looking to take advantage of the ultra low interest rates to buy their dream home. The record breaking winter slowed owner occupied buyers but investors bought anything and everything right through 8 feet of snow.
I set many goals for 2015. To purchase a new office building. To grow by adding agents. To increase the … (14 comments)

free: Can I list my home with multiple agents at the same time? - 04/29/15 05:19 AM
There is no shortage of short cuts people will try to sell their home. A Manchester Nh area home seller called to list their home. Upon arriving they disclosed their plan to list their homes with 4 agents, The biggest company they could find, The agency with most TV ads, A MA company and a locally owned and operated company.
His thought was 4 agents equals 4 times the sale power.  I wondered how many agents would accept an open style listing because I sure was not. The answer was the other 3 all took the listing. The reality this seller will face … (13 comments)

free: How would you handle a Buyer that doesnt know what they want in a home - 04/28/15 05:44 AM
Sometimes a Husband and Wife do not agree with what they want in a home. It can pose a great challenge when starting the Buying process. Take a recent relocation Buyer to New Hampshire where the Husband wanted a new home that "needed nothing", move in ready he said. Then came the wife's request of an older home, with character they  could fix up or restore. She wanted a pool, he wanted a garage. She wanted a first floor laundry, he wanted either a finished basement or one that could be finished. She wanted a home close to the highway, he wanted … (10 comments)

free: What good is a pre-approval letter if it doesnt mean you are approved? - 04/27/15 05:45 AM
An angry Home Seller wants to know what the use of the being pre-approved is if the letter they received with the offer didn't mean they were actually approved for a loan? The CONFUSION starts that they actually got a "PRE-QUALIFICATION" Letter and not a pre-approval. Many buyers and sellers are confused by the two terms. This sellers sale fell through because the Buyer could not get a mortgage and had a generic pre-qual letter from an internet mortgage company that wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.  She fired her agent and seeks answers to what went wrong.
A pre-Qualification usually only looks … (57 comments)

free: WHY list a home if you dont do anything to get is SOLD? - 04/24/15 05:27 AM
How angry do you get reading this? Meeting with a local group of residents, the talk turned to me when they found out I was in Real Estate. The question posed was "Why would a big national franchise agent list my home if they were not going to do anything to get it sold?" The answer is simple, some agents and companies work off only selling a percentage of their listings. They need a large number of listing's to reach their goal of a "certain percentage".
You often will read in my blogs that "ALL AGENTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL." Therefore all agents … (16 comments)

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