help: The BOSTON POPS Christmas and Holiday Concert - 12/22/14 05:37 AM
I could think of no better event to get you into the Holiday spirit than the Boston pops Christmas and Holiday concert. I had the pleasure to attend last Saturday night at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester NH. 

Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops offered a great mix of melodies, classic pieces and some of the favorite Christmas classics.
Santa showed up followed by the favorite audience sing along.
The photo to the right I took of Keith Lockhart with Miss New Hampshire.
We had incredible table seating in the front of the arena by the stage.

help: The TOP 10 Reasons some Home Sellers may get coal for Christmas - 12/21/14 06:03 AM
What are Home owners asking for this Christmas? Some Home Sellers are wishing Santa will bring them a Home buyer for Christmas, but the reality is that many of these homes may not sell. Some homes listed Listed For Sale will have their dreams come true, but to be sure, sellers should not leave It up to chance and check out these TOP 10 things reasons Home Sellers may get coal instead.
THE TOP 10 GIFTS Home Sellers SEEK
1. They may get coal because they hired Aunt Betty to list their home who works in Real Estate "on the … (16 comments)

help: What should Home Sellers Ask for this Christmas? - 12/18/14 06:04 AM
Do Home Sellers need a gift to be able to sell their homes? It is no secret those Home Owners in the Manchester NH area who have their homes listed through the Holiday Season are seeing an increase in showings. Many buyers are trying to get a home under contract before the rules for getting a mortgage will change on January 1. Some Sellers though are asking where the buyers are for their homes? Why their homes have not sold? Why they cant even get anyone inside to see it?

The difference between a home that will sell and one that … (10 comments)

help: The TOP 10 SECRETS to Home Buying you may want Santa to bring - 12/17/14 05:45 AM
If you do not know and no one is telling you, then it sure is a SECRET. Did you know there are tips that can really help you when you are looking to Buy a home? It does not have to be a secret and you do not have to wait for Santa, as i list them right here, right now,.
1. The BEST way to start the home buying process is by hiring A "Good" Buyer Broker who will guide the Buyer through the entire Home buying process. One that is … (7 comments)

help: TOP 10 Tips Santa needs to bring for SHORT SALE Buyers and Sellers - 12/16/14 06:34 AM
Do you know the secret to a Short Sale? Do you really know what a Short Sale is? How about how a Short Sale works? To most in the Real Estate business it is no surprise that a Short Sale and it's process are very confusing to most Sellers, buyers and even some agents. This Holiday Season Santa has come up with a list of 10 tips to help you.
Check out the TOP 10 tips you NEED TO KNOW.
1. A Short Sale is when a home owner owes more … (17 comments)

help: This Nashua NH Home SOLD in 15 Days - Yours could be next - 12/15/14 01:12 PM
We are happy to announce this home in Nashua NH was SOLD by Scott Godzyk of the Godzyk Real Estate Services and has now CLOSED. Under contract in only 15 days with multiple offers. This 3 bedroom home was located in a desirable neighborhood. Many recent upgrades like newer windows and laminate floors and ready for your finishing touches.
With a shortage of homes for sale in some areas and a steady flow of buyers simply put we need more homes to sell. If you are ready to sell, contact us today.
If you are thinking about BUYING or … (9 comments)

help: The TOP 10 Gifts "A home Listed For Sale" would want for Christmas - 12/14/14 06:27 AM
If a Home Listed For Sale could make 10 wishes, What would it ask for? Let your imagination run wild as we enter the Holiday Season of Hanukkah and Christmas, check out the TOP 10 things they may be asking for this Holiday Season.
THE TOP 10 GIFTS Real Estate Agents SEEK
1. The home would only want Buyers who took the time to get pre-qualified, to come inside to see it.
2. They would want it's owner that when ready to sell it, that is is priced at the current market value. That the seller gets, get their … (7 comments)

help: The TOP 10 Gifts Home Buyers want for Christmas - 12/12/14 05:09 AM
If a Home Buyer had 10 wishes, What do you think they would ask for? As we enter the Holiday Season of Hanukkah and Christmas, check out the TOP 10 things Home Sellers may be asking for this Holiday Season.
1. A "Good" Buyer Broker who will guide them through the entire Home buying process. One that is local, experienced, full service and is there when they need them.
2. The gift of pre-approval, meeting with a local and trusted lender who goes above a pre-qualification to get the buyer ready for the … (28 comments)

help: The TOP 10 Gifts Home Sellers want for Christmas - 12/11/14 05:53 AM
If a Home Seller had 10 wishes, What do you think they would ask for? As we enter the Holiday Season of Hanukkah and Christmas, check out the TOP 10 things Home Sellers may be asking for this Holiday Season.
1. A "Good" Listing Agent who will guide them through the entire selling process. One that is local, experienced, full service and is there when they need them.
2. The gift of having a proper asking price, set based on what similar homes have sold for in their area. Everyone knows over priced … (10 comments)

help: How many offers can a Buyer make on a Home? - 12/10/14 04:57 AM
Is there a limit to how many offers a Home buyer can make on a home? I am thinking the most popular answer to this question will be there is no limit to how many offers a buyer wants to make. There is a "HOWEVER" though as on my new Manchester NH area home listing, it is bank owned, it needs some work and is listed as a CASH ONLY sale. Despite that this buyer really wanted it. They wanted to make an offer getting a FHA mortgage. There is no way this home will be able to have a FHA … (15 comments)

help: Can you get me in a New Home by Christmas? - 12/08/14 04:49 PM
Can you get me into a new home by Christmas? asked a Buyer. The good news was since i spoke to them last, they called a local lender who was referred to them, They got pre-qualified for a mortgage and were ready to go. They made a list, we checked it twice and will spend the day tomorrow choosing their dream home. The lender may not be able guarantee Christmas, but said there is no reason they can not be in for New Years.
Mother nature may not cooperate as New Hampshire braces for a storm. This picture was taken … (23 comments)

help: What should you do if there are Dogs in a Home Listed For Sale? - 12/08/14 05:49 AM
What if the dogs can not be removed from the home by the Seller prior to a showing? Every Real Estate Agent will tell you it is best if pets are removed from a home For Sale before the home is shown to buyers. In this case the Home Owner can not remove them prior to a showing. Recently divorced, works long hours out of town. "If you want the listing, you will have to deal with it" is what I was told. She wants an agent there for showings and what the plan is to handle the pets.
The … (60 comments)

help: What would YOU DO to get your Dream House? - 12/07/14 06:06 AM
Just when you think it can not get any crazier, it did on Saturday. People are talking about yesterdays blog "What the Heck is Mrs. Buyer broker doing?, and it didn't end there. With 8 showings scheduled for a new Manchester NH area Bank Owned listing within a Saturday afternoon, One potential Buyer blurted out "What will it take to make this home mine?"
Another Buyer also looking at the home shouted the answer, "back flips". With a "woosh" and a "thud" the buyer does a back flip. There seems to be no end to the excitement Real Estate … (8 comments)

help: WHAT the Heck is the Buyer Agent Doing? - 12/06/14 06:03 AM
Some Home Showings can go real well, some may go real bad but then some are just so STRANGE I have to write about it to share with you all. In short while showing a home for sale in the Manchester NH area to a Buyer and their Buyer Agent, Mrs. Buyer Broker was filming the whole showing. Although she was not just filming the home but filming the buyers. She would ask the questions and rush in front of them to film their face as they answered.
I really started to wonder if these buyers really wanted to … (18 comments)

help: Should you tell a Home Owner their home SMELLS? - 12/05/14 05:29 AM
Sellers crave feedback - Listing Agents demand it - but no one wants to hear the truth. Home Sellers can go BALLISTIC when hearing anything negative about their home. The questions of the day should Buyer Agents give every detail of what the buyer liked or did not like. Should the buyer agent really say "the home smelled"?
Reaching out to the Active Rain family to get your feedback. In my opinion most feedback is very generic and mostly has nothing to do with how the showing really went. A good listing agent should already have walked through the home … (12 comments)

help: You will HAVE TO SEE this Shower to believe it! - 12/04/14 05:36 AM
You never know what you will find when you go into a home. You always hope when you go inside to view a home with your buyer, that the home will show well. It is not only the Home Seller's responsibility to get the home ready to sell, but the listing agent's job to let the seller know what to do. SO when one walks into a ho,me and see this.... What you would say?

The first part of listing a home is setting the price at market value to … (14 comments)

help: What are the TOP 10 ways you KNOW you Hired a GOOD Buyer Agent? - 12/03/14 05:03 AM
Aren't all buyer brokers the same asked a buyer? The simple answer is that everyone knows when the hired a "not so good" agent because something may go wrong. I have had a request from a Active Rain reader to write about "how do you know an agent has gone above and beyond regular duties" and can be called a "GOOD" Agent. Even better what does it take to be considered GREAT?
An Agents duty to a client differs slightly if they are a LISTING AGENT or hired as a BUYER BROKER. The one myth from the public is that all agents are … (10 comments)

help: What does 2000 Blog Posts on Active Rain teach you? - 11/30/14 01:08 PM
This is my 2000th Blog Post on Active Rain, It took about 3.5 years to get here, although i will admit my first year I was not in high gear when it came to writing blogs. Many people still do not even know what a blog is and what value it has. Some of my favorite comments from other Manchester NH area Real Estate agents have to do with "wasting my time" writing blogs on Active Rain. Only if they knew the secret...
There are many different types of blogs and many different potential audiences searching for answers and information. … (15 comments)

help: Is there such a thing as a WINDOW SHOPPER in Real Estate? - 11/30/14 09:45 AM
There is someone looking in my windows screams a panicked Home Seller. She follows that up wit "and the person states their Buyer broker told then to look in the Windows to see if they liked the home enough to want to get inside. Mrs. Buyer Agent did what? as I was asking myself before the Seller than blurted out and the Buyer said they want to see our home while they are here.
It was a good thing that when listing any Manchester NH area homes I have "THE TALK" with the home sellers that some people may … (14 comments)

help: Should I respond to a Low Ball Offer? - 11/29/14 05:24 AM
I got a call from a Home Seller who said they did not receive "even 1 good offer" in the last 6 months their home was listed. I asked why the offers were not good. The seller responded "that their agent told them they were low ball offers, which are not good.". I asked what they countered the offers with. I heard nothing but crickets. "Uhhh? What? counter offer, why?
It seems their listing agent told them to ignore all the offers as they were low ball offers which only "not so serious" buyers make....
I explained to … (18 comments)

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