help: Will we even need Agents after the Super merger of Zillow and Trulia? - 07/29/14 05:50 AM
Why will Buyers or Sellers need Real Estate Agents after the super merger of Zillow and Trulia?  Agents were discussing this last week what it means to them, but now that the news has hit all the mainstream news channels, consumers are talking about. Yesterday I was asked if it would put all of us agents out of business...
The simple answer is no, it will not be replacing the job of a Listing Agent or Buyer Broker. Web Sites make great places to seek out information. They provide a resource for data, trends, what has sold and what is … (16 comments)

help: BOOM - Out go the lights - 07/28/14 06:30 AM
How can you purchase a home that does not have working electricity? Many banks choose not to turn the electricity on in vacant homes. There are many valid reasons. Buyers however, can get their hands tied and end up in deep financial trouble if they want to purchase such a home. With a shortage of listings, many owner occupied buyers are looking at Bank Owned homes. Having a buyer broker who is WELL experienced in bank homes is not just a suggestion, it is a MUST.
Take a recent purchase of a REO home. Listed by another agent, I was representing … (8 comments)

help: Who is responsible for the home inspection? The Buyer or the Seller? - 07/27/14 06:11 AM
Why would a Buyer demand that a seller completes and pays for a home inspection? It happened with a recent offer and left the sellers puzzled as even they said, "Isn't the home inspection for the Buyers protection."
The Buyers agent in a haste to save the Buyer $395 could place their buyer in a future financial crisis. A home inspector is usually hired by the Buyer to inspect the home for the Buyer. A buyer should know if there are any defects, damage or needed repairs during their inspection period. Letting anyone else do it, especially the seller, will not be … (12 comments)

help: WHAT is a FRENCH DRAIN? - 07/26/14 03:44 PM
There are many different names for the same thing and what you call it, usually depends on what part of the country you are from. So when a Home buyer said they did not want any homes with a French Drain, it left even me scratching my head. 
With a simple Internet search It read that a French Drain is used to move moisture away from the home to another area. It is known here as a Perimeter Drain. 
It is actually more common to have one in NH that not have one. 
Click here for Manchester area Homes For Sale … (12 comments)

help: How flexible is the Seller on the Listing price? - 07/26/14 05:23 AM
We only want to see homes where the Home Seller is flexible in their asking prices? Does it sound like a good plan? Absolutely not.... WHY Buyer may ask....
You should never base an offer on an asking price as without some homework, you don't know if that asking price is already way below market value, if it is right at market value or simply priced over market value.
A GOOD Buyer Broker can easily assess what the home is worth in today's market and base the offer on that. If you want to deduct a fixed amount off … (17 comments)

help: Are there any Homes FOR SALE in Megans Meadow Subdivision? - 07/24/14 06:38 AM
Do you want the best? One of the most desired communities in South Manchester is Megans Meadow. Located in one of the most requested school districts, with easy access to Shopping and Highways. It is close to the Crystal Lake recreation area. It features an upscale neighborhood of newer homes.
The majority of homes were built in and after 1996. They offer many different types of amenities, upgrades and features.
The Community  sits on the outskirts of Manchester while enjoying all city services
If you have a home to Sell, there may be a Buyer waiting...

help: Will I save any money if purchase without a Buyer Agent? - 07/20/14 08:05 AM
What is the best way to save money when buying or selling a home? Many Buyers think that Buying without an agent is one. It actually may cost them more by not having someone looking out for their best interest when making an offer and through the inspection process.
A Buyer Agent most often gets paid from the listing agent, a fee as posted in the MLS. A common question is "The listing agent wont have to split it so why can't they can just discount the sale price". That is not how things work as the listing agent then has … (6 comments)

help: How do you find out what PRICE a Home Seller is willing to take? - 07/18/14 06:20 AM
How does a Buyer know what to offer if they do not know what the Seller is willing to take asked a Home buyer looking at my listing yesterday. The key was this buyer was accompanied by a Buyer Broker. The Buyer Broker turns to me and asks, "so what will the seller take?"
I could have fallen over however I turned to both of them and educated them both on how a property is priced. Simply put when I list a property I look at the similar homes that have sold in the last 6 months in this same … (14 comments)

help: CAN you Buy a new home if you have a home you need to Sell? - 07/17/14 06:33 AM
Can it be done and where would you start if you want to buy a new home but you have a home you still need to sell? Many Home Owners are ready to make a change. They are ready to make a move but are not sure where to start. Many think because they have a house to sell, they simply can not buy a new home right now. Many need the proceeds from their current home sale to purchase that new home.
The answer is YES, it can be done. It starts with a "GOOD" local agent who is WELL experienced in … (15 comments)

help: Are we in a BUYERS Market or in a SELLERS Market? - 07/16/14 06:20 AM
Do you want to get confused? Simply watch the news as you get conflicting stories of today's Real Estate Market. Nearly every day someone asks if we are in a Buyer's Market or a Seller's Market? Of course the answer may differ depending on what part if the country you are from.
The current Real Estate Market when you look at statistics shows a decline in sales, however the cause may be the slight shortage of homes listed for sale. There is a strong amount of Buyers looking to take advantage of the Ultra low interest rates. The Buyers are buying … (10 comments)

help: A Tornadoe Warning can sure put the BRAKES on Showings. - 07/15/14 05:06 PM
If you have want to slow down showings on a home, just wait for a Tornado warning. It is a rare thing in New England so New Hampshire seemed to come to a halt as storms barreled through sparking a Tornado warning in Southern NH. Just as fast... the cancellations came in for my evening appointments.
What it did do is get potential Home Sellers on their computer because my emails for early afternoon were off the charts from new customers with questions or properties looking to buy or sell. 
Click here for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. … (10 comments)

help: Has the Real Estate world gone CRAZY? - 07/15/14 05:32 AM
What is the SECRET in Real Estate to getting a Home Sold? Before I answer that, I want to ask if you would you let a person who said they were a Doctor operate on you without checking? Would you give all your money to  a person who said they were a great investment banker without knowing that fact? Would you trust your future to luck or do you want to know you will be taken care of?
Although these question may sound extreme to some, why then would you trust the sale of your home to just anyone?
That … (7 comments)

help: Should i LIST with the Agent who gives me the Highest price? - 07/14/14 06:24 AM
Why shouldn't a Home Owner list with the Real Estate Agent who gives them the highest asking price? That question was from a Manchester NH Home Owner who saw me sell their neighbors home in mere days. They have the same style, same year built, same size, same amenities and similar condition home. An agent from one of those big companies said they would list it for more, a lot more....
I showed them the last 6 homes that sold not only within a mile but in their own subdivision. I showed them what is currently listed for sale. They told me … (9 comments)

help: WHY cant I place any Price I WANT on a Home Listed FOR SALE? - 07/13/14 06:55 AM
What is the BEST way to price a home that is going to be Listed For Sale? A Manchester NH Home Seller was determined to set the asking price themselve as he stated "a home is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. How do we know how high a buyer will pay, unless we list the home at the highest price possible."
Although a reasonable statement it is not realistic, as in Real Estate a home's value is determined by other factors such as what is currently For Sale that is similar. Simply put if you price … (14 comments)

help: We have been INVADED - 07/12/14 05:47 AM
Twice per year NASCAR Nation invades New Hampshire. 120,000 of my old and new friends, all come to NH for the race festivities. It was kicked off Thursday night with the transporter parade. Friday brought a couple of warm up races and Sprint Cup qualifying. The weather is in the 80's with low humidity. 
Saturday brings a full day of Nationwide races with the Big Show kicking of Sunday afternoon. I met people from all over the country who started coming last weekend in their campers and cars to enjoy NH. Every year it never fails that people fall in love … (10 comments)

help: WHAT day of the week is BEST to Close your Real Estate Purchase/Sale? - 07/11/14 06:10 AM
Is there one day of the week that is BETTER than any other day to have your Real Estate Closing? Would you believe a Buyer refusing to close on 2 days of the week because "someone" gave them advise that showings often do not go well on Monday's and Friday's?
The reality is it does not matter which day of the week you choose to close in terms if your closing will go well or go "not so well". What matters is who you have chosen for your Real Estate Agent. You will want a GREAT Agent whether you are Buying … (9 comments)

help: What was the Manchester NH Multi family Market like in June 2014? - 07/10/14 06:24 PM
When is the BEST time to list and Sell a Multi Family Home. 2-4 unit homes are most popular as most are bought by Buyers who will occupy 1 unit and rent the others. We also deal a great deal with 5-24 unit buildings. Some will certainly say Spring and Summer are the Best times in NH, however with Multi Family homes, any time of year you are ready is the right time,
Most recently many families have bought 2 and 3 family homes together such as parents and adult children, brothers and sisters and even grand parents and grand … (4 comments)

help: You can look BUT you cant touch - 07/10/14 06:29 AM
How can see a home listed For Sale and not look at the kitchen cabinets or the closets? This story is a prime example of why Home Sellers need to be informed on what to do and what not to do during a home showing. Arriving at a Manchester NH area home for sale, the seller was there to greet us. Much like the song, the seller jumps out and yells "You can look, but you can't touch... anything."
She proceeded to follow us around the home rubbing elbows and bumping into us the whole way. The buyer loved the home but had … (10 comments)

help: What is the average amount of showings before a home SELLS? - 07/09/14 06:44 AM
Is there a secret number for amount of showings it will take for a home to sell? Speaking to an expired listing, they told me their home did not sell because they did not have enough showings. Puzzled I asked if they had any offers in the last 6 months. They said a couple but their agent said they should wait for more showings and offers to get a better one.
As I banged my head on my desk the advice was so wrong. I have sold a home with only 1 showing on the first day it was on the … (13 comments)

help: What was the Manchester NH Condominium Market like in June 2014? - 07/08/14 05:38 PM
How is the Real Estate market is a question I am asked everywhere i go. Then I hear, Is now the time to Sell my Manchester NH Condominium? The question of whether to sell is being pondered by many area Home Owners. Our market as seen values start to rise with a steady flow of buyers and a shortage of homes currently listed on the market. That makes NOW a great time to list and sell your condominium.
.Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services has prepared a comprehensive Market Report that has been shared through out … (2 comments)

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