manchester: What do the Community Guidelines of Active Rain have to do with me? - 01/30/14 05:10 PM
Can you write what ever you want to in YOUR own blog? Sure i guess, but will anyone want to read it? I just got a call about a comment I left this week regarding the legality of quoting commissions in a blog. (That will be a blog for another day) I was asked "If I was against Free speech?" Why can't someone write what ever they want I was asked. You can, but you see you have Federal laws regarding commissions but here in AR, you have the Activerain Community Guidelines. The bottom line is if you want to blog here, you … (6 comments)

manchester: Are there any Condominiums FOR SALE in FOX HOLLOW at Manchester NH - 01/30/14 05:55 AM
If you are looking for a condominium, let me introduce to you FOX HOLLOW CONDOMINIUMS, One of the most requested neighborhoods by Home buyers in Manchester NH. .Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services is frequently asked "Are there any Condos available For Sale in FOX HOLLOW?"
This community is located in a wooded setting with well manicured lawns. It has easy access to Schools, Shopping and Highways. It has a fantastic club house with pool and tennis courts. These Townhouse style units come with basements, some of which are finished and a variety of extras and upgrades.

manchester: The Manchester Girls Softball Night with the NH FISHER CATS - 01/27/14 03:16 PM
The MANCHESTER GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE located in Manchester NH announces it's 2nd annual MGSL night at the New Hampshire Fisher Cats Minor League Baseball team. It will be on Saturday JUNE 7, 2014 at 5 pm. Tickets are only $10 each and $4 gets donated back to the Manchester Girls Softball League. 
Players, parents, friends, relatives and the general public can enjoy a great game and help support local youth sports.


Tickets can be purchased on our web site,  

The MGSL strives to provide girls age 4 to 18 a … (5 comments)

manchester: 2014 Business Plan that will make Home Buyers/Sellers dreams come true - 01/27/14 06:27 AM
What will 2014 bring for the Real Estate Market? Looking back to 2013 it started with a "mad rush" of Buyers to purchase homes that may have sat on the market for quite some time. Interest rates were ultra low and prices had yet to rise in some areas. We had the busiest winter in 28 years of Real Estate in 2013. Summer saw the market go from an over supply to an under supply of homes as home after home sold with few new listings coming on the market. Here in the MANCHESTER NH area we saw the amount of … (6 comments)

manchester: Why you may want to Buy a Home before the POLAR VORTEX ends. - 01/26/14 06:06 AM
More than half of the united States has experienced the Polar Vortex this year. It is no secret cold weather slows down buyers looking for homes. With Sellers active in getting their homes on the market, the. Inventory of homes for sale has risen. this means more homes to see. Interest rates are sill ultra low which means now may be the BEST time of the year for Buyers to buy. Here in the MANCHESTER NH area Buyers want to know how to start the process of Buying a Home. 
The SECRET that Buyers who found their dream homes … (8 comments)

manchester: Save up to $20 on 2014 Registration - Manchester Girls Softball League - 01/26/14 06:05 AM
The MANCHESTER GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE located in Manchester NH announces you can save up to $20 off the Regular registration Fee if you register by Feb. 1, 2014. Registration Details are available ONLINE. You can print and mail in the registration form or pay online with your credit or debit card.  Family discounts available.
The MANCHESTER GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE (MGSL) offers FREE Indoor Softball Clinics for all girls registered for the 2014 league by March 1, 2014. Clinics are for new and returning players age 4 to 18. Clinics will run on Saturday. Dates and times … (4 comments)

manchester: What happens if my home is TOO HARD to sell? - 01/25/14 05:39 AM
Can a Home be "Too Hard" to sell? What factors would keep a home from Selling? Are any of them too big to over come? This question was asked to me by a MANCHESTER NH area home Seller who has not been able to sell his home. I sold his neighbors home and they told him to call me. Very bluntly he asked me "How I thought i would be able to sell his home when the biggest companies in the state could nlot do so?' My first task was to research his home, former listing sheets and go see it.

manchester: What has 4 walls and a Roof but you may not be able to see it? - 01/24/14 05:44 AM
What is your definition of a "PERFECT HOME? The answer may be different to each person that answers it. The needs and wants of one buyer may not be the same as another. What is perfect for one person may not be for another.Here in the MANCHESTER NH area, where some say there is a Shortage of homes currently listed For Sale, the reality is there is a steady supply of new listings coming on the market to encourage Buyers that their Dream homes are out there. Many buyers are looking to take advantage of the "Ultra Low" Interest rates before the … (18 comments)

manchester: Is it True that Winter could be the BEST time of year to Sell a Home? - 01/22/14 06:29 AM
Can you really sell a home in the winter? This Seller was not sure that anyone would really buy a home listed in the cold season. The facts is that here in the MANCHESTER NH area, there is a shortage of homes for sale. With a steady supply of Buyers, homes seem to be selling faster without as much competition from other Home Sellers.For Buyers, interest rates could be the lowest they will be all year, lower rates means more home for your money. Many Home Owners who are listing now are finding many showings and quick sales. Sure anytime of … (8 comments)

manchester: HOW do you know what is or what is NOT included with a Home Sale? - 01/21/14 06:03 AM
What is NORMALLY included with a Home Sale? Do the blinds stay, the curtains, how about the appliances, does that mean the washer and dryer too? Ceiling fans, fireplace accessories or how about the pool accessories? The key word is "Normal". .There is nothing that can be averaged, considered normal and nothing should be assumed. Here in the MANCHESTER NH area, No two sales may be alike and therefore what is or is not included with Sale A may not be the same as in Sale B. You will usually find a list of what is or is not included in the … (14 comments)

manchester: Is the Cold and FLU Season affecting Real Estate Sales? - 01/20/14 07:06 AM
Have you caught it yet? The FLU is being called an epidemic in most Southern States. Here in New England there have been pockets of the Flu, but no widespread outbreak. Every evening though people see it on the TV news with a growing fear of catching it. Here in the MANCHESTER NH area, a Buyer stated they do not want to see any homes where the Seller's family was sic with the cold or FLU.
When I had to ask the listing agents the question about the Flu upon my Buyers request, it was not always taken well. It … (13 comments)

manchester: Should I wait until after Winter to Sell and then Buy a Home? - 01/19/14 05:38 AM
Is there a SECRET when the BEST time to Buy or Sell a Home is? Buyers and Sellers seem to be asking if they should wait until after winter when the market is busier? Although the Spring Market is busiest time of year for sales in the MANCHESTER NH area, it may not always be the "BEST" time to buy or sell..When it comes to SELLING, winter has less homes for sale and with a steady supply of Buyers, homes seem to be selling faster without as much competition by other Home Sellers.For Buyers, interest rates could be the lowest they … (11 comments)

manchester: HOW can I sell my home if I owe more than it is Worth? - 01/18/14 05:41 AM
What is the SECRET to getting a Home Sold if I owe more than my house is worth in today's market? Although values of increased most  MANCHESTER NH areas, but some Home owners feel left behind and do not know where to turn. A SHORT SALE remains as a viable option. The problem is most sellers do not know what a Short Sale really involves.
Not every Real Estate agent is willing or able to List, negotiate and Sell Short Sales.
As a Home Seller in this market you need every advantage you can to get your … (7 comments)

manchester: Does offering a SELLING AGENT a BONUS attract more Buyers? - 01/17/14 06:18 AM
What is the SECRET to getting a Home Sold? Is offering a BONUS to the Selling Agent the key to getting a home sold? A Home Seller called this morning to discuss the sale of his home. It was listed with one of those big time national companies the last 6 months and still has not sold. He peppered me with question after question. He did not even let up to allow me to answer when he paused long enough for me to politely interupt. I asked him the address of the MANCHESTER NH area home he had FOR SALE.

manchester: Are you ready to Sell Your Home? Because Buyers are ready to Buy - 01/16/14 05:30 AM
When is the BEST time of year to List my home For Sale? It is a common question I am hearing from Home Owners in the MANCHESTER NH area who were thinking of Selling their homes this year. The simple answer is "Any time you are ready to sell, may be best for you. However as we kick of 2014, there is a shortage of homes listed for sale and a strong amount of Buyers looking to take advantage of the "Ultra" Low interest rates. That makes now the BEST time to sell if you are ready. Less competition and Buyers … (10 comments)

manchester: What is the most requested feature Home Buyers seek? - 01/15/14 06:10 AM
Is there 1 common Home feature all Home buyers want, seek or need? It may vary depending on what part of the country you are in, a warm climate or an area with real winters. It could be a garage, basement, finished basement, fireplace, wood stove, pellet stove, central air, pool, deck, patio and such... Here in the MANCHESTER NH area i am seeing many Buyers relocating here for our great jobs. Therefore the request for features or amenities is quite different than we are used. Some of the items on buyers lists ar enot common to NH or called by … (9 comments)

manchester: Could a January Thaw be the secret that brings out Buyers and Sellers? - 01/13/14 05:55 AM
Does weather affect Real Estate Sales? Here in the MANCHESTER NH area it sure can. Nothing cancels a Home Showing faster than a blizzard, ice storm or below zero weather. Buyers stop thinking about buying and Sellers are not thinking about selling. The truth be known that those cold or stormy days are the BEST days to prepare to buy or sell. If you are stuck inside Buyers can prepare to buy by getting pre-qualified, they can search through MLS listings and narrow down what they want to see. Sellers can get their paperwork ready, a copy of that deed, tax … (19 comments)

manchester: What is affecting the Real Estate Market? Choosing an Agent - Part 3 - 01/12/14 06:19 AM
Is there anything that Buyers and Sellers have in common when getting ready to Buy or Sell a MANCHESTER NH area Home? Many items on the list to get a Buyer or seller ready to Buy or Sell are specific to Buying or Selling. You can not control the economy, interest rates or whether banks are loaning money but the One task they have in common that they can control is their choice in a A Real Estate agent to help them through the Buying or Selling process. So many consumers believe that all agents are the same but some soon … (3 comments)

manchester: What is affecting the Real Estate Market? Part 2 - 01/11/14 05:06 AM
Buyers are ready to buy but can they? The interest rates have fallen and are back to ultra low levels Do you have an extra couple of hundred thousand dollars laying around? If not, you will probably need a mortgage to purchase your next MANCHESTER NH area Dream Home. Your next step after deciding you would like to buy a home, is checking to see if you can get a mortgage, The Mortgage world has been turned upside down in the last couple of years with new rules, new regulations but finally an increase in lending money.
Why … (10 comments)

manchester: What is affecting the Real Estate Market? Part 1 - 01/10/14 05:52 AM
The Real Estate Market is affected by so many outside forces. Simply put, consumers have to be secure in their jobs to want to and be able to purchase a new home. Here in New Hampshire we are experiencing a strong economy that starts with our low unemployment rate. We have seen a strong upward trend in people relocating to NH for our job market.  Once people find out we have NO Income Tax and NO sales tax, it is a game changer. Over the next week i will feature the top 10 things affecting the Real Estate Market complete with … (7 comments)

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