manchester: Can Selling your Home be easy, rewarding and exciting? - 03/04/14 06:33 AM
Often you hear about the bad experiences from people Selling Their Home. It does NOT have to be that way. With a simple recipe for Selling your Home the 'right way". It can be an exciting time. It is a process that rewards you as you move on to your next home. People move for a variety of reasons and each reason is a step to a new life. Here in the MANCHESTER NH. area, there is a shortage of homes For Sale which makes NOW one of the best times to sell.
Recently a Home Owner called in … (14 comments)

manchester: You Should not HATE the thought of Buying a new Home - 03/03/14 06:04 AM
You can sure bring out emotions of your blog readers when you include the word HATE in a blog title. Quoting this First time Buyer she was so stressed by what she was experiencing while buying a home, she used the " H " word when describing it. Yesterday i wrote about how a Home Seller had 'Hated" the process of Selling their home. To read how this story starts, please check it out.
On the flip side of Selling your home is Buying a Home. Either adventure should NOT be stressful. you should not feel anxious. Buying a … (8 comments)

manchester: HATE is a nasty word when it comes to Selling your Home - 03/02/14 05:34 AM
Is there anything that angers you so much you HATE it? After spending 33 hours flying through 5 airports and being on 6 planes i can sure say i am close to hating flying. I did however get to meet lots of people and have lots of conversations about Home buying and Selling from people across the country. One Couple was talking about how much they HATED the process of Selling Their home. I popped right up because this is my specialty. I am one of the leading listing agents in the MANCHESTER NH. area, and I LOVE to list and … (17 comments)

manchester: Is it time to sell your Condominium in FOX HOLLOW at Manchester NH? - 02/27/14 05:04 AM
If you are looking for a condominium, let me introduce to you FOX HOLLOW CONDOMINIUMS, One of the most requested neighborhoods by Home buyers in Manchester NH. .Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services is frequently asked "Are there any Condos available For Sale in FOX HOLLOW?"
This community is located in a wooded setting with well manicured lawns. It has easy access to Schools, Shopping and Highways. It has a fantastic club house with pool and tennis courts. These Townhouse style units come with basements, some of which are finished and a variety of extras and upgrades.

manchester: Manchester Girls Softball League announces 2014 Registration save $10 - 02/26/14 01:13 PM
As winter comes to an end in Manchester NH, The MGSL is proud to announce YOU CAN SAVE UP TO $10 on registration which is now OPEN for the 2014 season. MGSL strives to provide girls age 4 to 18 a fun and challenging fast pitch softball league. Our league is designed for girls to learn the basics and improve these skills throughout our five age divisions. We also strive to provide a clean, safe top-notch facility for our players and fans.

SAVE up tp $10 WITH 'EARLY REGISTRATION" but Hurry, it ends March 1, 2014
The … (5 comments)

manchester: What do YOU do when you see a Short Sale that is WAY UNDER PRICED? - 02/26/14 05:02 AM
Have you ever seen a Listing that is so Under Priced you just have to get your Buyers to it? Perhaps your investors or maybe even yourself. It is not a new trend to Under price short sale listings to get a HUGE response and multiple offers, But it is a trend where people should have learned their lessons.  Here in the Manchester NH area there still are some Home Owners who may owe more than the home is worth. They choose an agent full of promises but little to no experience in short sales. The agents answer is to price it super low, … (30 comments)

manchester: WHY does the Yard Sign say COMING SOON? Is it a Bank Owned Home? - 02/25/14 05:27 AM
WHY would one put a yard sign listing a home FOR SALE but then put "coming soon" if the home is not ready to be sold. This question is featured today as written by one of my favorite Bloggers Dick Greenberg simply titled COMING SOON. What is gong on with these signs? As a leading Listing Agent of Bank Owned Homes in the MANCHESTER NH. area, I can tell you the Banks and asset management companies who assign these listings, make the agent put a sign up on vacant properties as of day 1.
The problem starts that … (9 comments)

manchester: Why would I NOT want to wait until spring to Sell? - 02/24/14 01:42 PM
Why should I list now if it only gets busier in the Spring? A home Owner was very firm that they wanted to wait until Spring is actually here. They said we can not have a spring market until the snow is melted, flowers are blooming and kids are getting out of school. Unfortunately what he is not see ing is that RIGHT now is the Best time to sell, even better than when spring arrives in NH. With a shortage of homes listed for sale in the MANCHESTER NH. area, Buyers are ready to act quickly to find their dream … (11 comments)

manchester: Can you see that new home over the snow banks? - 02/23/14 02:11 PM
Can snow help you sell your home? An interesting call from a Buyer who was stopped in front of my Listings telling me the newly fallen snow looked so pretty she needs to see this house. As winter holds on tightly in the Manchester NH area, there is no doubt the spring market has started although it is only winter. Ultra low interest rates right now and a fear they will rise are spurring buyers to start the buying process now.

The market here is like many other areas of the country where you will find a market that has a lighter inventory of homes … (7 comments)

manchester: What is the Best type of Home to buy? - 02/21/14 01:44 AM
An interesting question was posed to me where the Home Buyer wanted to know what the best type of home to buy was, if he was to live there for say 5 years, and be the best investment for him." The FIRST thing to note is then when buying a home to live in, the most important thing is the home will be comfortable and fit you and your family for the time you live there. Here in the MANCHESTER NH. area we have a nice selection of homes and neighborhoods that are well desired. With home prices and Interest rates … (3 comments)

manchester: WHY isn't my home worth more then my Neighbors house? - 02/20/14 05:29 AM
My home should be worth more than my neighbors because after all, it is mine. Great in theory but not so much when it comes to today's Real Estate market. Today we look at a home that has been for sale for over 6 months with one of those "big time" listing agents. I sold a home on his street not too long ago so the Seller contacted me to find out why his house is not worth more than the house I sold. He should be concerned more with why his home has not sold. I believe deep down he … (6 comments)

manchester: HOW do I know what a home is really worth? - 02/18/14 05:30 AM
How do you know what the value of a home is? We get calls and emails from both buyers and Sellers wanting tio know what a home is really worth. Some are just home Owner's who are curious, some home owners want to sel and other need to sell. From the buyer side, home buyers want to know what a home is worth so they know what to offer. The key is to acknowledge that value in a buyers eyes may be different from a value in a home owners eyes. Here in the MANCHESTER NH. area, we are one of … (9 comments)

manchester: How many BUYERS does it take to SELL a Home? - 02/17/14 05:44 AM
How many Buyers should you let see a home before you accept an offer? That was the question of the weekend for a new listing. To set the scene a new listing hits the market. They ask for a few days to get the home ready before showings can start. I( have buyers ready, willing and able to buy in this very neighborhood. The home was listed at the higher end of the market value based on the homes the same age , same size and all in the same neighborhood. With a shortage of homes listed for sale in the … (16 comments)

manchester: What is the difference between a Foreclosure and Bank Owned? - 02/16/14 06:00 AM
What is gong on with Bank Owned Homes in your area? With a shortage of homes For Sale in the MANCHESTER NH. area, home buyers are looking to Bank Owned homes to find their Dream Homes. There seems to be a steady supply of foreclosures, but not at the level we saw in 2008 and 2009. The one that that has not changed is the confusion of what a Foreclosure is and how to buy one.
To start a home in the Foreclosure process is not Bank owned yet, it is still owned by the Home Owner who is … (12 comments)

manchester: Where can you find GOLD in New Hampshire? - 02/15/14 05:49 AM
The USA has Gold fever and buyers and Investors from around the country want to know where they can get their share of the gold. NH may not be known for Gold Mines but we do have some wonderful Diamonds. Home buyers are following the lead of Investors and heading to the MANCHESTER NH. area for a bountiful supply of "Diamonds in the rough". With no income or sales tax tax, affordable sales prices and how much you can get for your dollar. The Investor market has flourished the last 5 years. Now buyers looking for their owner occupied dream homes … (10 comments)

manchester: The Spring Market is buried under feet of snow-WHY you should not wait - 02/14/14 05:50 AM
Should I wait until the SPRING MARKET to Buy or Sell a Home? We may be buried in snow this February, however WHY you should NOT wait until the Spring but ACT now. Here in the MANCHESTER NH. area we have a shortage of homes listed For sale. Despite that there are ample Buyers who are ready, willing and able to buy RIGHT NOW. They are anxious to take advantage of the Ultra Low Interest rates before they are expected to rise later in the spring.
For Home Owners looking to sell, with little competition from other … (8 comments)

manchester: Can i use the buyer Agent commission as my down payment? - 02/13/14 05:33 AM
One particular Buyer asked if they skip using a Buyer broker, can the commission that buyer Agent would have earned be used as their deposit. Buyers are Looking for any way they can to take advantage of the ultra low interest rates by buying a home now. Some are misguided in the shortcuts they are looking to take. Here in the MANCHESTER NH. area and throughout virtually every state, it is illegal to pay a person who does not hold a valid Real Estate license a commission. In reality the Listing agent has to do twice the work when a buyer … (8 comments)

manchester: HOW do you expect me to Sell your home? - 02/12/14 05:10 AM
Can houses really sell themselves? Simply put no... so when a Home Seller stays home to follow us around their home during a showing asking if i will be selling her home and asking the buyer if they will be buying was kind of irritating. We were her first showing in near 6 months and she is lucky we were there. the potential buyer was related to a buyer who i sold a home to in this popular MANCHESTER NH. neighborhood. Otherwise we probably would have over looked this home. You want to know why? The owner told me they have … (15 comments)

manchester: HOW do i know if I can get a Mortgage to buy a Home? - 02/11/14 04:37 AM
One of the most common questions I am hearing these days is "Can I get a mortgage?" There are many MANCHESTER NH area residents who would like to BUY A HOME to take advantage of the Ultra Low interest rates and affordable home prices.

Why are some Buyers getting to take advantage of the Ultra Low interest rates and Buy their dream Homes while other Buyers can not?

It starts with their financing and ends with the quality of Offer they made.Some are trying on their own, some are getting little guidance from the agent they did hire, some … (5 comments)

manchester: Do I have to tell a Buyer if i know something is wrong with my house? - 02/10/14 06:02 AM
What do you have to disclose and what can you hide? Asked a Home Owner looking to List their Home. I was interviewing with the owner when they asked me this. The correct answer is a seller has to disclose everything they know. They did not like my answer and told me another agent from a BIG company told they did not have to say anything. lI let them know that whether selling a home in the MANCHESTER NH AREA,. or anywhere, the correct thing to do is to disclose everything on the Seller property Information report.
They … (25 comments)

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