manchester: How do you know the advice you receive on Real Estate is good or bad? - 03/29/14 05:21 AM
When should you listen to advice and when should you run from it? Is there a way to know the advice you received is good? Is it valid? or is it wrong? Saturday in the New Hampshire's largest newspaper the Union Leader, their Real Estate edition listed 10 tips for first tome home buyers. It was a story the picked up from the wire from the Orange County Register. When i started reading it, i was amazed at HOW WRONG some of these tips were. It was like "how dare they print this without knowing what they were printing was even … (15 comments)

manchester: HOW do you get a Buyer to Buy your home? - 03/28/14 05:32 AM
What is the BEST way to get a Buyer to Purchase one's home? An interesting question from a Home Seller whose home was on the market the last 6 months without any offers. What made this question more real and more desperate, was the follow questions that this seller was desperate for ways to MAKE a buyer, buy their home. The simple answer was you can not "Make" a buyer buy a home. With hardly any showings in the last 6 months, the problem was clear for me. The home was not priced correctly, the home was not ready to show … (21 comments)

manchester: What are the Best incentives a Seller can offer to get a QUICK SALE? - 03/27/14 05:38 AM
What is the BEST way to get your Home SOLD very fast? What incentives should be offered? Those were two questions a recent home seller repeated over and over. As they searched for a short cut or magic pill, the HARD TRUTH was that to get a home sold quickly, you simply need to hire a GOOD Listing agent and price the correctly. Over priced homes are not selling. You can offer any incentive you want, but if you can not get a buyer to see your home, incentives are meaningless.
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manchester: Can weather affect the Real Estate Market? - 03/26/14 03:26 PM
There may be very little signs of spring in the North East but the Spring Market peaked it's head out from the snow with a warm spring day. If anyone has doubts that weather affects the Real Estate Market, look no further than NH last Saturday. The never ending winter has buried our spring market. With just 1 day in the 50's 3 new listings and a phone ringing off the hook with new buyers ready to start their Home Buying Journey.
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manchester: Are Communities with COMMON CORE facing an Increase in Home Sales? - 03/25/14 06:43 AM
Do you know what COMMON CORE Educational Standards are? If you have school age children you sure may. Here in NH it is one of the Most HEATED issues at Local School Board meetings, whether to adopt this style of teaching. Most parents are unaware of the consequences of it, but those that have studied it, will have strong feelings on one side or the other. SOME parents have such strong feelings they are MOVING from communities who do adopt it to those who refuse to adopt it.
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manchester: SPRING MARKET - Is it a Fact or is it Fiction? - 03/24/14 06:03 AM
Every where you look you may be seeing blogs and articles about Spring and the Spring Market. Half of the country is left scratching their head has winter hangs on tight with very few signs of spring. Has the Spring Market arrived in your area? Here in Southern New Hampshire a few spring days have popped up only to be pushed back by winters grip. Most Sellers seem to be waiting out the weather to list their homes For Sale. Buyers have become very restless and are out in droves asking to be pre-qualified and wanting to see homes For Sale. … (8 comments)

manchester: Is it OK to leave a pet home when the home is being shown? - 03/23/14 05:26 AM
One of the most asked questions from pet owners is if pet scan remain at home while Home buyers view the home. It is very important for Listing Agents to discuss this before a home is placed on the market for sale. Pets should removed from a home for showings. There is a number of reasons such as safety, barking can be a distraction and some buyers are simply scared of some pets.
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When selling your home you want … (22 comments)

manchester: Do you think BPO's and REO is easy? Well I have a story for you - 03/22/14 05:47 AM
Does anyone know how Bank Owned home sales really work? Unless you are a BPO or REO agent you may not. You may also not know how scary it can be. In most cases banks will order a BPO (Broker Price Opinion) when a home goes over 60 days late, when foreclosure is started or just before the foreclosure auction itself. The most common BPO is the "Drive by". You simply drive by the home, you take a picture of the front, the address and the street. There is no going on the property and you have no contact with the … (29 comments)

manchester: Manchester Girls Softball League announces 2014 Evaluations - 03/20/14 03:59 PM
This Saturday March 22, 2014 is the MGSL Evaluation Day. It is not too late to register for the 2014 season by showing up this Saturday or by registering ONLINI on our web site to avoid the line. Manchester Girls Softball League will be holding their 2014 Evaluation Session at The Ultimate Sports Academy,  201 Allard Dr. Manchester NH.  Please check our web site for who MUST attend evaluation and who does not.
Click Here for Our Web Site:
MGSL strives to provide girls age 4 to 18 a fun and challenging fast pitch softball league. Our league is … (2 comments)

manchester: What is an APPROPRIATE notice to See a Home listed FOR SALE? - 03/19/14 05:45 AM
How much notice is needed to see a home listed For Sale? Is it a day, a night, a half of day, an hour or anytime you want to see it? The answer and your opinion may differ if you are the Home Seller, The Home buyer or the agent trying to set the showing up. With the arrival of Spring, we see a sharp increase in home Buyers. Therefore we see an increase in showings but a decrease in "notice to show".
You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale … (26 comments)

manchester: Sell through a Short Sale OR enjoy the last 2 months in home in peace? - 03/18/14 05:30 AM
Is it really worth the time and energy to complete a Short Sale wondered a Home Owner. Many Sellers are pondering this question. One Home Seller asked if they should just enjoy the 2 months in their home,skip the short sale process and just let the bank take back the home? The problem is, will there really be any peace not knowing where you will move when the bank does take it? When that knock on the door will come that you have to leave? What will they do were their belongings?
One fact they have not considered is … (13 comments)

manchester: Is it possible to Build a home for the same price as an existing home? - 03/17/14 05:41 AM
Is it possible to build a home for the same price homes are selling for in a specific neighborhood? A Home Buyer refused to believe it that it can not be done. They insisted that they could build the same style and size home on a vacant lot in a neighborhood of 5 year old homes for the same price as what re-sales are selling for.
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The facts are that home values decreased the previous 5 years until … (12 comments)

manchester: WHAT do you do if the Seller REFUSES to leave for a Home Showing? - 03/16/14 05:11 AM
How can you sell a home if the Buyer can not see it? Recently while representing a Buyer, we set up a showing, got it confirmed and showed up at the home. We were greeted with an open door, a very loud TV and a Seller staring back at us. I introduced myself and the buyer and I think he grunted. I asked it was alright to walk through the house and he said "go ahead". We proceeded to view the home.
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manchester: Are Buyers able to negotiate on price for a new home construction? - 03/15/14 04:06 PM
How do you get a better deal when buying a NEW HOME? This is a popular question as new construction is picking up. Most Buyers are new to "New construction." It is not like buying an existing home. It can make your dreams come true or be the most stressful part of you life to date. How does the Buyer then get the advantage? Hiring a local Buyer Broker who is well experienced in New Construction sure can help. Not all Real Estate Agents specialize in new homes, so you really need to ask if they do.
You can … (5 comments)

manchester: Who can tell a Buyer what are the COSTS when Buying a Home? - 03/14/14 05:36 AM
Can a Real Estate Agent tell a Home Buyer what the costs will be when Buying a Home? They sure can... A "GOOD" buyer Broker will work with a Local and Trusted Loan Officer to break down how much of a mortgage you can qualify for. Let you know what price range you should be looking in. We can break down your monthly payment, mortgage, interest , taxes and approximate utility costs.
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There is an increasing number or residents … (5 comments)

manchester: Are there any Manchester NH Condominiums with garages For Sale? - 03/13/14 04:24 PM
One of the most popular types of homes is the Condominium. It is said to be a "Style of life" and not just a home. Home Buyers look for the low maintenance and not having to mow the lawn or shovel the snow. Many Condos are loaded with amenities like club houses, pools and workout areas. The Fact is Home buyers are looking to take advantage of the "Ultra Low Interest rates" and purchase their dream home. One of the most popular features Buyers look for in a CONDO, is a garage. Garages come in all styles and sizes here in … (3 comments)

manchester: Is it BETTER to Buy a Newer Home or an Older Home? - 03/13/14 05:15 AM
Should you purchase a NEW HOME or a OLDER HOME? This is a question asked by a MANCHESTER NH. area Home buyer. She was early in her search for her Dream home, and just was not sure where to start. She wanted a home easy to maintain but could not afford a brand new home. After sitting down and showing her the difference, she soon learned it is not just about age, but how well a home was maintained, if it was cared for and if there were upgrades when needed over the years. A 4 year old home could need … (8 comments)

manchester: Are there any Manchester NH Homes For Sale with garages? - 03/12/14 05:15 AM
With the arrival of the Spring market, Home Buyers are looking to take advantage of the "Ultra Low Interest rates" and purchase their dream home. One of the most popular features Buyers look for in a home, is a garage. Garages come in all styles and sizes here in NH. You will find attached garages, garages under the home and detached garages. You may find 1 car, 2 car and 3 car garages along with the new "half" garage for all your toys, bikes, mower and tools. You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is … (10 comments)

manchester: What the heck is a Boomerang Buyer? - 03/11/14 05:47 AM
I do not know who chose it, but get ready to hear it more as it is going to affect you in the Real Estate world. There is a large segment of population who was affected by the "downturn/recession" and they are back, ready to re-capture the American Dream. Many good people lost their jobs and their homes through a SHORT SALE or FORECLOSURE. Here in the MANCHESTER NH area It has been a number of years for most, they have gone back to work and with the old saying "Time heals all". They would like to BUY A HOME to … (51 comments)

manchester: How SHOULD Real Estate Agents feel about Daylight Savings time? - 03/08/14 06:15 AM
All week I have read blogs with some for, but most against daylight savings time. Here in New England, not only is it looked forward to, it is welcomed and should be celebrated. We have suffered through early darkness all winter. Although the weather has not warmed up, everyone is ready for Spring. Tonight for instance the sun sets at 545pm. Back in December and January it was just after 4pm. Sunday night we can rejoice it will be light past 645pm. Here in the MANCHESTER NH. area, the Real Estate market can officially open for evening showings that do not … (8 comments)

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