manchester: How much can I SELL my Home for? - 09/29/13 04:58 AM
One of the most common calls is from Manchester NH area Home Owners asking HOW MUCH CAN I SELL MY HOME FOR? They are all finding widely differing values from web site to web site that just do not seem right, The truth is no one can give an exact amount without seeing the home. Some homes are easier to estimate than others such as if they are in a condominum community or newer neighborhood with all similar homes. 

The only true way to judge what the realistic value of a home is in today's market is by completeing a CMA "Comparative … (3 comments)

manchester: Say it like it is! Real Estate terms that drive people CRAZY - 09/28/13 04:42 AM
If you are reading a Real Estate ad, a description on MLS or an internet site, Can you believe what you read? There are so many Real Estate terms and each person seems to assign their own meaning to them. I see it here with many Manchester NH area homes listed FOR SALE. Brand NEW, Newly Remodeled and my famous "Ready for your finishing touches. 

BRAND NEW means "never used" so if you have Brand New Appliances and then use them, they are no longer BRAND New.
You can say "Like New"...
Recently I saw a MLS Listing for a home with a NEW … (43 comments)

manchester: Is it possible to BUY a Home with NO MONEY DOWN? - 09/26/13 04:18 AM
Can I BUY a home if I do not have money? was how the conversation started with a Manchester NH area potential Home Buyer. When I meet a FIRST TIME BUYER like this, I find it important to start at the beginning with how the Buying and Mortgage process works. The Buyer was quite happy that I took time to sit with them. 

It is possible to buy a home with no money down if you qualify. There are VA and USDA mortgages and FHA is only 3.5% down.  You do need some money though for items such as the deposit, appraisal … (15 comments)

manchester: Proud to Announce the SALE of another Manchester NH Multi Family Home - 09/25/13 04:29 PM
PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT that this Manchester New Hampshire 6 Unit Building Located at 133 W. Hancock street has BEEN SOLD by SCOTT GODZYK of the GODZYK REAL ESTATE SERVICES.  This landmark building on the corner of second Street with 5 residential units and a store front. 

This Property features:
Newer Roof Newer Electric (4) 2 Bedrooms UNITS (1) 2/3 BR UNIT (1) Store front Nice yard Could be retail or office? Full Basement Not a short sale and not Bank Owned. No hastles and no wait.
Tenants pay all utilities including heat and … (5 comments)

manchester: I offered CASH, so why did my offer not get accepted? - 09/25/13 05:25 AM
Why would a Home Owner pass up on a CASH OFFER on their Manchester NH area Home. Aren't all Cash Offers the BEST offers any Seller could ask for? The Reality is that there is a sharp decrease in Homes listed For Sale. The amount of Buyers has stayed steady. Many of my new Listings get many offers with the first couple of days. Therefore Sellers do not have to discount their homes like they did only 2 years ago.

There is however Sellers who NEED to or MUST Sell quickly and there you will find sellers willing to take CASH offers.
The … (11 comments)

manchester: Will a CASH OFFER get the Seller to take a lot Less? - 09/24/13 05:38 AM
How do you get a discount on a home you want to Buy? Here in the Manchester NH area, there is a sharp decrease in Foreclosures and Short Sales listed For Sale. Therefore Investors are moving into the Owner Occupied Listing inventory and looking for deals. They commonly make CASH OFFERS. We are also seeing Home owners whose values have increased the last couple of years and who did NOT refinance their equity away, be able to sell their home and have a huge chunk of cash to move up to a bigger home or down size into a home that better suits … (16 comments)

manchester: WHY wont you List my House For Sale? - 09/23/13 05:40 AM
Do you LIST every home that wants to List with you? Surprisingly every home will not always SELL, even in this market. A Home Seller of a Manchester NH area home called me to list their home, I set up an appointment to meet with them. They saw on TV that they should interview 2 agents. They saw that they should choose a big national company and choose a Leading Local agency, that was me.  

I have listed and sold many homes in this desired neighborhood. All the homes were built within 3 years of each other. All are similar style … (17 comments)

manchester: Manchester NH Girls Softball Try outs for 2014 Travel Softball Sept 28 - 09/22/13 04:45 PM
Try outs/Evaluations are on Saturday September 28, 2013. The Manchester NH Vipers announce Try outs for their 2014 Girls Softball All Star style Travel Teams in the U-10, U-12 and U-14 Divisions. 
Evaluations will be held Saturday September 28, 2013 and Saturday Oct. 5, 2013. All girls who meet the age criteria are welcome to try out. 
U-14 will start at 3:30pm, U-12 will start at 430pm with U-10 starting at 530pm. (rain dates will be announced online) Please be there early to make sure your registration is complete and your player is dressed and ready to play by the start time.
It is … (3 comments)

manchester: Will the BATTLE over the DEBT CEILING hurt me selling my home? - 09/22/13 05:47 AM
Politics and Business does not usually mix. The Question of "Will the Battle over the Debt Ceiling hurt my ability to sell my home?" from a Manchester NH area Home Owner who was generally concerned as they get ready to list their home. They actually met with another agent who told them to WAIT. We then sat down and I went from Realtor to comforter, philosopher and economic predicter.

Most people are getting complacent with 5 years of non functioning government. But it is affecting the mindset of some who see this on the news day after day. Most people who are … (9 comments)

manchester: What can I do if The Buyer CAN'T CLOSE on time? - 09/21/13 05:40 AM
An interesting call from a Home Seller of a Manchester NH area home who claims their Buyer can not close on time, what can they do? The problem is it is not listed with me and it is not my Buyer. It is Listed FOR SALE with a "Big time" agent. They said their agent is not answering the phone or emails and they need answers. I sold many homes in their area so they looked me up.

I wanted to share this story as a lesson to other Sellers of what to do and what not to do. 
For this Seller they … (28 comments)

manchester: Should we show our home to a Buyer who is not ready to BUY a home yet? - 09/20/13 05:28 AM
When a Buyer states they are not ready to buy yet but still wants to see a Manchester NH area home listed FOR SALE, should the Seller allow them in to see the home For Sale? One of the topics i bring up with a Home Owner when listing a home is to go over the types of buyers and the different types of showings we may encounter once we put the home up for sale. 

The key for any Buyer who wants to see your home, is to be at least qualified to buy a home. As a Listing Agent i … (17 comments)

manchester: Should I SELL MY HOME to a Buyer that has a home to Sell? - 09/19/13 05:42 AM
Should I consider an offer where the Buyer has a Home to sell before they can purchase my home? asks an owner of a Manchester NH area home. The sale would be contingent upon the Buyer selling their home so they can purchase this home. Just yesterday i was working with a buyer in this situation. Many of the sellers questions was, if this is common and is this a scam? 

It is more common in a market where there is an over abundance of listings and perhaps a shortage of buyers that home sale contingencies are used.
There are many valid reasons … (21 comments)

manchester: Can I BUY A HOME if I have a home to Sell? - 09/18/13 05:51 AM
Can I BUY a home if I have a home to sell? asked an owner of a Manchester NH area home. They would like to sell and Buy a new home, however they do not want to put their home up for sale until they find a new home though. After calling many different agents they were discouraged until they found my disadvantages and asked for some "real" answers. 

The first thing I did is explain to them the disadvantages of having a home to sell, but one not even on the market when making an offer to purchase. 
Many Home Sellers, especially … (11 comments)

manchester: How many Banks should I get Pre-qualified with to BUY a HOME? - 09/17/13 05:47 AM
An interesting question from a Buyer thinking that they need to call every bank and mortgage company to get pre-qualified with each one. This is not the way to start your home buying process. Some Buyers may start by getting pre-qualified while others will obtain the services of a Buyer broker who they look for guidance in finding a loan officer. Here in the Manchester NH area, many Buyers wonder the same question. 

Buyers should start with one Loan Officer who should be both Local and trusted. For those in NH who seek assistance through myself, I guide them to the experienced … (14 comments)

manchester: HOW do I see a Home FOR SALE? - 09/16/13 05:47 AM
Did you know that some potential Home buyers do not know where to start when Buying a Home. It is certainly alright to wonder, because we have the answers to the most 2 common questions. How do I start the Home Buying process? and How do i see that house For Sale in this Manchester NH area home?

The easiest way to learn a lesson, is from someone Else's mistake. I wanted to share some of the most recent blunders so that Home Buyers can make better offers by avoiding these same mistakes.
Although a Buyer can call to view any home … (12 comments)

manchester: What do you think of Websites that offer Estimates of a Homes value? - 09/14/13 05:25 AM
A tale of 2 Manchester NH area Home Owners who looked up their Homes Values online. The first states they have been given too high a value, as the online sites value their home much lower. Seller 2 states their value is much higher than what he was given as the online value is much higher than the Market analysis shows it is worth. Who can you believe?

Home Buyers and Sellers should know that online values are not always correct. They can vary greatly from home to home within the same neighborhood even. The problem most often is the data they use … (13 comments)

manchester: Are Foreclosures owned and Sold by the bank? - 09/12/13 05:54 AM
By now you would think any confusion with Bank Owned Homes has been answered? This question came in via a web site i frequent where the consumer was really puzzled with what a Foreclosure is. The national news stated there was a 8% decrease in August nationally over July for new Foreclosure starts and a 44% decrease over August of 2012.. Here in the Manchester NH  area, I see a trend of an increase in Foreclosure's of vacant homes and thiose who have been behind for 1 year, 2 years and in some cases 3 years.
As a Leading Listing and Selling … (11 comments)

manchester: Manchester Vipers Girls Softball TRY OUTS for the 2014 Travel Teams - 09/11/13 04:32 PM
The Manchester NH Vipers announce Try outs for their 2014 Girls Softball All Star style Travel Teams in the U-10, U-12 and U-14 Divisions. 
Evaluations will be held Saturday September 28, 2013 and Saturday Oct. 5, 2013. All girls who meet the age criteria are welcome to try out. 
U-14 will start at 3:30pm, U-12 will start at 4pm with U-10 starting at 5pm. (rain dates will be announced online)
It is the players age AS OF January 1, 2014 as to which team they qualify for.
U-10 Must be born after Jan. 1, 2003.
U-12 Must be born after Jan. 1, 2001.
U-14 Must be born after … (4 comments)

manchester: What I have learned about growing my Real Estate Business - 09/11/13 01:52 PM
The easiest way one can learn is from past experiences. this also applies to business and is the basis for my entry into the new Active Rain Challenge. As one of the largest  Manchester NH Independent brokerages, I may see more challenges but also have an easier time adapting to them. 
Come December this will be my 28th year in the real Estate business. The number one thing I have learned is to be able to adapt to the market and the variables that affect it. Those not willing or able to adapt, soon will be out of business.
The trend for the … (5 comments)

manchester: Did you hear the SECRET to getting homes SOLD? - 09/11/13 05:58 AM
What is the SECRET to getting a Home SOLD? It is usually the Home Owners whose homes are NOT Selling that want to know why other homes in the Manchester NH area are Selling and not theirs. One recent Sellers wanted top know how thye can get the "EDGE" so their home will sell. 
There is no secret that there is a shortage of homes on the market with a steady pace of buyers ready, willing and able to buy.
The puzzling part for some, is why ALL homes are not selling if there is a shortage?
The problem is usually either it … (6 comments)

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