manchester: The "TOP 5" 2014 New Year Resolutions for SHORT SALE SELLERS - 12/27/13 05:57 AM
Did you know there is a SECRET when it comes to getting a SHORT SALE Sold?.Many  Home Owners in  the MANCHESTER NH area still owe more than their homes are worth. Some may be behind in their mortgage payments and others need to move now. The "Good News" is that a SHORT SALE may be able to help them. The "Bad News" is that you may only have one chance to get it right. What that means is that Home Owners NEED to take better care in choosing a LISTING AGENT to sell their Home through a Short Sale.

manchester: 2013 Theme your business with a Song Title Challenge- IT'S MY JOB - 12/26/13 06:39 AM
When it came to writing an entry for the ACTIVE RAIN "2013 Theme your business with a Song Title Challenge", I knew what my theme song is. Those that know me well will not be surprised by this pick. The song is "It's my Job" sung by Jimmy Buffett and written by one of the best song writers Mac McAnally. Here in the MANCHESTER NH Real Estate market my job titles include more than Just Real Estate Agent, Broker, Listing Agent, Buyer Agent but umpire, referee, consultant, negotiator, peace maker and mess fixer. That is why this song fits. 
The most … (14 comments)

manchester: MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us to all of You 2013 - 12/25/13 05:23 AM
Wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us to all of you. As the sun rises in MANCHESTER NH this cold New England morning, I am hoping all of your wishes and dreams come true. I thank you all for the support and inspiration in 2013.  

I want to share with you 4 or my favorite ornaments on my Christmas tree this year.
On the RIGHT is my guardian angel.
On the left is an ornament my daughter made for me when she was only 2 years old.

On the RIGHT was … (19 comments)

manchester: Twas the Night Before Christmas - A Home Sellers Story - 12/24/13 06:42 AM
Twas the Night before Christmas and all I could see, is a MANCHESTER NH area Home Seller kneeling by his tree. The Seller looked up at the stars so bright, they wished for Santa to bring them a Listing agent that would try with all their might. 

They had it for sale before without even a bite. No one came and and no one could see, this beautiful house with this magnificent tree.
Stockings were hung on the fireplace so nice, Gleaming hardwood floors all at such a good price.
A new kitchen, a new roof but did it matter? … (16 comments)

manchester: Top 5 Christmas Gifts Buyers will enjoy to get their offer accepted - 12/23/13 05:10 AM
It does not need to take a GIFT to get your offer accepted these days. Many Buyers though are learning the hard way here in the Manchester NH area when their offers get rejected. Join me this Holiday season as I kick off my top 5 collection of TIPS as my gift to you.

1. Your offer was Rejected because you offered half price on that mint condition home.
2. Your offer was rejected because the pre-qualification letter that was required with your offer … (6 comments)

manchester: What are Home Buyers asking for this Christmas? - 12/22/13 06:37 AM
What do you think is the most common question from Home buyers is? The mortgage process? finding homes tio see? Making an offer? The inspection process? For those that think all of them, you may be right but the most confusing parts of Buying a Home in the  Manchester NH area is HOW TO START. Some Home Buyers are not sure they need their own agent while others hire the First agent they speak with. EVERY Buyer should know the Listing Agent works for the Seller and therefore looks out for the seller. Buyers should therefore have their own agent who can … (12 comments)

manchester: What are Home Sellers Asking for this Christmas? - 12/21/13 06:12 AM
It is no secret those Home Owners in the Manchester NH area who have their homes listed through the Holiday Season are seeing an increase in showings. Many buyers are trying to get a home under contract before the rules for getting a mortgage will change on January 1. Some Sellers though are asking where the buyers are for their homes? Why their homes have not sold? Why they cant even get anyone inside to see it?

The difference between a home that will sell and one that wont is usually the Listing Agent. 
The common question from Home Sellers … (12 comments)

manchester: DO I NEED TO hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell my Home? - 12/19/13 03:56 PM
It is no secret a Home Owner wants to sell their Manchester NH area home for the moist money possible and save as much money as they can while doing do. With a shortage of homes for Sale many think it would be easy to "Sell it themselves" as a FSBO and the home will just sell. Many Sellers who are trying to Sell their own home soon find it is not as easy as they thought.   Some learn this lesson early while others can suffer a lesson they may not have time or money to survive through.

Many Sellers try to … (5 comments)

manchester: DO I NEED TO hire a Real Estate Agent or Broker to Purchase a NH Home? - 12/19/13 05:31 AM
One of the most confusing parts of Buying a Home in the  Manchester NH area is HOW TO START. Some Home Buyers are not sure they need their own agent while others hire the First agent they speak with. EVERY Buyer should know the Listing Agent works for the Seller and therefore looks out for the seller. Buyers should therefore have their own agent who can look out for them. Here in NH it is custom for a Buyer to not pay any fees direct to the buyer Agent. The buyer Agent gets paid from a fee posted in MLS by the … (4 comments)

manchester: It's NO Big Deal. It's What I do - A Short Sale adventure for the ages - 12/18/13 01:51 PM
With Active Rains newest Challenge "A really big deal or No deal at all" I knew i had the story for you. There is no secret that all Real Estate agents do not know how to handle a short sale. Here in the Manchester NH area it is a shame that some Home Owners may list with just any agent thinking they are well taken care of. Often consumers seem to find my blog after they experience a problem. 

When the phone rings and it is a past customer of mine, which brought a smile to my face. Soon the smile … (5 comments)

manchester: WHAT does a Seller do if the Buyer does not close on time? - 12/18/13 05:45 AM
Many home Buyers and Sellers near the Manchester NH area who find their purchase or sale having problems turn to the experience for help. Recently a Home Seller whose agent was not any help began a long search to come across my blog. The problem is that because this home owner has their home listed, I can not offer them the advice they are looking for. i do want to share their question so others can learn from their experience. 

The sale is contingent upon the Buyer getting a mortgage, and the buyer had gone past their contingency date. What do they … (10 comments)

manchester: What should a Seller do when after the Home Inspection goes wrong? - 12/17/13 05:45 AM
A Home Seller called to say the Buyer for their home is asking for a HUGE price reduction after the Home Inspection. They said they were appalled and canceled their listing. They decided to ask the sellers of recent sales in the Manchester NH area who was the Best Listing Agent in their neighborhood and sought to find a NEW Listing Agent. I was very pleased they called me. I started how the home sale process is supposed to work in order for them to be prepared this time. 

Their past Listing agent left them to fend for themselves in the selling … (49 comments)

manchester: I said a "Fixer Upper" NOT a Home without a kitchen or a Bathroom - 12/16/13 06:07 AM
With a decrease in the amount of Homes Listed For Sale in the Manchester NH area, some buyers are asking to see homes considered "Fixer Uppers." There is a tremendous opportunity to buy a home that needs work, get it at a great price and be able to fix it the way you want. The problem is a lot of Buyers do not have a realistic expectation of what a "fixer upper is, until they start seeing some. The second problem is many buyers can not estimate properly what repairs cost. A home that needs the most cosmetic work, can cost less than a better looking … (36 comments)

manchester: You may not see this New Years Resolution on the feature page. - 12/14/13 01:36 PM
In business and in life everyone asks what my New years Resolution is. I thought it best to reply in the December Echosign and Active Rain Challenge. I have been a Real Estate agent in the Manchester NH area 28 years as of December 9, 2013. I got my Real Estate License just after my 18th Birthday. If you do the math it makes me 33. With 28 years in Real Estate, the one thing that remains the same is the passion and love for this job. Therefore i am not making any resolution to change anything except for a promise to continue … (13 comments)

manchester: If Someone asks WHY did my home not SELL? Do you tell them the truth? - 12/14/13 05:58 AM
It is SHOCKING for some people to learn that even with a Shortage of Listings in the Manchester NH area, not ALL Listings will Sell. The Home Owners whose homes did not sell during their 6 month and in some cases 1 year Listing period are upset, stressed out and want to know WHY. Many of these Home Sellers find my blogs when searching for Home Selling Tips. Every one asks "Why did their home not sell?" 

The two most common reasons a home does not sell is that it was over priced or a lack of marketing and attention by … (7 comments)

manchester: Should a seller allow a buyer to work on the home BEFORE the CLOSING? - 12/13/13 05:56 AM
You never want to hear that an Agent KILLED a sale because of bad advice but it does happen. Looking at a Manchester NH area Home in which the Lender required some minor repairs BEFORE Closing. The Seller had no money and no ability to make the repairs which the buyer understood. The buyer made a simple request to complete the repairs to get the clear to close and finish the sale. The Listing Agent said no way, no how, not today and not ever. The Home Owner said "What ever my agent says I have to follow." Fast forward and the Deal … (10 comments)

manchester: Will a home SELL FASTER if the Seller pays a higher commission? - 12/12/13 05:37 AM
A Home Owner recently asked if they paid a higher commission percentage if the Listing agent SOLD the home for a price over and above the asking price of their Manchester NH area Home AND paid a LOWER commission if the home sells under the asking price would spur their Listing Agent to sell the home faster and for more money?   

My answer was simple, no. You see the Seller should be more focused on listing their home "Correctly" than figuring a scheme to do so. Homes priced over market value are not selling in this market.
You see if they … (16 comments)

manchester: Can you purchase a BANK OWNED REO property with a FHA Mortgage? - 12/11/13 05:57 AM
With an increase in Bank Owned Homes and a shortage of traditional re-sale homes, more Home buyers in the Manchester NH area are asking to see Foreclosed Homes listed For Sale. The problem is many buyers are not informed how the process of Buying a REO home works. Even more troubling is the amount of Buyer brokers who are unaware and giving bad advice. Purchasing a Bank owned Home can be a great bargain, but needs to be completed correctly.

One of the most common mortgages Buyers are using is FHA. With only 3.5% down, it allows the buyer to put … (7 comments)

manchester: Market Report for Manchester NH December 2013 Sold & For Sale - 12/10/13 02:23 PM
The Market in the Manchester NH area is changing like the seasons going from fall to winter. The amount of Sales has leveled off. There are less homes currently listed for sale than there has been in quite some time. There is a rise in First time Buyers and Re-locations from other areas looking to take advantage of the affordable prices and great job market. The one fact is we NEED homes to sell. if you are thinking of selling yours, Contact me today for a FREE Market Analysis.

For the period of November 2013 compared to October2013 

There was 442 Listings available For Sale (20 Less … (3 comments)

manchester: What is the #1 mistake a Seller makes when trying to sell themselves? - 12/10/13 05:47 AM
How easy is it to sell one's pwn home? Some Home Owners who see a shortage of homes listed For Sale are thinking it is "pretty easy' and trying it here in the Manchester NH area. Many soon learn some important lessons with the first being it is not as easy as they thought. What do you think is the number ONE mistake Home Sellers make when trying to Sell their own home?   

Many Sellers try to sell on their own to save money. Most soon realize that by doing so has cost them money by selling at a lower … (11 comments)

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