manchester: WHY do some Homes SELL while Others get passed over? - 11/13/13 05:52 AM
How could any Home NOT sell quickly if there is such a shortage of Homes For Sale in the Manchester NH area? Home Owners are puzzled why Buyers have not made an offer on their home. However the number of homes sitting on the market are increasing while these homes go "unsold". Some times the best lessons are learned the hard way as these Home Owners are finding out. You are not forced to repeat their mistakes by learning from these lessons.

1. A Buyer can not purchase a home if they do not know it is For Sale. Many homes are … (24 comments)

manchester: Why you should not wait if you need to Sell through a Short Sale? - 11/12/13 06:04 AM
Short Sales come with the allure of a fresh start, being able to sell a home where you owe more than it's worth and perhaps not having to pay back the difference of what you owed less what it was sold for during the Short Sale. Here in the Manchester NH area, Home Owners are rushing to List their homes before the "FORGIVENESS LAW" that allows your debt to be forgiven expires on Han. 1 2014. If you wait, it may cost you tens of thousands of dollars as most forecasters are saying it will not be extended. 

If you owe more than your … (5 comments)

manchester: What is the Best SHORT CUT to get my NH home SOLD the Fastest? - 11/11/13 05:52 AM
I need a "short cut" or trick that will get my home SOLD in the fastest amount of time? This Manchester NH area Home Owner made this request after he had their home Listed For Sale for 6 months, he reported no offers and little showings. He said he did everything right... He scoured the paper and choose the agent's name he saw the most from the biggest company he knew. But soon there was no updates, no tips and only assistants to deal with, Now he HAS to sell now and is looking for Short Cuts. Did he do it right?

Unfortunately this … (8 comments)

manchester: What do I need to make an Offer on a Home For sale in NH? - 11/10/13 01:12 PM
How do we Buy a Home? was the simple question by a young couple in the Manchester NH area. Buying their first home seemed impossible with so many conflicting pieces of advice from everyone and everybody. They did what anyone does when they want to get the facts... they Googled their question and up popped MY Active Rain Blog.
They asked me to meet them and wanted list of What they needed to do TO BUY A HOME step by step. 
The first step may be the MOST important and that is knowing that All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller … (4 comments)

manchester: How NOT to Price your Home For Sale? - 11/09/13 05:50 AM
Some Home owners do not know what their homes are worth. There are many ways to place value on a home and one of the most controversial is using a price per square foot method on a residential home? A Manchester NH area Home Owner insisted yesterday on using this method to set an asking price. They have a friend who is a Buyer Broker but who does not list homes, This Buyer broker insists they value homes by using a price per square foot method to obtain value for their clients.

First for those who do not know, If you have an … (16 comments)

manchester: Can I SELL MY Home if I OWE MORE than it is worth? - 11/08/13 05:01 PM
is it possible to SELL a Home if the Owner owes more than the house is worth? This question is actually a common one. It is indeed possible to sell your home if you owe more than it is worth, but you may only have one choice at making it work. Here in the Manchester NH area, I list, negotiate and Sell SHORT SALES. There are still a lot of people and agent who do not know what a Short Sale is.... Simply put it is when the seller's banks allows the home to be sold at market value and then sometimes even forgives … (3 comments)

manchester: If Students Make the Honor Roll they can Win a Car in Manchester NH - 11/08/13 06:01 AM
Who said there is no reward for good kids any longer? Students here in the MANCHESTER NH area know that if they go to a Manchester High School, they study hard, do their best and if they make the honor roll get 1 entry, get high honors an and make 2 entries and make principals list get 3 entries. There will be 11 finalists chosen, each will win an I-pad mini and one lucky student will drive off with a NEW 2013 Black Ford Focus.

One of the most requested criteria from Home buyers is GOOD SCHOOLS. 
You will find Buyers relocating to New … (11 comments)

manchester: Is there such thing as a REAL LEASE PURCHASE or Rent to Own? - 11/07/13 05:55 AM
Are RENT TO OWN home deals for REAL? They sound too good to be true. the fact is the amount of inquiries from potential buyers looking for a LEASE PURCHASE in the Manchester NH area is rising sharply. The problems are that not many tenants, buyers and even sellers really know how they work. this is leading to mass chaos and a new breed of schemers. 

There are two parts to any RENT TO OWN deal. The first is the actual LEASE which states how much the monthly rent is, how long the lease is for and who is responsible for what (such … (9 comments)

manchester: What's more important? What a Buyer LIKES or What they HATE? - 11/06/13 05:15 AM
Is it possible to Like something more than you Do NOT like something? Confused, you should be... Imagine a Buyer looking for their first home and wanting to make sure everything is perfect. Where do they start? When I was meeting with some Buyers relocating to the Manchester NH area and Buying their first home. Their list of what they liked was HUGE. His list had different things than her list and when asked lets start with age, Do you want a new or newer home? He says YES she says NO and i say 'oh oh".  

The KEY is not always … (43 comments)

manchester: November 2013 Market Report The Gables Condominiums at Manchester NH - 11/05/13 06:37 PM
Home buyers in the Manchester NH area are seeking Condos in Good condition, one of the most requested is The GABLES AT MANCHESTER CONDOMINIUMS. Built in 2006 and 2007, these newer Luxury styled homes are in high demand. they are located in a wooded setting with well manicured lawns. It has easy access to Schools, Shopping and Highways. These Townhouse style units come with 1 car garages and a variety of extras and upgrades.

The Gables at Manchester features: 6 Rooms, 2 Bedrooms and 2 1/2 Baths.
They average 1790 of finished space. 
The amount of homes available and upgrades at any one time … (2 comments)

manchester: Should I purchase a Home in NH NOW or wait until Spring? - 11/05/13 05:08 AM
Buyers are confused... The media states this and the other media states that. Should I Buy a Home in the Manchester NH area now or wait until Spring is two of the the many questions I hear every day. Buyers think Interest Rates are too high but never checked to see what they are. DO YOU KNOW that Interest rates did rise slightly but then settled back down without much fanfare. Rates are a little above their all time lows but are still very low when looking at rates over the last 10 to 20 years. 

The market here is like many other areas … (7 comments)

manchester: Is November a good month to SELL YOUR HOME? - 11/04/13 05:48 AM
Should I list my home For Sale in November or wait until Spring? Will it SELL with winter approaching? These two questions were just asked by a Manchester NH area Home Owner. THE ANSWER is YES November is a GREAT time to Sell your home. This year there is a shortage of homes listed For Sale, so there is less competition among sellers. Buyers are anxious to take advantage of the Low interest rates with forecasts rates may rise again in the spring.

The best time to sell a home is always when the Seller is Ready to sell. Each season brings pros … (8 comments)

manchester: Should you list with which ever Agent gives you the highest price? - 11/03/13 05:09 AM
Do you want the TRUTH or would like me to tell you what YOU want to hear? With a shortage of homes Listed For Sale, some agents are boosting the price they tell Home Owners that the home is worth just to get the Listing. This is not a trend that is unique to the Manchester NH area, as I hear it from agents across the country. I wrote about a recent Listing Appointment where a "National" company stated they should list their home 10% to 20% over what they want for their home. 

The problem is that makes that home over priced and … (9 comments)

manchester: How much over Market Value should I price my Home at? - 11/02/13 06:13 AM
How do you price your homes For Sale? A Home Owner who was interviewing Listing Agents in the Manchester NH area, stated that an agent from a "National" company stated they should list their home 10% to 20% over what they want for their home. They told me what they thought their home was worth and showed me a number with 20% added to it. They then asked if I would list the home for this price. 

The problem, with this philosophy, is the home's value they proposed is not based on facts, but wishes and perceptions.
I let them know i perform a Market … (4 comments)

manchester: Do you expect Interest Rates to Rise this year? - 11/01/13 06:13 AM
The one thing Buyers should note is that despite what the media reports, Interest rates did rise slightly but then settled back down without much fanfare. Rates are a little above their all time lows but are still very low when looking at rates over the last 10 to 20 years. Here  in the Manchester NH area you will find a market that has a lighter inventory of homes for sale, but a steady supply of new listings coming on the market Listed and Sold  

You should not see rates increase for the rest of 2013. New mortgage starts are low … (4 comments)

manchester: Listing your Home For Sale in NH Does NOT have to be SCARY - 10/31/13 05:34 AM
Would you like a Treat or a Trick when it comes time to List your home For Sale. With Halloween right around the corner here in Manchester NH, do not fall for these tricks that could hurt your ability to SELL YOUR HOME. With a few good choices by Home Owners, you can receive the treat of a quick home sale at the best obtainable price.
Choosing the wrong agent can be a nasty trick anytime of the year.
When choosing someone to sell your home, many home owners rush into listing with the first or biggest agent only to be … (8 comments)

manchester: Can Halloween Decorations can SCARE Buyers away from seeing a home? - 10/30/13 05:57 AM
If your home is listed FOR SALE, Should you decorate for a Holiday? Take Halloween, and this Home that feature's some wonderful Halloween decorations, but how is a Buyer supposed to view the inside of a home blocked by decorations? While the Home Owners intentions are to offer a treat, it is a real trick to Buyers and their agents.
Part of the job when Manchester NH, area home owners list their homes, is offering advice to help in presentation and showings to buyers. When choosing someone to sell your home, many home owners rush into listing with the first or … (73 comments)

manchester: How FAST is FAST when it comes to Selling a Home in NH? - 10/29/13 01:44 PM
90 days? 60 days? 30 days? How about this DERRY NH home which was listed on October 5, 2013. With multiple offers, It was placed under contract the first day on the market. JUST 20 Days later the Home was SOLD and CLOSED. The property was Listed and Sold by Scott Godzyk of the Godzyk Real Estate Services.

Are you looking for someone to to Sell your home?
Would you like a real Estate Agent who will work with you during each step of the Selling Process? All Agents are not created equal. Let us show you there is a … (7 comments)

manchester: Have you ever seen Offers to purchase that SCARE the pants off Sellers - 10/29/13 05:52 AM
Many BUYERS think they need a TRICK to get their offers accepted these days. Mean while HOME SELLERS here in the Manchester NH area are running scared when they see some of these offers. Buying a home does not have to be scary of you do it RIGHT. There is a simple recipe to keep your offers from being rejected and get your Dream Home. . Enjoy my Halloween series of tips and advice and don't forget to check out my other blogs in this great series.

1. Do not offer half price on that mint condition home you fell … (8 comments)

manchester: An Evening with the Manchester Monarchs and Vipers Softball Nov 22 - 10/28/13 02:56 PM
Want to see the Manchester Monarchs play the Worcester Sharks? Friday night November 22, 2013 is the Manchester Vipers "Night at the Monarchs." See a great AHL Hockey game and help the Vipers from Manchester NH, raise money in their fundraiser just by purchasing tickets from us. The Manchester Vipers are a Travel Style team for girls age 8 to 15. It gives them an opportunity to play a more competitive level of Softball.
Tickets are only $16 for youth (12 and under)
Tickets are only $20 for Adults (13 and over)
Seats are in the Lower Bowl gold Section.
EVERYONE is … (2 comments)

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