manchester: Is it SAFE to take over a Home Owner's Mortgage Payments? - 04/19/14 06:29 AM
If someone is losing their home due to FORECLOSURE, can I just take over the payments and make the home mine? It is a great idea in principal., however it is not that easy. First the Home Owner's loan would have to be assumable. If it was you would need to pay the amount to bring the loan current. if the loan is not assumable, which most are not, it would be extremely risky to take over mortgage payments when the home and mortgage is in another persons name.
You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale … (11 comments)

manchester: What is the market like for INVESTMENT PROPERTIES? - 04/18/14 05:45 AM
Are you seeing an increase in Buyers looking for Investment properties? Here in the Manchester NH area we have a great market for Investment properties. There are many 2, 3 and 4 family homes that are purchased by owner occupants looking to use rental income to pay down or completely pay their mortgage. We also have a nice selection of apartment buildings. There are different tyoes of neighborhoods which do affect the homes value and rental income. Although a lot of the investment homes are purchased with cash, those Home Buyers in need of a mortgage have a wonderful opportunity to buy with the … (11 comments)

manchester: Does the unemployment Rate affect Real Estate sales? - 04/17/14 06:22 AM
The March Unemployment rate is out for  New Hampshire  for March 2014 and has fallen once again to 4.5%. The bottom line is people do not Buy homes if they do not have a job or feel their job is at risk. Here in the Manchester NH area the REAL ESTATE MARKET has picked up with the arrival of Spring. There is a sharp increase in people relocating to Nh for good paying jobs. They LOVE the fact there is no Income and no sales tax. We are seeing a slight increase in homes being listed and a very strong increase in Buyers … (4 comments)

manchester: Should there be a DRESS CODE for Home Buyers when Looking at Homes? - 04/16/14 06:15 AM
It what could become very controversial, should Buyers have a minimum dress code for when they go look at houses listed For Sale? As Agents we are free to dress up as much to as comfortable as we feel our clients will accept us. Home buyers should be comfortable but where is that line. With a new listing finally ready to show, the sellers gave me a window to get in as many showings as I could,. Their elderly parents live with them, and showings need to be accompanied. I was willing to do so, as it was how I got … (17 comments)

manchester: How to WRECK your Closing in 1 easy step - A Lesson on what not to do - 04/15/14 05:44 AM
Every Home Buyer, Home Seller and Real Estate Agent all work towards the goal of closing the sale. The Buyer gets their dream home. The Seller moves on mostly to a larger home, some times downsizing and others a cross country move. What they all have in common a set of steps to complete and other things you NEVER want to do if you want your sale to close.
A recent scheduled closing got the clear to close. The HUD was finished, reviewed and approved. A closing time set and the Buyers Bank made wrapped up their pre-closing conditions … (14 comments)

manchester: On my Planet- You Answer calls, work hard & Tell the truth or ELSE - 04/14/14 06:03 AM
With the new Active Rain Challenge asking what things would be like on MY Real Estate planet, I jump at the opportunity to take the "unknown" out of everything that makes Buying or Selling a Home Stressful. The unknown happens form parts of the process that we can not control while other challenges and problems come from someone saying they can do something, who either can not or does not follow through with their job.
You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale by clicking here.

manchester: Can the Sensei/Grasshopper Challenge HELP ME with pictures and video? - 04/13/14 06:42 AM
What does it take to write a great blog? A good topic, clear and concise writing and then something visual stimulating. I have wanted to add video to my blogs but I just can NOT edit them. I NEED HELP. Looking for a Sensei to walk me through how to edit video, how to add music and or voice over. Lastly I bought a new lap top. With it comes the new Microsoft Office that does not have a picture editor, I need top know how to edit my pictures, to crop, re-size and get them looking good.
You can … (11 comments)

manchester: Spotlight on FOX HOLLOW Condominiums 1st Quarter 2014 Market Report - 04/12/14 04:47 AM
If you are looking for a condominium, let me introduce to you FOX HOLLOW CONDOMINIUMS, One of the most requested neighborhoods by Home buyers in Manchester NH. .Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services is frequently asked "Are there any Condos available For Sale in FOX HOLLOW?"
This community is located in a wooded setting with well manicured lawns. It has easy access to Schools, Shopping and Highways. It has a fantastic club house with pool and tennis courts. These Townhouse style units come with basements, some of which are finished and a variety of extras and upgrades. if … (6 comments)

manchester: Should I allow Home Showings on Easter? - 04/11/14 05:49 AM
When it comes to looking at houses For Sale, no day seems to be sacred any longer. A buyer called and asked to see a Home Listed For Sale on Easter Sunday. I asked if they realized it was Easter and they told me "Of course, that is when our parents are visiting from out of town, and seeing they are giving us 20% down for a new home, it is when they must see it if we are able to buy it."
I was actually happy I asked because now as I call the seller, I can tell them … (68 comments)

manchester: As a Home Seller, WHY should I pay a Buyers closing costs? - 04/10/14 05:50 AM
"No one helped me when I bought this home - Why should I pay the Buyers closing costs now that I am selling?" states a Home Seller. A Southern New Hampshire Home Owner called quite upset their agent told them they had to pay the Buyers closing costs. Enough so....that they canceled the listing and began looking for a new Listing Agent, The conversation was one sided as I listened to the Home Owner. As they continued it was clear they were not just upset at paying closing costs, but they had not received any service, had not had any updates, … (16 comments)

manchester: Market Report for Manchester NH April 2014 Sold & For Sale - 04/09/14 12:34 PM
SPRING has arrived in the Manchester NH area after a very long winter. The REAL ESTATE MARKET has picked up with the change of seasons. We are seeing a slight increase in homes being listed and a very strong increase in Buyers looking for Homes For Sale. There has been an increase in home values and a decrease in the time it takes to sell homes. For Home Buyers there is a wonderful opportunity to buy with the ultra low interest rates. For Home Owners, now may be the time to sell with an increase in buyers and low number of homes currently listed For Sale. 

manchester: What is Trulia plus Active Rain really going to mean for everyone? - 04/09/14 05:30 AM
This morning when the first feature blog is raving about Trulia and Active Rain merging features, I think I almost fell over. People on Active Rain are very close. They love their site. They love the AR family. They love it's features. But have you heard from any of the regulars at Trulia? Well I was with Trulia way before I heard about AR. I was part of a mass migration from Trulia to AR when Trulia started making changes that hurt the agents who helped make their site what it is. I fear that Trulia will do to AR, what … (48 comments)

manchester: My First Real Estate Experience - What an ending... - 04/08/14 06:32 AM
Get ready for an exciting journey through MY world of Real Estate. In September of 1985, at the ripe age of 17, I entered college and took a Real Estate class as an elective. My mother was in Real Estate and from a young age I knew Real Estate for me. Just after my 18th Birthday, I took the NH Real Estate test and passed. I showed up ready to work. But NO one in this office or in Real Estate was ready for a young man, all dressed up and no where to go. My mother allowed me to shadow … (19 comments)

manchester: HOW do you SELL a Home that SMELLS? - 04/07/14 06:29 AM
Is it possible for a Home to be "Too Hard" to Sell? The phone rings and there is no hello. Just a soft but panicked voice which says "Our family has a home we need to sell. It is packed with belongings and may smell a little funny. You seem to be able to sell anything, so you can sell my families home?"
She went on to say another agent refused to take the listing. That someone from her work referred her to me, She read my Active Rain blog and saw the pictures of the unique homes I have … (18 comments)

manchester: What is a MARKET REPORT and WHY should I care - 04/06/14 05:46 AM
What is the purpose of a Market Report anyway? Saturday while showing one of my Listings to a Buyer and their agent, the buyer made a comment about seeing a past Market Report of mine online. The other agent though, blurted out "What market report, what do you know about writing market reports? We get those national market reports from our (National Firm), we do not have to write our own."
Well Mr. "Big Time" Buyer Broker. Real Estate is LOCAL. What is happening nationally may not be what is happening here in New Hampshire. A LOCAL Market Report … (13 comments)

manchester: Are commissions the same from one state to another? - 04/04/14 05:04 AM
One of the most controversial subjects is Real Estate commissions. You will see them discussed in every online forum which usually causes more confusion than offers answers. For any Home Seller they should know commissions differ from state to state, town to town and company to company. The KEY is to know what you get for what you pay. Sure you can hire a discount broker but you must realize you will get discount services. You can hire the most expensive company with the big national name and flashy TV commercials but that does not guarantee you will get the best … (34 comments)

manchester: HOW close to Asking Price do homes usually Sell for? - 04/03/14 05:14 AM
How do you make the BEST offer on a property without over paying for it? With spring comes a great increase in Buyers. Many are "First time Buyers" loaded with good questions. I have found there is the most confusion with "Asking Prices". Many buyers turn to to late night TV or to the internet to learn how to make an offer. Many programs list a PERCENTAGE one should deduct from ANY asking price. This is where the advice can harm you and may lose your chance to purchase your dream home.
You can search for Manchester area Homes … (8 comments)

manchester: I bet you NEVER heard this at a Closing Table before? - 04/02/14 05:57 AM
There is nothing as exciting as "Closing Day" You worked hard to list the home, get it ready for sale, show it to multiple buyers, get an acceptable offer, work through the inspections and wait for closing day. With this particular sale we got a cash offer. The Seller was willing to take a little less for a quick guaranteed closing. As we get a week from closing the buyers agent goes on vacation. Fast forward to CLOSING DAY. The closing attorney has the Seller sign the deed, they review and sign the HUD. The formality of a few more forms … (32 comments)

manchester: How do you place a Home under Contract quickly? - 04/01/14 05:09 AM
In a short 8 days this home at 14 Blueberry Lane in NASHUA 03062 was placed UNDER CONTRACT.  If you have a home to sell now is the time to list it. Scott Godzyk with the Godzyk real Estate Services was asked "How did this home go under contract so quickly?" by multiple agents and buyers who did not get a chance to see it before it was placed under contract, The key for a Buyer is to act quickly once a new home comes on the market. In local media the listing Agent Scott Godzyk reported that his marketing program … (8 comments)

manchester: Is ANYONE paying attention? - 03/31/14 07:32 AM
One thing I am wondering this busy Monday morning is why some people do not have pride in their work. Not only it is a Monday, but it is the last day of the month. That makes it the busiest day for Real Estate closings. One tip to my buyers is to usually choose a day other than the last day of the month or a Friday, that is not so busy as to get better service from closer's and their mortgage companies. With 3 closings on tap today, issues pop up based on people who were supposed to be taking … (10 comments)

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