manchester: The TOP 5 TRICKS TO AVOID when Selling your Home This Halloween Season - 10/20/13 04:31 AM
With Halloween right around the corner, do not fall for these tricks that could hurt your ability to SELL YOUR HOME. With a few good choices by Home Owners, you can receve the treat of a quick home sale at the best obtainable price.
Choosing the wrong agent can be a nasty trick anytime of the year.
When choosing someone to sell your home, many home owners rush into listing with the first or biggest agent only to be disappointed.
As a Home owner you have to know you have choices.
The TOP 5 TRICKS TO AVOID when Selling your Home.
1. CHOOSING THE … (16 comments)

manchester: WHY is Selling your home like TRICK or TREAT? - 10/18/13 07:48 AM
SELLING your Home can be much like TRICK or TREAT as you do not know what you will get without doing your homework. Some Manchester NH area Home Sellers wonder which they will get when the hire a Real Estate Agent. It does not have to be that way though. 

I hear quite often "Aren't all Real Estate Agents the same?"
A good Agent goes above and beyond to make things work. You should know that All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST not just the biggest.  I leave you with now … (10 comments)

manchester: Should Buyers go to Open houses without their Buyer Broker or Agent? - 10/18/13 05:22 AM
During interviewing a Buyer, the Buyer makes a statement that they want to go to EVERY Open house every Weekend to get ideas for Buying a Home. They then added they should go by themselves and call when they find something. Here in the Manchester NH area, there has been a decrease in homes on the market but sales have remained steady. That means new Listings usually sell quickly. Their plan may not be suitable for a buying a home in this market. 

A buyer should first Hire a GOOD Buyer broker... CHECK
Then get pre-qualified for a mortgage...CHECK'
Next they need to identify what … (6 comments)

manchester: WHAT does a FREE Market Analysis consist of? - 10/17/13 05:30 AM
What is a Market Analysis asks a Manchester NH Home Owner? Is it the same as an Appraisal? How about a CMA or Certified Market Analysis? Then what is a BPO or Broker Price Opinion? Do you provide this as a FREE service in the  Manchester NH area.
The first thing to note is YES, a BPO, CMA and Market Analysis are all similar. They differ from an Appraisal in that an Appraisal is completed by a Licensed and certified Appraiser.

The others types of reports are completed by a Licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker. 
WHO should have a Market Analysis completed? … (10 comments)

manchester: Should Kids Come Along to Look at Houses? - 10/16/13 03:52 PM
One of the most common questions from buyers is if their kids can come along when looking at homes. There are many other Buyers who just bring them without any planning. Donna does an excellent job in answering the question and providing some nice tips. 
I get asked a lot if it's ok if kids can come along on showings. What am I going to say, no?  However, I do let the buyers know what the process is going to be like and how it's so much harder with kids.
First, kids, no matter what age, usually only last for about … (0 comments)

manchester: Which Active Rain Member I would like to meet? Blog 3 SURPRISE - 10/16/13 05:50 AM
This October Active Rain is featuring a challenge to write a blog on up to 3 Active rain Members I would like to meet. There are so many members who have touched my life since i began my blog here. They have taught me the "ins and outs", they have inspired me and encouraged me. As Fall changes the colors of the leaves in the Manchester NH area to bright yellows, orange and reds, I wrote my first 2 blogs wishing to meet John McCormack and Anna "Bannana", Now I find it IMPOSSIBLE to just choose 1 more person to write my third on. 
Each of … (12 comments)

manchester: Which Active Rain Member I would like to meet? Blog #2 - 10/15/13 02:18 PM
This October Active Rain is featuring a challenge to write a blog on an Active Rain Member I would like to meet. There are so many members who have touched my life since I began my blog here. They have taught me the "ins and outs", they have inspired me and encouraged me. As Fall changes the colors of the leaves in the Manchester NH area to bright yellow's, orange and red's, I am having trouble narrowing it down to just 3. 
The next person I wish to meet is ANNA KRUCHTEN, When you call yourself "Anna Bannana" you know fun can not be far behind. Recently she … (8 comments)

manchester: WHAT is that SMELL Mr. and Mrs. Home Seller? - 10/15/13 05:35 AM
Nothing will send a Home buyer running away faster than a home that SMELLS. There is a mystery though and I want you to guess the outcome. In this one Manchester NH area Home Listed For Sale, the mystery was what was that smell driving Buyers from this newer home in quite immaculate condition. their last listing agent dropped them saying the home was not sell-able.
They were told by neighbors that i was the best, and asked me to list it. The home was neat and tidy, no pets and floors you could eat off. It was clean and smelled good. i … (39 comments)

manchester: There's no place like home in Manchester NH contest - 10/14/13 10:04 AM
This October Active Rain is featuring a contest "There is No place like home". It asks members who spend so much time helping others find their dream homes, to write about what makes their home special. My home is in the Manchester NH area. I live on the out skirts of the city in an established neighborhood. The number one reason for choosing South Manchester was the excellence in the school district.  The number one attraction was bigger than average lots, cul-de-sac streets with little traffic, mature trees, a sunny location, easy access to everywhere and similar neat and attractive houses. 
I did not buy my … (6 comments)

manchester: HOW will BUYING a Condo that ALLOWS PETS affect it's future Value? - 10/14/13 06:35 AM
Do pets affect the value of a home? How about a Condominium development? A Buyer who does not have pets was Looking for a Condominium in the Manchester NH area, and was quite torn about how pets would affect the future value of her purchase?  

Not all condominiums allow pets and those that do, usually have pets rules that can limit the amount of pets, type of pets and even their size. 
There are 2 major variables that affect value. The first is that a condo that allows pets, certainly opens itself up to more potential Buyers. More Buyers can equal a … (8 comments)

manchester: How SMART is it to DECLINE Showings on a Sunday due to Football? - 10/13/13 02:40 PM
Is it ever a good idea to tell a buyer they can not see your home when it is Listed for Sale.  This one Manchester NH area Home Seller decided it was and denied a showing of an "out of town" Buyer Relocating to NH and who is buying a house THIS weekend before they go back to pack up their own home, close and start the drive to NH in 35 days. If you want to sell, this is the buyer for you...

The Buyer who flew in Friday night, spent the day Saturday driving through neighborhoods, checking out homes and … (13 comments)

manchester: I was Selling my Home myself - Now I have a problem - Can you help? - 10/12/13 06:25 AM
How hard can it be to Sell your Home on your own? There is a shortage of homes for sale, there are lots of buyer, should be easy...right? To one Manchester NH area Home Seller, they found out the hard way that it the hard work starts after you find a buyer. With a haste to save money, they did not have knowledge about contracts, the Buyers inspection, the Buyers Mortgage, the appraisal or the list of items the buyers bank demanded. 

They asked for help, they begged for help and cried and cried some more. "It wasn't supposed to be this … (15 comments)

manchester: Should you be able to TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT with Home buying? - 10/11/13 05:54 AM
The Newest trend in HOME BUYING was just featured on perfect Good Morning America. It showed how SELLERS are letting home buyers spend the day and or night in the home to give them the opportunity to try it and fall in love with it. This is not a trend that has hit us here in the  Manchester NH area yet. I spent some time pondering if this is a good idea, bad idea and if it would work with all homes listed for sale? 

The FACT is it would be a great tool for "some" homes, however could hurt others. … (15 comments)

manchester: I will not be using a Buyer Broker - Just take the 3% off the price - 10/10/13 05:35 AM
A Buyer in their haste to save money, demanded that I take 3% off the price of the Home, because they would not use a Buyer Broker to purchase a Manchester NH area Home. I do not think they realize that whether they use a buyer Agent, has no affect on the contract between the Seller and the Listing Agent with what or how they are paid to list and sell that home.

First I must say that a GOOD Buyer Broker usually does half the work and therefore gets half the commission. Without another agent involved, The listiing agent even if … (47 comments)

manchester: September 2013 Market Report for FOX HOLLOW Condominiums Manchester NH - 10/09/13 01:59 PM
One of the most requested neighborhoods Home buyers request in Manchester NH is FOX HOLLOW CONDOMINIUMS. It is located in a wooded setting with well manicured lawns. It has easy access to Schools, Shopping and Highways. It has a fantastic club house with pool and tennis courts. These Townhouse style units come with basements, some of which ar efinished and a variety of extras and upgrades.

Fox Hollow features: 2 Bedrooms 1 1/2 Baths Full Basements
Some finished basement. Some walk out basements with sliding doors
The amount of homes available and upgrades at any one time varies.

manchester: Should I just wait until Spring to SELL my Home? - 10/09/13 05:06 AM
Home Owners thinking of SELLING are puzzled whether they should wait until spring to SELL their Manchester NH area homes. With mixed messages in the mainstream news, many people think that the spring would be better to sell. Here in New Hampshire we experiencing a very strong market.  

The FACT is there is a shortage of Homes currently Listed For Sale and a steady supply of buyers. Fall is typically nearly as busy as spring for sales as there may be less people "just looking" and more buyers who do look, actually buying. 
With the fear interest rates may go up again, … (10 comments)

manchester: You really parked your motorcycle in the Living room Mr. Seller? - 10/08/13 05:47 AM
If you are going to have Home Buyers come view your Property listed For Sale, you may want to avoid parking your motorcycles in your Living Room. Just a thought and the bigger question was why didn't the Listing agent let them know that. When I list homes For Sale in and around the Manchester NH area, talking about how to get your home ready for showings is just one part of my marketing plan.  

There isw a right way and a "not so right" way to approach Selling a Home"
The problem is that people think that All agents are the … (16 comments)

manchester: CAN you make a Lower Offer on a SHORT SALE with a Pre-Approved Price? - 10/07/13 05:47 AM
If the BANK approves a Price for a SHORT SALE, Can I still make a LOWER OFFER on a Manchester NH area Home if I feel it needs too much work to be worth that? This question was recently asked by a Home Buyer looking for a short sale as he had completely given up on his Buyer Agents help whose advice just did not make any sense. 

The Buyer Agent kept referring to the Short Sale being Pre-Approved. The Bank may have set a price that was acceptable, HOWEVER the First thing is no matter what anyone states, there is NO … (28 comments)

manchester: Manchester NH CONDOMINIUM September 2013 Market Report & For Sale - 10/06/13 03:14 PM
A Condominium is more than just a type of home, but a "WAY OF LIFE".  Home Buyers tend to prefer a condominium for their ease of living, no exterior maintenance, no lawn care or snow removal and more amenities such as a pool and club house. One of the best indicators of the CONDOMINIUM Market in the Manchester NH area is by looking at the MARKET REPORT from the current month compared to the previous month. We see a trend of the amount of listings coming on the market reducing as sales have stayed steady.

For the period of September 2013 … (5 comments)

manchester: WHY did the House Sell? - I did not get to see it. - 10/06/13 05:14 AM
A Buyer calls me direct to complain that they were unable to see a new Manchester NH area Home For Sale Thursday because their Buyer Agent went to the Red Sox game and was not available and now it sold, What can they do? . Simply put get a new Buyer broker...

It is inexcusable that a Buyer Broker puts their clients off even if it is for the Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Ray Playoff game. In this market there is a shortage of listings for sale and when a new listing hits the market, it should be seen promptly followed … (9 comments)

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