manchester: Is Your Back Yard Ready for the Dog Days of Summer on the Market? - 07/13/13 04:34 PM
This week was one of the busiest weeks of the Summer for showing Buyers in the Manchester Nh homes as they try to beat the rise in interest rates. One common problem we encountered buyer after buyer was walking through a yard that was not quite ready to be walked in by people. My friend Chris Ann  wrote a great blog which makes for a great reminder for home sellers. 
Is Your Back Yard Ready for the Dog Days of Summer on the Market?
Nothern Virginia, like a lot of areas of our country, can get pretty steamy during the summer months. … (0 comments)

manchester: Announcing another Sold Home in South Manchester by Scott Godzyk - 07/13/13 05:44 AM
We are proud to announce the CLOSING of 50 Hillcrest ave IN MANCHESTER NH. Scott Godzyk of the Godzyk Real Estate Services represented the Buyer as their exclusive Buyer Agent assisting them with this 6 Room, 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath Home that was completely redone featuring a new kitchen, new bathroom, new paint, new carpets, new siding and a newer roof and windows.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in New Hampshire, please call us first. We strive to provide the best in personal and professional service through each step of the … (11 comments)

manchester: Should I list my Home now or wait until the fall market? - 07/12/13 05:47 AM
There has been an increase in Home Owners in the Manchester NH area asking if they should list now, or wait until Fall.  I let them all know that right now we have a shortage of homes currently listed for sale and a sharp increase in buyers looking to buy "Right NOW" to take advantage of the still ultra low interest rates. The years of traditional markets where we see sharp increases in buyers and sellers is one of the past. Our market has stayed strong with a steady increase in buyers and a trend of homes priced right selling in … (9 comments)

manchester: WHO said Active Rain Blogs do not attract new business? - 07/11/13 06:33 PM
Tuesday I write a Blog regarding Broker price Opinions and how they were affecting the Manchester NH market. BPO's - Do you LOVE them or HATE them? What I did not know was that a perceived asset Manager for a "Big bank" would see my blog and take the time to contact  me. We had a great conversation on where trends are heading. He asked me many pointed questions and actually was quite humbled he said that I would offer such candid answers where so many agents would only tell him what they thought he wanted to hear.

After nearly a half … (37 comments)

manchester: What to do when a Home Seller YELLS FOR HELP? - 07/11/13 06:33 AM
A frantic caller was asking what they could do to fix the problem of hiring a listing Agent who had not even uploaded pictures of their home in MLS. Once they slowed down i garnered that the caller was a lady who I had a listing appointment with a couple of weeks back. She called me to tell me she was told to list with the busiest agent from a national company because they sell more homes than anyone. 

She soon found out that bigger is not better when after that initial listing appointment, she never saw or spoke with … (34 comments)

manchester: BPO's - Do you LOVE them or HATE them? - 07/10/13 06:34 AM
I bet many answers to this question will depend on who you are. If you complete BPO's, you may love them. If you are a Listing Agent who tries to cut corners, you probably hate them. A BPO to those who may not know is a Broker Price Opinion. Much like an appraisal, however completed by a Licensed Real Estate Broker. It is meant to tell what the property is worth today. 

Some states do not allow them, but the majority do. Banks can order them when a Home Owner is going into foreclosure, order them to judge whether a … (15 comments)

manchester: How are people getting away with it? - 07/09/13 06:23 AM
More and more I am hearing from people who are wondering how someone can live in a home for 1 or 2 years and longer without paying. How their neighbor stripped their home and got away with it. How homes can be left vacant and not kept up. Residents of the Manchester NH area may have finally had enough. Neighbors are realizing that these homes have brought down their values and that an abandoned home can bring down a whole neighborhood.

For disclosure purposes there are some very good people who faced some challenging times with a job loss, maybe an … (54 comments)

manchester: Do Loan Officers really think ALL Real Estate Agents are that bad? - 07/08/13 05:44 PM
Reading the featured blogs today got me a little steamed that Loan Officers would lump ALL Real Estate Agents together as in this feature blog Realtors, please STOP allowing this.  Joseph makes a great statement that every agent should spend a week attached to a loan officer and every loan officer spend a week with a Real Estate Agent.  I WANT TO TELL YOU that any GOOD BUYER BROKER probably already did that without anyone telling them they should or need to. A GOOD BUYER BROKER will know the mortgage process as well as they know their own duties.
I make … (6 comments)

manchester: Does it take longer to close your sale now that Real Estate is busier - 07/06/13 05:33 AM
With an increase in Sales, Buyers in the Manchester NH area wonder if the time it takes to buy a home is longer these days. The answer whether a slow or busy market though is the same. When a Buyer hires the right agent, gets pre-qualified and does their due diligence, the home buying poriocess will go alot smoother than for those who skip steps, try to rush teh process or hire the "wrong" agent. 

My philosophy is simple, provide more personal and professional service to guide my clients through each step of the buying or selling process. All Agents … (6 comments)

manchester: Summer is for All Stars here in Manchester NH - 07/06/13 05:27 AM
One of the best parts of Summer is All Star Travel games. The MANCHESTER GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE (MGSL)  located in Manchester NH supports the Manchester Vipers. The U10 and U12 teams start their All Star play with the New Hampshire District Tournament this weekend.  With such a busy schedule in Real Estate, it is nice to be able to coach such a great group of girls. Some of the best players from 4 teams in the Junior division join together as one to play in the U12 division.  The Vipers squad also consist of a U10 and U14 division. We play … (1 comments)

manchester: How soon after I make an offer can I move In? - 07/05/13 05:39 AM
A Buyer looking to Buy a Home in the Manchester NH area asked "how soon they could move in after making an Offer?" The buyer was getting a little ahead of themselves as an Offer is not a contract that comes with any rights until it is accepted by the Seller. The Buyers "Buyer Broker" was no where to be found. They sent this First time Buyer" out on their own.

I had to inform this buyer that finding your dream home should have been the second step, the first was getting  pre-qualified with a Local and trusted lender. "Wait … (13 comments)

manchester: Happy 4th of July as today we show we are PROUD to be an AMERICAN - 07/04/13 05:32 AM
I would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. The sun is finally shining in New England and it promises to be a Great day. I would like to leave you with the words of Lee Greenwood to remember as you celebrate your 4th of July today.
If tomorrow all the things were gone, I’d worked for all my life.
And I had to start again, with just my children and my wife.
I’d thank my lucky stars, to be livin here today.
 Cause the flag still stands for freedom, and they can’t take that away.
And I’m proud to be an … (19 comments)

manchester: How can a Buyers decision explode like a 4th of July Firework - 07/03/13 05:41 AM
When you are Buying a Home, choosing a Home Inspector in the Manchester NH area is not the time or place to try to save money by hiring the one that will inspect your home for the cheapest fee. Yes, you heard it right, if a buyer is spending $250,000 for a home (or any amount for that matter), choosing a Home Inspector to save $135 on a complete inspection, may not be the right place to save money.

When it comes to the Buying process you searched High and Low for your dream home, you found it, you made … (10 comments)

manchester: The SECRET to getting featured on Active Rain hit me like a brick? - 07/02/13 06:35 AM
The end of last week I wrote a blog asking  What is the SECRET to getting featured on Active Rain? You see I was knocking at the door to become #1 in the state of New Hampshire for FEATURED BLOGS on ACTIVE RAIN. I received lots of comments and even more Private messages and emails with all sorts of tips. I was quite dismayed that my blogs such as that one were overlooked. Just when I gave up boom a Feature and then another one on it's heels putting nme at 61 Feature Blogs. 

You are now looking at the New … (17 comments)

manchester: The way to an Amazing Open House - 07/01/13 03:51 PM
Do OPEN HOUSES work? The answer whether or not you Love them or hate them is YES, they work great but only if done right and done on the right property. I have learned all Manchester NH area Home do not make great hosts for an Open House. Almost just as all agents are not meant to sit through an Open House either. 

Whenever I list a home I do my own survey to see if it is a good candidate to hold an Open House. I like to tell my Home sellers whether an Open House is a great … (6 comments)

manchester: My Techno Secret will "Light up" your world - 07/01/13 05:57 AM
While scanning the Active Rain contest page, i came across the Techno Challenge. For me i am going into homes every single day, whether to show them them, list them or complete a BPO for the Bank. With a pad of paper in one hand and a pen  in the other as well as my camera hanging from my wrist, there is just no room to carry a flash light. When I did, I never needed it.

Most homes there is no disclosure if the electricity is on or off, it is usually when you check out the 1st floor, … (44 comments)

manchester: CONGRATULATIONS to the 1st Place Godzyk Real Estate Softball Team. - 06/30/13 03:38 PM
The Godzyk Real Estate Softball team in Junior division of the MANCHESTER GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE (MGSL) located in Manchester NH finished the regular Season is 1st PLACE. Congratulations to all of the girls who worked hard, played hard and had a great season. We just finished the 2013 Playoffs and came in 2nd. I thank the parents, players, assistant coaches and all our fans for their support.

The MGSL strives to provide girls age 4 to 18 a fun and challenging fast pitch softball league. Our league is designed for girls to learn the basics and improve these skills throughout … (10 comments)

manchester: Neighbors who drive people to SELL are boosting area listings - 06/30/13 06:27 AM
Some times you just cant believe why someone wants to Sell their Manchester NH area home. I had an 8am appointment this morning to list a home. The Home Owner was referred to me by another neighbor who found my blog here on active Rain and said they read it frequently and enjoy my stories. He told me he had a story that would "rocket my ratings." 

Every day at 7am the neighbor starts working in their yard. Today, Sunday it was mowing the lawn. Over the week it is using the leaf blower, pressure washer or building something with a … (33 comments)

manchester: Is the market strong enough that Sellers can just reject low offers? - 06/28/13 05:31 AM
A Home Seller proceeded to reject 4 offers on their Manchester NH area Home stating "In this market the Seller is king and Buyers need to make better offers if they want me to respond." The home listed with a "big time" agency and listing agent seemingly no where in sight. One offer was from my buyer that was at asking price and a common request to credit the Buyer 3% towards their closing costs for a FHA mortgage. The only contingencies were a home inspection with results within 10 days and a mortgage contingency. The offer was accompanied with a pre-approval … (14 comments)

manchester: What to do if the Home Seller wants to List higher than market value? - 06/27/13 05:51 AM
A Home Owner that was going to list with another firm called to ask advice on what to do as their Listing Agent wants them to list at a price Lower than they think their house in the Manchester NH area is worth. Before I answered them, my question was if they had signed the Listing agreement yet. She said no.  I asked if they were given a market Analysis, they replied no. i asked them how the agent arrived at this price and they replied they were not sure, they didn't explain that to them.

Unfortunately they had been led … (9 comments)

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